Tuesday, March 27

Anybody Got Any Mojo Lying Around?

If you do, our pitiful young Cloet could use it.  Look at the poor thing.  So worried.  So tiny.  So red-haired.

She's going to get nares and palate surgery tomorrow, and while we have every confidence in the surgeon, it never hurts to have the mojo and the juju of our friends and supporters flying through the ether to the ears of the Frenchie gods.

We're keeping a good thought for you, Cloet!  A good thought and positive vibes from

The Frog Princess

UPDATE!  Cloet came through the surgery just fine, and we thank everyone for their good wishes.  Sadly, all those years of difficulty breathing have resulted in a partially collapsed larynx.  We believe the damage is limited to what is there now, but we don't know the kinds of problems the partial collapse may cause in the future.

FURTHER UPDATE!  Cloet came *this* close to winning the March madness competition!  She's feeling much better and is breaking more hearts every day.

Friday, March 16


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Thursday, March 15

Just a Peek

Alena wants her friends and supporters to know she is doing ok!  Recently, she discovered she is allergic to dust mites (as we all are, really, even if it's only an emotional allergy), so she is taking Temeril-P, and that is minimizing some of the itchiness.

Meanwhile, she continues to rule the roost at home as only a mostly blind, fairly bald, nearly deaf, floppy-eared frog can.

And for those looking for a photographic update, here ya go.

What?  You were looking for full-on glam when you come peeping at a lady in her boudoir?  Half-glam is all you get from Alena, and it's way more than you'd get from

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, March 13

Magnolia Prepares for St. Patrick's Day

We understand that some folks are dismayed by the wearing of the green on St. Patrick's Day.  Some folks object to the way the US jokes about beer consumption, muttering about the way some people engage in hurtful stereotypes.  Some people even complain about the practice of dyeing perfectly good ale a disgusting shade of shamrock.  (We have to admit, we ourselves do agree with that last one.  People!  Really, now.  That's just nasty.)

We have heard that some folks are dismayed by what they consider the disdignification of perfectly well-equipped dogs by the addition of clothes and props and hats and the like.

We have also heard that there are individuals who decry the anthropomorphism of dog-speak and ascribing human emotions to dogs.  Science, after all, has not proven that animals experience emotions.  Science has not been paying much attention, in our opinion, but that is neither here nor there.

The sad fact is, none of the aforementioned individuals are going to enjoy this post very much, since it involves the whole basketful of objectionable material.

To whit:  Magnolia wearing green shamrock deelybobbers, and a tiny green mug, the better to enjoy some green gravy on St. Patrick's Day.  Furthermore, we are going out on a limb and we are claiming that Magnolia is having a helluva time in her outfit.

And, we contend, if you listen hard, you can hear this one-eyed beauty singing: "When a froggish eye is smilin', sure tis like the morn in spring!  In the lilt of froggish laughter, you can hear the angels sing!  When froggish hearts are happy, all the world seems bright and gay, and when a froggish eye is smiling, it will steal your heart away!"

Enjoy yourself this St. Patrick's Day, regardless of your opinions on the content and character of this post urges

The Frog Princess

Monday, March 5

Intrepid! The Search for LUGNUT!

Never, never let it be said that our volunteers are without courage, stamina, endurance, pig-headedness or that they are not brimful of essence de goofball when it comes to a frog in need.  The closest volunteer we had to a dog who was described as seriously stricken with separation anxiety lived over a 7 hours' drive away, through wintery mountain terrain and the kinds of road that Robert Frost was thinking about when he talked about the ones that are less-traveled-by. 

Over the plains of Alberta, Canada, through the raggedy mountains of Glacier Park, our fearless volunteer rolled along with but a single thought in her head:  

"I hope I didn't leave the iron on..."

Through day and night and day and night and in and out of weeks and months, the fearless flyer flew!  And finally the object of her search and the reason for her unreasoning flight was in sight.

A dog called Lugnut.

And once she had him, she turned right around and she drove all the way back, many hundreds of miles, through ice and snow and radio wasteland until at last they reached the frozen land where her home still stood and her own dogs waited, and after a bite of dinner, our volunteer slept the sleep of the virtuous and just.

And so did Lugnut.

With countless thanks to our adventurous, madcap volunteer for making the exhausting journey to rescue this pup.  He's settling in quite nicely and he'll soon be appearing on the foster page, where you can see more photos and even some video, promises

The Frog Princess