Saturday, September 23

Carlin and 'Cakes Stop By

Carlin and Pancake's foster mom sent us some photos of these darling boys. Carlin is the eyebrow Frenchie, and for some reason, he got the lion's share of photo opportunities.
Here he is in his comfy bed, raising his head to ask for some peace and quiet, so that he can get some much needed rest. At night, Carlin sleeps on the pillow beside his foster mom's head, while Pancake sleeps in the middle of the bed, producing so much heat that in her sleep, his foster mom scoots to the edge of bed. She says a home with cold footed people would be ideal for Pancake!

And here is a side view of our Carlin, staring off into the distance, thinking terribly deep thoughts about the nature of life and the politics of daily struggle in the lives of dogs without access to 24 hour kitchen privileges. His mom tells us that he has become accustomed to working for what he wants, though he has managed to draw out learning "sit" over several weeks. "Down" is next. Carlin finds all this ordering and commanding very troubling. Oppression. That's what it is, really.

There is good news about Carlin's health! Following a course of antibiotics, the swelling in his ear has diminished to the point that an ear canal can be discerned, and we are hoping that there will be no need for surgery. Here we see Carlin with his friend Pogo, hoping for a treat and a bit of a chinny scratch.

And finally, we have an eloquent, speaking photo of Pancake, who has turned his back on his foster mom in a fit of pique, commenting wordlessly on the ratio of photographic artifacts submitted featuring his likeness versus the number of photos featuring that newcomer Carlin. Poor Pancake. What little nose he's got is completely out of joint.

Don't be downcast, Pancake! You certainly have fans in the world, and foremost among them is
The Frog Princess

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