Friday, November 27

A Tater Tot

We hesitate to post these photos. We don't want to be accused of inciting puppy-lust. However, some things are meant to be shared.

Puppies are one of those things.

Meet Tater. He is just a baby, but his dad was so very allergic to him that he just couldn't keep the poor puppy, so one of our volunteers met with the dad and did the surrender. Here's Tater's first report from his foster mom:

Tater was very much loved and spoiled by his Dad who was obviously allergic and had hives all over his body. (My friend who came with me to do the surrender broke out in hives too, and she has a pug) Tater's up to date on all his shots, heartworm, microchipped, came with toys and a bed but no crate. It looks like he was shipped by a breeder in Oklahoma at 9 weeks. Tater is the cutest little French Bulldog puppy I have ever seen - his little tongue sticks out!

He's very social, he wants to play with my frog Bruno, and give him lots of kisses. He is totally intrigued by my 30lb cats - he gave them kisses as well.

He hates to be crated - so he howls in protest - and I am sucker and let him sleep in the bed, with my boyfriend, my frenchy, and two 30lb cats - it was very crowded :) He would wake up every 3 hours and I would bring him to his peep-peep pad where he peed once on the pad and three times really close to it. He didn't pee in my bed and generally was very good about letting us know when he had to go."

Already he's being such a good boy. Keep an eye out for Tater on the available page soon. And if you want a puppy, best brush up those application writing skills, because we have a feeling there will be some stiff competition, prophesies

The Frog Princess


Beautiful Katie!
You're the only one that I adore!

When the m-moon shines
O-over the cowshed
I'll be waiting at the k-k-k-kitchen door!

There was a gorgeous addition to our foster roster last week. Here's what her foster

mom had to say:

"Her name is Katie. She will be 6 years old the first week of December and is spayed, current on vaccines, chipped and without any issues, other than a bit of 'only child syndrome' (ALL TOYS ARE MINE!!!) She's a beautiful tiger brindle, 23 lbs and not fat at all, pretty much ideal weight. She has some minor allergies (foot licking, ear infections) but medically is very healthy.

She has already met my dogs and they get along fine if no toys are involved. She will be learning to

share toys and not be so possessive (had quite a few time outs in the last 2 days) but she's a quick learner and all should go fine. She is super sweet and full of kisses, very active and agile, and so far is perfectly housebroken and hasn't missed a meal or a treat. She even ignores the kitties! I imagine I will put her right up as available in the next update so maybe she can have her forever home before Christmas."

If you are in the market for a gorgeous brindle baby, come around to the kitchen door, hums

The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 26

Gwendolyn Finds a Foster Home

Gwendolyn has an interesting story, and we found out only the bare bones. She was found a stray and picked up by animal control. A volunteer took her in and had her scanned, but it turns out there was no current information there--in fact, the chip had been sold in a lot to a company that was able to tell us who bought the chip. We located the breeder who had had the chip inserted but never registered it, and she said the dog had been purchased to breed, but had never produced. She was auctioned at a large midwest auction house with other non-producing breeders.

Somehow, she made her way from the auction house to life as a pet, because she is housebroken and knows how to play with toys and she deals with city sounds quite well.
We don't know her story. We might have been able to tell you more, but because the chip was never registered, we have no way of knowing who she belonged to. Let this be a lesson: don't put off registering your dog's chip!

Here is a note from her foster mom:
"Had a good morning with this special girl.

She is still pretty sluggish from the drugs/surgery but appears to be SUPER sweet.

She is housebroken and was excited to go outside this morning for a walk. I have been carrying her up and down the stairs bc her surgery spot looks pretty irritated and uncomfortable. I don't want to further any discomfort.

I actually think that she is much older than a year.

My partner says it looks like she was a mom - I have no idea....
She is submissive when we go to pet her (will either melt her head into our hands/lap) or lay down for a belly rub.

She is not eating/drinking - which worries me. She has been sick a few times and has kennel cough. She wouldnt take her medicine, not even with peanut butter and Gabe had to open her mouth to get it in, which she was fine with. She has these really intense eyes and she is always looking at us, but not in an aggressive kind of way. I am at work now but I can't wait to get home to spend more time with her. She seems totally lovely."

We hope Gwendolyn is feeling better after her spay and is enjoying some Thanksgiving leftovers with her foster brother! Come to think of it, we are about ready for a nice turkey sandwich, considers

The Frog Princess

Happy Thanksgiving!

