Saturday, September 30


One of our volunteers made an appearance on a local television program earlier this month. She and her Frenchie, Ally, were guests on Pug Vito Corleone's program.
Ally and Vito are well-acquainted, and this appearance was actually Ally's second visit to TV land. On this second visit, Ally's mom got a chance to discuss FBRN and breed rescue.
Alas, Vito has fallen for the enchanting and fashionable Ally, but Ally's heart is still her own. Twas ever thus, sweet Vito. We hope in time to see a rapprochement on Ally's part, but until then, we will be on the lookout for another charming smooshie-faced girl for you. There are plenty of frogs in the pond, wisely counsels
The Frog Princess

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