Monday, November 22


Byron was not born to be a city boy.  His owners regretfully surrendered him in hopes that he could find some peace in the country. 

Well, Maine is far enough from the hubbub of the Big Apple, and Byron is doing just fine!  He has shown no anxiety around his foster family or the dogs in his foster home, and now that he's far from the madding crowd, his foster family has been working with him on some behaviors that they'd like to resolve before he goes to his forever home.  Here's a note we received recently about young Byron:

"Byron has been doing well this past month of October. He doesn't like the cold but is content outside if he is wearing his jacket. He has been playing with many small dogs but doesn't like sharing his toys, and this is something we continue to work on. Certain toys are just way too special for him to consider allowing anyone to walk near him while his is gnawing on it. Here's one of my favorite photos."

He's not going to be swimming the Hellespont anytime soon, and he may never be a symbol of smoldering masculine sexuality, but we think Byron deserves some recognition for his progress. 

He's not "mad, bad and dangerous to know" anymore.  He's a good boy and getting better all the time, in the opinion of

The Frog Princess

Friday, November 19

New Yorkers!

Our friends Alison Josephs and Maureen Sullivan are celebrating their new book about French bulldog Carlos's life in the Big Apple, Christmas Feet
Tomorrow, Saturday, November 20, at Citipond in Bryant Park, you can meet some FBRN grads, adopters and volunteers; enjoy entertainment by the fabulous Flying Karamazov Brothers and others; meet some of the men from Rescue Ink; and meet Alison and Maureen. 
For more information, go to or

Here is a link to the invitation.

Dress warmly!  Entertainment starts at noon.

Monday, November 15


FBRN grad Meika is enjoying some of the gorgeous fall weather in her new hometown.  Here's the note we got from her adopter:

"Couple of photos of my Meika, soaking in the rays at the tail end of
Barktober ... some beautiful weather here and there. Don't let people
tell you it always rains in Seattle!"

We can absolutely feel that warm sun in our own tired bones.  Enjoy it while you can, advises

The Frog Princess

Saturday, November 6

Three of the Puppies Are Available!



Black Eyed Susan!

One of the puppies is not yet available because she is still very small and we want to be sure she is healthy before we make her available for adoption.

If you've been waiting to apply for one of Destin's puppies, you should hurry.  These adorable puppies will garner lots of applications.

Lots of applications, stresses

The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 4

Smeagol's Birthday Thanks!

We got this nice thank you note from Smeagol's mom following all the happy birthday wishes Smeagol got:

"Smeagies has asked me to thank all of you for the wonderful, warm birthday wishes!!  As most of you know Smeags is getting up there in years and we are honored to be able to spend one more birthday with our extra special man.  Smeagies began his birthday by snuggling in to his snoozy seat and taking a nice Fall drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, followed by an extra special lunch of tongol tuna and kefir, fun modeling and posing for birthday photos on the porch and a delicious dinner of more tuna, kefir and some nanner.  I think he was pretty pleased with himself! 

I should also point out that since Smeags was a rescue from a puppy mill we don't have an accurate birthday date, so we choose Oct. 29 as his day because this is the day we were contacted. 

We dropped everything to pick him up that evening.  Based on all the information we gained from both our vet and his puppy miller at the time of his rescue in 2005, Smeags just celebrated either his 14th or 16th birthday!!!!  No wonder he's getting a little senile and demanding!

I've attached a few photos from his 2010 birthday shoot for you to enjoy. "

What a remarkable life.  Many happy returns of the day, darling Smeagol, from your friends at FBRN and

The Frog Princess

Ask Frog Princess: Pixie Update!

In the last "Ask Frog Princess" post, Anonymous asked:
"Can we have a status on darling Pixie?"

Herewith a status report on our longest hospice girl, Pixie.  We started the hospice program with Pixie almost 3 years ago.  Little did we know how tenaciously Pixie would cling to her life!  She's one of our favorites in FBRN, and she's just a classic little Frenchie bitch, full of pee and vee and not likely to put up with much nonsense without getting some of her own back.

From her foster mom: 

"Dear little Pixie is still chugging along.  She has slowed down a bit.  She prefers to ride in the car than to walk.  She is still quite a character!  I think she does have a few more occasions when she has breathing difficulties than she used to.  I give her a puff of her albuterol and that helps her a lot.

The other evening I had to unceremoniously take her off my lap and put her on the floor because she growled and snapped at Pico (my senior cat), who had jumped up onto the arm of my chair to get in my lap.  Pixie really looks cute (and funny) when she scrunches up her face to look fierce and snarl.  First, she starts giving Pico the stink eye.   Then her whiskers pooch out as she lifts her lips to give a nasty snarl.  Now, on the floor, she is mad at me.  
She stomps over to the sliding glass door, loudly snorting, grunting, and wetly sneezing.  There she sits with her back to us.  Suddenly she spies something and starts barking furiously.  Her little short front legs rise off the ground and her bottom shakes with each bark.  
Of course the other dogs have to join in, even if they don’t know what they are barking at!  Then, snorting and snarling nastily, she heads in the opposite direction towards the front door to start barking there.  Then she heads back to the sliding glass door.  She is definitely not going to let me and Pico nap in the big chair while watching the news on TV!

She is also my protector.  If I am on the front porch talking to a stranger, Pixie is there (the porch is fenced in) with the rest of the bunch and they are all being noisy, trying to get attention and petting.  All except PixiePixie is snorting and growling.  If the other person puts a hand or finger down to her, she will bite.  
She is serious!  It is “Get the heck away from my Mom, or I will eat you up!”  But she is only 17 lbs and it is hard to see that she is giving warning, down among the feet of the other dogs.  She is a funny little gal, and so precious!  I love her.  My funny Valentine."

Sure those Texas gals may look all roses and lace and ladies who lunch, but if you mess with their families, better take care you don't pull back a stump.

That's good advice for free from

The Frog Princess

Deluca Can See!

Deluca came to us with a number of serious physical problems.  At only 3 and a half years old, she was suffering from allergies, ear infections, a tail that was so corkscrewy it was causing her pain and constant infections, and she was going blind from adolescent cataracts.

 Several months ago, Deluca had a portion of her tail amputated.  You can see the before and after photos here.

 She's much more comfortable now that she no longer has that tailbone.

Last week, Deluca successfully underwent cataract surgery.  Though there were a few complications in the days immediately following the surgery, there is improvement and there is reason to be hopeful that Deluca's vision is improving. 

Here is the note her foster mom sent:  "Deluca has had some complications following her cataract removal surgery, but I am happy to report yesterday and today she is doing really well. Look at her new brown eyes. No more grey eyes. She follows me with her eyes when I move around and is definitely seeing. I just don't know how much she is seeing. Wish her luck in her recovery. More updates to come."

Our supporters and donors made these surgeries possible.  Thank you so much for the gift of Deluca's bright eyes.  From top to tail, she's in great shape!
All she needs now is a family, hints

The Frog Princess

Planning to Go to the Movies This Weekend?

If so, the AKC and French Bulldog Club of America have a message for you.