2006 graduate Sherman says grace:

And then settles down to sleep off a little turkey, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie:

May all the dogs in shelters and homes and rescues and everywhere be as warm and comfortable as Sherman is today, and the same to all our friends and volunteers, wishes

The Frog Princess

Saturday, November 21


Oreo is a good dog. She has some special needs and she's had some tough breaks, but FBRN was there when her back went phut! and she has bounced back to near-normal condition. Here's an update on Oreo from her foster mom:

"Oreo has really improved in all areas. She has been off crate rest for two weeks. Daily walks have increased her balance and stamina. (The only time I notice that she has any trouble is when we are walking down hill, but even that has come along so that she only stumbles if she is trying to run down the hill.) Now that she is feeling better, she barks much less. We put her crate in our bedroom at night and as long as she can see/hear us, she is quiet all night. Her housetraining has returned to near normal parameters as well. She's gone from barely being able to hold it for an hour (right after her surgery 6 weeks ago) to easily going 4 hours during the day and 8-9 hours overnight between potty breaks. Woohoo!

Socially she is also much better. She can now walk side-by-side with my Frenchie, Pip, when we take the dogs out. She still doesn't like it when anyone pays attention to him in the house, but she will redirect when told. She is getting better about not jumping up on people, but it's hard because my family does not ignore her when they come in. (Need to work more on training the humans first, then the dog.) She is still not good with smaller dogs. My Mom's puppy was here yesterday and Oreo thought he should be lunch. But that's why I listed her as an only dog in her available bio.

The only bad news is that Oreo has not gotten one single application. She's a great dog for someone who doesn't have other pets, and can be a strong leader for her. If you know of anyone that is interested, please send them our way."

We have no generalized opinion of small or youthful dogs. We enjoy the company of a wide variety of acquaintances and try to pass no judgment on our fellow canines based on any exterior or age-related quality. That said, we have known an occasional and quickly suppressed impulse to see the color of any number of animals' livers. We are very grateful for an excellent upbringing that has taught us always to stifle such curiosity. It's all a part of noblesse oblige, a sadly dwindling concept in our modern world, observes

The Frog Princess

Monday, November 16


Prepare to lose your heart. Take one look at this girl's pretty grin and take a deep breath. She can only have one forever family. She's brand new to the foster page, but keep her in your sights! Here is a note from her foster mom about Lorna:

"Such a sweetie and a hoot. I picked her up Sunday from her surrendering owner that had her for a month. She was aggressive toward her three dogs and she didn't have time to correct her. She has skin allergies and is on antibiotics for that, but the vet said she is in good health. May have a tail issue, with an infected inverted corkscrew, but we are going to get a second opinion. She takes her meds very well and doesn't mind me cleaning her tail at all. I have her on a grain free diet for her allergies and hopefully that will clear them up. She is already spayed, chipped and up to date on shots.

She is very much an alpha girl and will do better in an only dog home. She loves me and my husband and will sleep curled up and the bottom of the bed. She loves to run and play and is very active for 4 years. She is house trained, leash and crate trained. She listens very well and if you tell her no, she will stop. Like, 'No, Lorna, get off your foster brother!!!' She is ok with him, but she ignores him most of the time. He is very submissive and figured out very quick that she did not want to play. Now my alpha female bully is a whole other issue.

Lorna is a lap dog and will follow us around all night. She is good with her toys and will let us have them, so no aggression there. She was in the house with a 2 year-old and was just wonderful with her. I think she would love some kids to play with and follow around. I have taken her for walks in the neighborhood and she loves everyone that comes up to us.
So really other than not doing well with other dogs,she would be a great companion. House, apartment, condo... she would love any of them and do very well.
She came from a breeder that surrendered her to an Oklahoma rescue. So she has had puppies, but she is an all around happy 25 lb. girl. Really perfect looking little girl. Very pretty honey, almost brindle. She reminds me of a longhorn with the way her spots are on her back."

We do enjoy reading about other Frenchie females with personalities similar to

The Frog Princess

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry was rockin' the house and jammin' with the band at UTenn vet school! She won hearts and took names, and by the time she left, her foster mom had run out of business cards advertising the rescue. Raspberry was supposed to go back to her foster mom a state or two away, but because her recovery time is extended, she might just stay in TN until we find someone worthy of her sweetness.

Raspberry's hiatal hernia was the longest her surgeon had ever seen. Looky there at that zipper on poor Raspberry. As James Thurber might say, it runs clear from her guggle to her zatch!

The first night and day following the surgery was a little nerve-wracking, but the second morning after the surgery, things looked better, and Raspberry is now out of the hospital and home with her foster family and siblings. Here's what her foster mom had to say about her on the second day:

"It is likely Raspberry will be discharged from UT tomorrow. She had a rough start this morning - would not eat or drink water. She did eat this afternoon and now they need to make sure she keeps food down for 24 hours and that her GI tract functions normally (i.e. see her poop). The specialist would like for her to return there in 2 weeks for her recheck & suture removal so it looks like she'll have a couple more weeks visiting in TN.

I did go visit with her for a bit this afternoon. She is moving slower but every bit as sweet."

We love to read the sponsors' notes to our dogs, especially when the dogs are feeling low or sickly. Raspberry has some nice notes and they brightened our day here in the rainy, cold and unappealing kingdom. Maybe these loving, supportive notes will boost your mood, too? wonders

The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 12

eBay Auctions on Now!

