Sunday, September 24

Babycakes Attends a Party!

We received a request for news about Babycakes, an FBRN outpost adoptee who frequently graces these pages. Her foster mom sent us an album of photos from a Frenchie get-together in Denver earlier this summer, and we thought we'd share some of them with you. Here's Babycakes begging one of the attendees for another race up and down the yard. We are pretty sure Babycakes is responsible for the look of exhaustion on his face.And here's Babycakes engaged in conversation with two unidentified Frenchies. We feel sure they are talking about topics of high intellectual caliber, and not merely gossiping about the Frenchies on the other side of the yard.

And who is this? Yes, sharp eyed readers will recognize this handsome devil as Gus-Gus, the dog who likes to sit in his water dish. Unfortunately, this is not his dish, but was meant to be a communal bowl. Thank heavens for the caterers! Plain, fresh, unGus-flavored water was widely available at this shindig.

Here's Babycakes again, off to keep order amongst the too-much-funners. There's always some clown who spikes the punch, isn't there? And then look what happens! A perfectly nice clam bake turns into an unsanctioned WWF match. Thank heavens some Frenchies keep their heads. We still aren't sure who was responsible for the punch-spiking. Gus assures us it wasn't him.

And here's Babycakes helping a shy little wallflower Frenchie enjoy the party. Babycakes just has that precious gift of making everyone feel at home and welcome. We've all known someone like Babycakes, and they make the world a better, sweeter place. Dame Babycakes, for your efforts toward Frenchie unity and for your all-around adorability, we are proud to award you the title Esteemed Dame of the Realm, with all the rights and privileges thereunto pertaining, including a very warm place in the heart of
The Frog Princess


txchic57 said...

Oh thank you! Baby is my favorite Frenchie of all time. It should be criminal to be that cute.

anita said...

i am new to the babycakes fan club. what has happened to this beautiful girl? she is such an inspiration to the non fir kids lol i just love to watch her go!