Saturday, January 17

Brewster's Ready for the Big Time

This handsome lug is going to be ready for the available pages next week. Isn't he goodlooking with that gorgeous coloring and studly build?

His foster mom says he's had the deluxe works in the past month: "Brewster has made such great progress in just one month.
His staph infection is gone. He's been neutered, had his cherry-eye fixed and micro-chip inserted."

That's big doings for one boy! Know what? We couldn't have done any of it without our supporters' help.

With many thanks from a soon-to-be placed Brewster and

The Frog Princess

EDIT: Sorry to be absent so long. The Frog P has been laid low by the bacterial equivalent of the Mountain Pine Beetle. Lo! how the mighty are fallen. Looks like the only cure is to set ourselves on fire.
We'll get back to you on how that works out.

Monday, January 12


We received these wonderful photos of foster Miho and members of her foster family along with this note:

"People often ask me why I foster when I have such a young son and I always tell them that fostering is the perfect way for him to appreciate life and it is something we can spend time doing together. When he grows up, I would hope that he would treat every animal he comes into contact with with love and compassion.

It's nearly impossible to resist sweet little Miho (small brindle (black mostly) in the top left of this picture). She's so snuggly and warm.
She'll be spayed soon and hopefully off to a long life with a loving family but for now I am enjoying this tiny bit of heaven.

I hope you all enjoy, too."

We wouldn't want this to get out, but the Frog Princess has a bit of a soft spot for freshly washed, pajama'd younger men. Listen! If huggin' them is wrong, we don't want to be right! declares

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, January 6

The Frog Princess Begs a Boon

Toulouse Caboose says, "Please, Sir! I want some more!"

Toulouse Caboose is pretty healthy--just thin.

Kind gentlemen and good ladies, the Frog Princess begs a boon of you.

Sugar Bear has an excellent prognosis, but she needs surgery to repair a liver shunt.

We are in the running for an award from a website that will mean a very nice donation of $500 dollars for the top 20 finishers or $10,000 for the first place finishers. The contest runs for 9 weeks. This is the 6th week of voting.

Icarus is recovering from foreign body surgery to remove part of a toy.

FBRN is at number 19, and we would like to ask you to participate in this competition.

This is the site:

If you uncheck the box, you will receive only one notice that your vote counted. You can vote anonymously if you like.

Brandie has a raging staph infection and terrible allergies.

Please, if you haven't voted, vote.

Becky's terribly injured eye must be removed.

If you have already voted, thank you so much!

If you have already voted, would you consider forwarding this request to a friend or ten?

This is Jazzy. She has a dreadful skin condition.

You can only vote once from each IP address.

She is getting medicated baths and feels better already, but ow!

We've included some photos of recent intakes from the last month who could really use this award funding, in a blatant effort to tug at your heartstrings and enlist your help.

Astrid has demodex, but with her new sweatshirt on, she feels warm and pretty!

We hope it works! exclaims a shameless

Frog Princess

Monday, January 5

Nessy Noodle

Vanessa was spayed last month and when she got home, she got the deluxe treatment from her friend, Sydney.

Here's what her foster mom had to say:

"We are fostering Vanessa. AKA: Nessa, Nessy, Nessy New-New, Nessy Noodle and finally her superhero name is Nine Nippled Nessy Noodle-girl. But that is only when she wears her cape and pretends to save the world with my superhero daughter Super Sydney.

Noodle was spayed today.
She came home from the vet and Sydney read her a book about dogs.
Then she ate yummy beef stew and took her pain meds and her pheno. (for her controlled seizure disorder.)
Sydney made a nice bed in our larger crate out of her baby blankets and pillows from her bed. The larger crate allows for Ness to move a bit better with the collar on."

Home cooked meals! Storytime! A serving maid! This is the lifestyle to which all Frenchie damsels aspire.

And rightly so, considers

The Frog Princess