Tuesday, December 30


Farley was found awandering by a Good Samaritan who tracked down his owner. When the owner was located, it turned out Farley was not so much lost as set free to find his own path in the world. The Good Samaritan took Farley home and called us and we hotfooted it over to fetch the poor boy.

Farley has a big bald patch from demodex, plus he has hookworms and a dry eye condition that requires drops. But the first two are mere pests
and the third, while a bit of a nuisance, is easily managed. He's a happy young frog. Here's a note we got from his foster mom last week:

"Here are some pics of Farley playing. Don't laugh at his "a bit too small" sweater, it's the ONLY one he would wear! I have a larger red coat but every time I try to put it on him he tries to kill it! He lets me put the sweater on with no trouble, I guess the boy knows what he likes! It has been around 5 degrees here so I wanted him to wear something. His personality is coming out more each day, we're really enjoying him. Now just working on getting that skin cleared up."

We're with you, Farley! If you've got it, flaunt it! advises

The Frog Princess

Monday, December 29

Bonne Anniversaire!

Here is our beautiful 2006 graduate, Molly (formerly Candie Kisses), celebrating in high style!

Bedecked with pearls, bedight with ribbon, Molly is eleven years old and feeling just fine!

Saying a few words to the assembled guests.

Her mom says the secret to her good health is a home-cooked diet, lots of playtime with her sisters, and a deliciously scandalous relationship with a turtle named Colonel Slowski who lives down by the creek. Molly sees that he gets little kitchen tidbits in warm weather.

Party attendees!

Molly, you look wonderful and we wish you many happy years with your family and the Colonel!

But where is the cake for

The Frog Princess

Make a wish!

Thursday, December 25

Warm Your Heart

Earlier this month we got a call from Angelina's owner's mom, letting us know that she was trying to persuade her son to surrender Angelina to us rather than have her become an outside dog.

Angelina piddled when she got excited or nervous. When her family brought a new baby home, they decided that Angelina should live outside rather than crate her overnight or seek some medical solution. That meant she'd live outside winter and summer. The night we got the call, the temps were forecast to be in the single digits.

Angelina waits for the ball!

Grandma was able to talk her child into keeping the dog inside at night, but the next day when Grandpa went to check on her, he found her outside, under the deck, huddled next to a much hairier dog. He took her home and we arranged the surrender from the grandparents' house. We are so glad that these grandparents reached out to us and did what needed to be done for Angelina's safety.

We got an update from Angelina's foster mom today. Here's what she says: "She is just wonderful! When she was rescued she was sleeping outside under a deck in the snow with another dog, her owners said she had a problem with piddling on the floor when she was excited, she does sometimes but not with us anymore.
She was so sad when she came, she was afraid we were going to leave her outside so she wouldn't even go out unless we stood on the porch, now she runs out and uses the bathroom all alone knowing that I will be right there to let her back into the

She is going to make someone a very special friend! She loves to fetch her toy and even brings it back. I am going to post some pictures of her when I figure that part out. She has one deformed ear and green eyes. I have never seen a frenchie with green eyes!"

This rescue was possible because we got some help from other breed rescuers.

We could not have done this without the help of MidWest Boston Terrier Rescue and Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. Because we don't have full volunteer coverage in the Indiana/Illinois/Michigan area, we asked for help from our volunteers' network of rescue friends, and they came through for us!
Kentuckiana Pug Rescue and other rescue groups have helped us in the past, and we remain obliged and grateful for their help.

Angelina after her bath.

Some people just don't seem to grasp that even though dogs are animals, and some dogs have thick fur, that not all dogs are designed to survive extremes of heat and cold. The same day that Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue helped us with Angelina, one of their volunteers was horrified to learn that the Boston she was to pick up and foster had frozen to death. Please, please don't leave your dogs outdoors in sub-freezing weather. On this Christmas Day, please spare a thought for all those who shiver in the cold.

If you haven't already, please consider donating money, food or blankets to your local shelter, animal or human. Winter has only just begun. There will be a great many more freezing nights before the last frost of spring.

Maybe it's time to light a candle or put another log on the fire? suggests

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, December 24

M'ack Attack!

We got a lovely note from one of our volunteers last month. Her mom fell in love with our volunteer's French bulldogs and applied for M'ack. He's been with her about a year.

"It's coming up on one year since my mom adopted FBRN's M'ack. Max was surrendered by the only family he hadknown for his 8 years of life - an elderly couple - when the wife became ill. I think he feels very comfortable living with older folks like my mom and her husband.

My mother's health and happiness has improved dramatically as she walks him daily and dotes on him constantly. Max's health has also improved, he seems so much younger than 8, especially since having a couple of bad teeth removed. He is a very well bred frenchie, and it shows in his grace and presence.

I wanted to share a few photos from my Thanksgiving visit with Max and my mom. You can see Tucker and Meika in a couple of the shots, and the last photo is Max pouting when he didn't feel sufficient turkey was given to him :)"

Turkey hoarding! We've heard of far worse and naughtier responses to the practice of skimping on a dog's holiday share of the goodies! We are sympathetic to poor M'ack's heartache and disappointment.

