Saturday, April 25

Cora and Gwen from the NC 10

If you are a long, looong time supporter of FBRN, you might recall the group of dogs called the NC 10.  Smeagol was a member of that group--Smeagol was an unofficial FBRN mascot for several years.

Recently, Gwen's dad got in touch and shared some photos of Gwen and asked if we knew of any other surviving members of the puppy mill raid that produced that group of dogs.  We only know of two, Cora and Gwen, but please do send us further updates on other survivors if you know of them!

Cora remains emotionally traumatized by her years in the mill.  She loves her family, but does not enjoy the company of strange people.  Here's what her mom says: 
"Cora is now 10 years old and still dislikes anyone other than us!! LOL She lives to eat our son-in-law,  so we crate her when he is here for anything beyond 15 minutes or so. We have a permanent gate from the living room to the rest of the house with a part that slides or rolls open/closed, and it is invaluable for us and the crew!! 
Cora is the only girlie dog here with 2 frenchie boys and 2 puggie boys to beat up and keep in line!! LOL She is cuddly with us on the sofa, but only when it is her choice, we still have to "catch" her to hold or pick her up, even though she knows we will never hurt her, she still has the instinct to flee when stressed....
Overall, she is a healthy dog and only visits the vet once a year for annual tests and the very rare ailment, usually her knees acting up as she ages."

Gwen's dad also sent us along some photos and he told us a little

 about Gwen, who is trundling along still at 15 years old!  Almost unheard-of for a Frenchie to reach that age, and it speaks to her adopter's very good care.  Gwen was known as Gina when she was with us.

Here's his note:
"...When we adopted her in 2005 her age was approximately 5 years old and now she should be around 15. The thing is, she gets around better and is more active than dogs I know that are a quarter of her age."

As you can see, Gwen has very little gray in her schmuzzle, and she is a very pretty little beast.

If you know of another of the NC10 survivors, please do let us know!  We'd love to hear from them.

It's good to touch base with old-timers like Gwen, Cora, and
The Frog Princess

Tuesday, April 7


Never let it be said that Frenchies are dogs without quirks.

Briolette's foster mom has discovered that incoming Briolette requires privacy for her toiletting.  Foster mom says: "I think I finally figured it out. She likes "privacy" when she takes care of her business. She will not potty on a walk and even in the backyard if I stand out there beside her she will not go, no matter how long we are there. I would end up giving up and then when she would come inside, she would sneak off and poop in the house. So I came up with a plan, we go outside to the yard and then I step around the corner of the house where she can't see me but I can see her, then she will go."

Foster sister to the left, private piddler to the right

Frenchies are nutty, declares

The Frog Princess