Saturday, September 16

Hope and Faith Are Waiting!

Faith and Hope, our two girls retired from a breeding operation, are making great strides towards health. We got a message about their progress recently, and we'd like to share it with you. Here's their foster mom, discussing some of the girls' favorite things.
"The girls are doing GREAT!!! They are so sweet and love to play! Faith enjoys tearing up stuffies so I have to be careful about what I give her.
Hope is a little more timid but still very friendly. I am going to post
them together because they complement each other so well.
Both girls have
medical issues that they will always have. Hope has ear issues and Faith
has eye issues. Other than that they are healthy. They are slowly but surely trimming down a bit.
Last time I had
them to the vet, they were both around 29 pounds (down from 30-31 pounds)
and that was two or three weeks ago. They run around like they are little
kids!! They will make someone wonderful companions." If you're interested in adopting a couple of pied beauties, see their available post. Hope and Faith will bless your home, guarantees
The Frog Princess

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