Shocking selfishness! pronounces

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, December 23

Frenchie Wrasslin'

For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to witness this athletic activity for yourselves:

Frenchie wrasslin'!

Shell and Fannie! Girl wrasslers!

Fannie in training

And after the match comes sleepytime.

We like to see this kind of good sportmanship! approves

The Frog Princess

Shell during cooldown.

Monday, December 22

Brulee's Christmas Wish

Brulee has a wish for Christmas.

Well, two, actually. The first wish is that he and Truffle can find a happy forever home together.

The second has to do with these little foster kitties his foster mom brought home recently. We aren't sure what he wants to do with them, only that he wants one. Dare we ask for what?

You're right.

Probably it's better not to ask, murmurs

The Frog Princess

Thursday, December 18

Cognac Is Ready for His Family!

There were four in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over! Roll over!" So they all rolled over and one fell out...

Coni looks for an opening.

An extra-special Christmas present waiting to be opened!

Cognac's foster mom sent along some photos of Coni with her family. He's a tripod frog, but it doesn't slow him down a bit!

Cognac saves the residents of tiny town from the hideous fuzzy! Nevermind the applause! Throw treats!

What a brave and handsome French bulldog he is! We know his family is out there somewhere. Check him out!

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, December 17

Apres Bain

M. Qbert would like to ask a question of all ze jolie laaaadeeez in ze kingdom: "Voulez vous couchez avec moi ce soir?"

Mr. Hefner? Eat your heart out!

Ooo la la, Qbert! sighs

The Frog Princess

Longaberger Basket Bingo for FBRN!

We know that there are hundreds of thousands of Longaberger basket fanatics in this country, and we hope that all the ones in the Leesburg VA area will turn out for this event:
Filled Longaberger baskets, pottery and wrought iron
December 19, 2008
at 401 Old Waterford Road Leesburg, VA
Doors open at 6, games begin at 7
$20.00 for 20 games
there are 2 raffles, 2 specials, 1 50/50, 1 WTA and door prizes


Call (703) 777-6048 or (540) 955-0333 to reserve

Reservation names will be entered into a Special Drawing!

One of our volunteers and her family are putting this fundraiser on and hoping to bring in some big moola for our frogdogs this season. If you can't attend but have a friend in the area, you could ask if they'd be willing to play on your behalf! These bingo games are notorious for their excitement and the last one we did was no exception! You may even meet a current or former FBRN Frenchie or two.

It's a great cause and great fun--and the prizes are spectacular!

Tuesday, December 16


The recession is breaking hearts as well as nest eggs all across the country. This is Petey Boy, a well-beloved frog whose owners tearfully surrendered him when they were caught in the pernicious drift net that has been cast over our nation and the world. Here's a note from Petey Boy's foster mom from the day she picked him up following his transport of several hundred miles:

"Petey Boy was surrendered due to his owner's financial situation.

Petey is a 5 year old neutered male. We just picked him up today so we are still learning about his personality. But I thought I'd send along a few pics. He is a bit ... ahem... "robust" at 33+ pounds, especially in comparison to my 23 pound Pip. They seem to be getting on just fine, even though he reportedly didn't like other dogs. Petey has ignored the cats, and adores my husband. (If my husband is in the room, Petey only has eyes for him.)

The car ride was very stressful for him, so we are working on being calm and relaxed to diffuse some of his tension.

The owner sent a huge box of toys, plenty of food, blankets and a bed, and a 4 page handwritten and tear stained note with details on feeding, schedule, personality and how dearly they love him. It is heart breaking to read."

We can only imagine the pain this poor family is feeling. We sincerely hope things get better for them and all who have been displaced--human and canine--in the past little while.

Here are some photos of Petey Boy in his new home, playing with his Frenchie foster brother and his human foster brother. He has got the most winsome grin we've seen in quite some time, and we know that this big lug is going to be a very popular pup. He's on our available pages right now if you'd like to check out his bio.

He's a model frogdog, and we are looking for a home for him where he will be loved and adored for the rest of his life. If you think you can provide that, don't delay putting in your application for him.

He's a fine figure of a frog! proclaims
The Frog Princess

Saturday, December 13

Portlanders' Generosity

We got this report from a Portland OR volunteer last week!

"Every year The Portland Oregon Frenchie MeetUp Crowd has a holiday photo fundraiser.

Here are two of the attendees who stopped by during the three hour open house.

This year Meet-Up organizer Nicole and her Frenchie Rosko decided the proceeds from this year's event would benefit FBRN! David Childs Photography donates their services every year for the event, and the photos are wonderful. See all the shots here:

David Childs can be reached at david at DavidChildsPhotography dot com

New FBRN grad Clara was a little nervous and considered hitting the sauce.

We are glad she decided to "Just Say No"

Here's Clara with her adoptive mom

And the formal portrait of Clara with her new sibs

Here's David's shot of FBRN foster hunk Tommy Boy

The fund raiser brought in $535 for FBRN Frenchies in need!

Thanks to Nicole, David Child Photography, and all the Frenchies and non-Frenchies who dragged their people to the meet up on a beautiful afternoon for beautiful holiday photos.