Find something for every Frenchie fiend!

There are 3 fabulous items listed on eBay that were donated to FBRN to help raise funds for our rescue frenchies.

First item is a "Tres Chic" pink faux mink dog coat that is first offering in the Ultimate Diva Coat Collection by Donna G. The coat is hand-made by a professional seamstress and is flawless.

Second and third items are French Bulldog prints and visit the links below to bid on any of these items.

All proceeds benefit FBRN foster pups! Thank you.

"Tres Chic" pink faux mink dog coat

French Bulldog in 1913 Cream of Wheat ad

Print from painting that appeared in National Geographic by Walter Weber

Wednesday, November 11

Daisy Anne Madness

Here is the whirlwind we callDaisy Anne!

In the constellation of Frenchie types, Daisy Anne occupies the brightest star. She is a pushy little weasel-girl, but we mean that in the nicest way! Here she is, the pied with two black eyes and the stand-up ears and the naughty grin, face fighting and pillow tugging with her foster sister, FBRN grad Meika.

Her foster mom said this: "Here's the girls going at it again ... yup, my pillows are trashed ... but look how much fun they had :)"

Oh, Daisy Anne, though success is sweet, it is lonely at the top. This we know for sure, says Oprah and

The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 5

America's Favorite Animal Shelter Contest - help your animal shelter win $10,000 - vote today!

The America's Favorite Animal Shelter contest, sponsored by Care2 and, is a chance for animal lovers everywhere to raise awareness of the need to adopt shelter and rescue animals while helping their favorite shelter win a much-needed donation.

Last year, FBRN was in the top 20, and we received a $500 check. Help us win again!
Vote once a week for 10 weeks.


It was a Chelsea morning

We got a long note from Chelsea's foster mom and a lot of great photos this morning!

"Hello all - I know I am a bit overdue with an update on Chelsea, but the good news is that she's been doing great! She had a few setbacks with her skin/allergies, but now the itchies are basically under control and her fur is growing in nice and shiny. She's even starting to get a little fur on her bald monkey face! Chelsea has also turned into a nonstop playing machine - I guess all the energy she put into scratching is now coming out in a much more positive way. I think my adult Frenchies are getting a little tired, as she goes, goes, goes. She's turned into the little sister that won't stop leaving you alone until you play with her! They've been good sports though, and everyone is getting along great. Her forever family will have to be very active so she can get that energy out - the vet noted how athletic she is with a strong heart. I think she would also be great in a house with younger children - she came from a home with three young children and when we go out for a walk by the playground in our community park and she sees children, she perks right up and looks like she really wants to be there.

Chelsea is pretty much housebroken, as long as she has access to the outdoors.
She is not good at letting you know that she has to go and she likes to do it in private, but as long as I leave the back door open and she can get outside, she will do it outside. She is a perfect candidate for a home with a doggie door.
She's doing well on her manners too - she will sit and wait for her food (when asked) and if she's ever getting into something she shouldn't (such as pulling socks and underwear out of the laundry), a quick "no!" is all it takes to get her back on track. She is very food motivated so she would probably be very successful with just a little obedience training.
Chelsea is being spayed tomorrow (please keep her in your thoughts!) and as long as she recovers well and her itchies are minimized, she will probably be going on the Available page soon. Here are a few pictures - her tongue is definitely her signature mark and unbearably cute!"
That sweater and the tongue together are, indeed, killer, affirms

The Frog Princess

PS Everyone, please keep a good thought for Chelsea as she undergoes her spay surgery!
PSS Chelsea's foster mom pointed out that where sponsors' names should be, there is a big white space. How is this possible?
PSSS Chelsea has come out of her spay just fine and dandy!

Monday, November 2

Benjamin Buttons

Poor Benjamin Button! He was surrendered when his owner could not control his allergies, though she tried and tried. Benjamin is undergoing a regimen now and in these photos you can see how inflamed his poor face is.

This is what BB's foster dad had to say about him last week:

"I took Benjamin to the vet recently. Overall, the doctor was happy with his coat and face, he thinks that Benjamin is looking better overall. But we are still concerned with his red paws. The doctor wants to do a culture on his paws, so we are getting an estimate on that. He took him off the Simplicef and Benjamin is now on zenaquin as well as ketoconazole. We are keeping up with his medicated baths . He's wearing baby socks to prevent him from licking his irritated paws. He also gets his facial folds wiped a couple of times a day with the Malaseb wipes and wiping his paws after he comes inside from doing his business. He is such a sweet boy despite all the discomfort he must be feeling!"

You can learn more about Benjamin Button and get a free gratis earworm to boot by visiting his foster page.

Is there a place in the world for an itchy young pup? Go west, young man! was good advice in its time and perhaps it is good advice today for a certain young frog, posits

The Frog Princess