Saturday, May 26

Gibson Gets in Line

Most dogs come with a wee bit of baggage.  In that way they resemble  humans.


Gibson is no different.  He is a dog who likes to be in charge of things.  He likes to know where his ball is.  He likes to be in charge of who gets to walk down the street while he is walking on the street.  He even likes to try to be in charge of his person.

While Gibby has been in foster care, he's been learning that it's ok for him to take some time off of the whole Bark Vader gig, and he's getting the hang of a world where other people are in charge.

To that end, his foster mom has disinvited him to sleep in the people bed, on account of that privilege seemed to be telling Gibson that his foster mom was HIS AND HIS ALONE and he was getting a bit snippy with anyone who was talking to her or hugging her or otherwise expressing interest in HIS PROPERTY.  Now that Gibson is sleeping in his crate, his attitude has shifted.

Gibson still needs a person who can resist the pull of those dark and shiny, brown and beautiful eyes; he'll need someone who can say no to his occasional challenges ("What?  Oh, this bed?  This is the one I shouldn't be on?  My mistake!") while providing him with the recommended daily allowance of tummy rubs, walks, and nylabones.

If you think that you fit the bill, check out Gibson's bio.  Could be you were made for each other, hints

The Frog Princess

Saturday, May 12

Happy (Foster) Mother's Day!

On Mother's Day we celebrate our moms and all the nice things they do for us.


At FBRN, we are celebrating Foster Mother's Day with some photos that will help us remember that


Even if our foster dogs can't bring us breakfast in bed or make us darling little pawprint cards,


They can still make our hearts melt.


And how!


Our foster moms might have to spring


for their own flowers


And there won't be any coupon books for cheerful chores,


But on Foster Mother's Day

Petaluma Poppy

The FBRN foster frogs across the country


From Bangor to LA and Seattle to St. Petersburg (plus a few points north of the US border in Canada)


Will be delivering Frenchie kisses, froglesome cuddles, clownish antics, ridiculous grins, snuffles, snorts, snores, and plenty of warm pink bellies for their mammas to tickle.

Curly Joe 

And that is more than plenty for any FBRN foster mom.*  If it's more than plenty for you, too, consider becoming a foster mom!  Next year at this time, you could be celebrating a Happy Foster Mother's Day.

To every mom of every kind, we send our thanks and appreciation, and we wish you a very happy Mother's Day!

The Frog Princess

*Dads, too, but that's a story for another special day!
**Borat and Milady will have foster pages later this week

Saturday, May 5

Rousseau is getting it together!

Poor Rousseau!  She has such a hard time with allergies.  It would be great if she could just have a blank slate in the skin department and start over!

In some ways, she's getting that.  Her foster mom has found her a skin specialist who has set out a treatment plan for Rou that they hope will get her cleaned up and and her hot spots healed up.

Rousseau loves the outdoors, and it's a shame to keep her penned up when the spring air is blowing and the grass is popping up and there are squirrels to condemn and neighbors to greet.  But outside is where the allergies lurk.

Here's a note from her foster mom about Rou's condition and a video showing her entirely ridiculous head tilting.  

"Last week her skin test was clear so she's going to be on antibiotics for another week just to clear out anything residual. We're also weaning her down off her allergy medicine because the vet would like her to only need it once or twice a week. Last week her hot spots were pretty much gone but today there's a couple popping up because I mistakenly let her come out to play with us (even wearing a tshirt and wiping down with baby wipes when we came in). It was breaking my heart watching her sad face through the back door while we played. She got an extra bath tonight so hoping they go away fast! If all goes well once she's off her antibiotics she'll be up on the available page.

"She still LOVES her walks and will make sure you know it's time to go! If you mention the "W" word you get the total head tilt from side to side everytime you ask. Cracks me up!!"

Here's the head tilt video.  Foster mom asks that you pay no attention to her voice.  

That kind of head tilt could put her in the finals for America's Next Pup Model, in the opinion of

The Frog Princess

PS  Following the walk the video promised, Rousseau and her foster brother were pretty tuckered out.  Boom!  They collapsed right on the floor!