Joey One Eye says "High Five Everybody! Happy Holidays!" (That's FBRN grad Loolie and sister Patti in the sleigh with him!)"

Oh, my goodness, we are starting to feel some of the holiday spirit!

There's a little tingle with the sound of the jingling bells!

Many, many thanks to Nicole and David Childs and all the folks at the meet-up! Our Frenchies really appreciate your kindness!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, hums

The Frog Princess

Friday, December 12

Ford Tough

Ford is a dog with a sad history. He'd had four homes before he came to us, and for the most recent year or two of his life he's been living with a large pack of dogs and seemed to get along pretty well. However, in recent months, as he has grown older, he became the object of the six larger dogs' aggression. He has a number of scars, including a bite that goes right through his ear. Understandably, Ford has a lot of fear to overcome. He's had to spend a lot of time being on guard against attacks and he's had to develop a strategy to survive.

When he first arrived at his foster home, he was very growly, and he even nipped his caretaker as she put him into his crate. We moved him to a foster family with experience dealing with mastiffs and large dogs. Since he's been there, Ford has learned about living with larger dogs who don't bite and what it's like to live in a home with a powerful, no-nonsense person in charge. No aggression is permitted between her dogs.

Ford has been slowly desensitized to strange dogs and introduced to a wide variety of willing people. He's made terrific progress in the time he's been with us, and it's a testament both to his foster family's skill and his own true nature that he's overcome so much of his fear and aggression. He is still very fearful and reactive at the vet's office, and he'll never be a good dog to take to work. He will always require a family willing to maintain good order in the household, but he's no longer the terrified, insecure, good-offense-is-the-best-defense kind of boy he was when he first came to us.

Here's what his foster mom has to say about Ford: "We were told that Ford has had 4 different homes in his 9 years. I think that is the cause of his unpredictable temperament. He uses his growling as a defense mechanism. I think he has bullied his way through life because of fear. Deep down he loves to cuddle. He even gives kisses when asked.
In the right home with structure and a routine I think he will settle in and be a nice companion as long as he stays close to home. He is a very good boy -- just misunderstood."

Ford will be on the available pages next week. If you have room in your well-ordered home for an older guy who has been through a lot, take a look at his bio. Ford might be a great addition to your family.

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, December 10

Dashing Through the Snow!

It's little Haricot! Here's a note from her foster dad:

She's getting stronger and stronger and is able to get some help from the snow for getting up and walking. She is deffinitely using reflexes to walk as you can see the bounce. Dogs can cope very well with reflexes as I have seen with Andre. Here's the video.

It's so great to see Haricot out and about and enjoying life!

She's a lovely inspiration for

The Frog Princess

Monday, December 8

Please vote!

FBRN is competing with other rescue organizations around the country for grant and prize money.

Violet had a spay surgery

Here's one place you can go to vote for FBRN and help us win $10,000.
Dozer went to Ohio State University's vet school for allergy testing and needed two kinds of medicine.

Signing in and voting takes about a minute. It means leaving your name and email address, but if you uncheck the box asking if you wish to receive updates, you will get no further emails beyond the confirmation that your vote was counted.

Truffle needed eye drops

We spent over 30,000 dollars in September on veterinary bills for the 130 dogs in our care. Please, take one minute of your day and help us help these needy, homeless frogs.

Gratefully yours,
The volunteers of FBRN and
The Frog Princess

Holiday Auction Ends Tuesday!

The FBRN Holiday Auction for this week will end on Tuesday, 12/9 so you still have time to place bids for the 4 items. One of our volunteers has made a handknit, personalized pillow that will be specially monogrammed for you or someone on your holiday shopping list;

a custom-designed for your own dog's special needs Pelli's CastleWorks healing dog collar; a French Bulldog Rugdogs decal by McCartney; and a 4 item package which includes a signed copy of Cesar Millan's "Be the Pack Leader", "Cesar's Way" Journal, National Geographic tote bag and Cesar Millan 100th episode frisbee.

Please visit our website and place your bids!

All proceeds benefit the rescue frenchies at FBRN! Thank you for your continued support.

Wednesday, December 3

Madame, Will You Walk?

Actually, no, Madame didn't have to put a paw on the ground when she went from her foster home in New York City to spend a couple of weeks with a country foster family in the bucolic beauty of Connecticut over the holiday.

Maddy in her carrier on the bus. "Why do I hafta stay in this uncool bag? I want my own seat!"

"Where's da train? What's takin' so long?!"

Her foster family reports that Madame, aka Maddy, learned all about how lovely grass feels in a backyard, and how easy it is to boss around a couple of good-natured Boxers. Here are some photos that captured some moments of Madame's trip to the country, including her first meeting with her temporary foster sibling, Emily.

"Here we are at the Harlem Station on 125th Street. I hear that Frenchies get lost at Grand Central!"

We think Maddy might make an excellent spokesdoggy for the NYC public transportation system! If you know anyone who can pull some strings and make that happen, ask them to drop by and leave a comment for

The Frog Princess

"Meet my new friend Emily. We're already having lots of fun!"

PS Here's the origin of "Madame Will You Walk?" for the person who asked.