Wednesday, March 26


We recently took in three dogs from Colorado who'd been living outdoors for some time. Pogo and Pepper are on the foster page and we recently got some photos and an update on the third Frenchie. Here's her foster mom's note about her newest foster girl:
"Her name is Dinkie and she is a brindle with white markings. Although I can't find a stripe on her, the caste to her coat is a chestnut color. She is so sleek and shiny, she looks like a baby seal.

She is absolutely gorgeous! She is two years old, and lived outside that whole time. She has a some conjunctivitis in her left eye that is getting treated and her little nose is a bit dry. Other than that, her vet tests came back very good. She came to us already spayed. She weighs about 25lbs. I swear she could jump in my arms if I let her. She is that athletic! I'm always so afraid they'll injure their backs, so I try to deter that kind of high flying activity.

"She's something else! We all fell in love with her immediately. She is great with kids, dogs, and probably cats. I'll introduce her to some friends' cats to see how she does. She met the neighbors' screaming papillions and she just kept looking through the fence at them wondering what the heck all the noise was about. I called her name and she trotted right on up to me. She is the happiest little girl I have ever seen. I can't say enough good things about her.

"...She has never lived in a house, but is quickly learning what she needs to know. She's very excitable at first, has a lot of energy, but calms down quickly and is content to cuddle like a favorite thing in a foster dog. :o) She will need a family that will give her a TON of time. After living outdoors for two years, she will not be content to ever do so again!

"I go out with her to do her potty, because she will not do it on her own, even with another dog outside with her. She is desperate to be with humans and she certainly deserves a home that will give her as much time as possible.

"I have not had time to "capture" the beauty of this girl, but I will include a few photos that I have hurriedly snapped. I promise to get her outside and show her in all her glory. She will not be around for long, because she is as sweet as she is adorable."

Oh, boy. Batten down the hatches! Here comes the deluge for Dinkie! warns
The Frog Princess

Time Out for Toys!

Taser, our adorable abandoned puppy from Florida, had to undergo eye surgery after he was found and turned in to animal control. He'd been hit by a car, and though we tried hard to save the eye, it ruptured one night and had to be removed. Now that he has healed and he's up on his feet and his days inside the horrible Elizabethan collar are over, he has decided that it is time to play. It is always time to play. There are no times when play is not to be. His partner in crime is always up for a game of tug of war or my toy is better than yours or chasemechasemechaseme! through the house.

Yes, the boy is always up for a good wrasslin' match, or a stuffy destuffying, or a bit of mischief of one kind or another. Even in his sleep, he dreams of toys, of games, of chasing lizards on the beach and chasing children in the yard. He's a busy boy.

Lizards? What kinds of lizards? wonders
The Frog Princess

Tuesday, March 25

Tuffy and Wilbur

FBRN grads Tuffy ('06) and Wilbur (formerly Monty of the PA8,'07) are busily appropriating the furniture and otherwise making themselves comfortable in the middle of the country, Missouri. Here's an update on them:
"These are a bit blurry, but I just had to send them. Sometime over the weekend, we noticed that they started to pile on top of each other for their naps in my chair (I will never get to sit in that chair again, it appears). Wilbur is apparently willing to stay in what looks like a very uncomfortable upright sleeping position for hours at a time, and Tuffy seems perfectly fine with supporting that bowling ball of a head of his...

"Also, in other breaking news, Wilbur is showing potential of becoming a model citizen some day. At least 3 times now, he has gone to the back door and waited for us to let him out. Of course, he hasn't learned to bark or whine at it yet, so we have to pretty much follow him whenever we see him go into the kitchen, but it's definite progress!"

Housebreaking is a slow process for some puppymill survivors, but as families and frogs get to know each other and learn to watch for signs and portents, even the slowest Frenchie can be persuaded to use the proper patch for piddling, proclaims

The Frog Princess

Sunday, March 23

FBRN Grads Send Easter Greetings!

The beautiful and stylish Hilda wishes you a Happy Easter from beneath the loveliest bonnet we've seen in many a year!

What celebration would be complete without a visit from our beloved Smeags? He's reminding his people that if they don't stop fooling around and go to sleep, the Easter Bunny will not leave his basket!

And from top left clockwise, Connecticut Frenchies Baxter, Allie, Diego and Trixie (grad, not grad, foster and grad)are gathered together with their ears on, listening hard for the thump of wee paws on the porch.

All our volunteers and Frenchies send you joyful wishes for a happy Spring, a beautiful return to life of all green and leafy things, and the promise of a lovely season of growth and warmth and light.

And Smeagol adds that if you have any leftover eggs or hamentaschen cookies, you can send them his way.

The Frog Princess

Friday, March 21

When is Supper?

Tobias wants some toonafeesh!

This grand old man has plans for the sandwich his foster mom is putting together. He will be sad to learn that it is not for him! His foster mom says:

"Even though it isn't a gourmet treat from McDonalds, these two would love a nibble from a tuna sandwich....only problem it's not ready yet..It's a lot easier moving without pooches underfoot but not as much fun."

Poor Tobias. No toonafeesh for you. Well, maybe just a taste, concedes
The Frog Princess

Doxie's TV Spot!

Our gorgeous girl, Doxie, represented FBRN beautifully in a Toronto television program last week. Here she is in the green room, ready for her moment in the spotlight: Here's what her foster dad had to say about Doxie's 15 minutes of fame:
"Well, Doxie threw on the charm for her portion of the show and was showering me and the emcee of the show with kisses and looking absolutely stunning. Everyone who met her loved her. Everyone who met her loved her.

They kept FBRN's URL up for most of our segment and we even got to plug the Easter basket raffle. We also let them know that there were a lot of other dogs besides Doxie available on the site. Hopefully it will bring some applications for Doxie and others!"

And here she is during her segment. Get a load of the expression on her face. She's wondering when the cameraman is going to push in! She is ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille!
Doxie is a fabulous deaf girl, and we recently received some wonderful pics of her in a new wardrobe of outer wear! We'll post those photos soon.

Meanwhile, if you are a Frenchie savvy or deaf dog savvy person looking for a marvelous companion who will make friends and influence people whereever she goes, check out Doxie's available page.

We love her freckly spots! coos
The Frog Princess

Monday, March 17

Smeagie O'Smeagol Wishes YOU a Happy St. Patrick's Day

Please be smart and leave the frogmobile at home if you are going to be lifting a few green beers at your local publican's establishment or alehouse. Your Frenchie wants you in one piece tomorrow morning when breakfast time rolls around.
Porridge is wondering who said the word, "Breakfast"?

Éirinn go Brách! shouts
The Frog Princess

Sunday, March 2

A Little More Wasabi!

Here is a video on YouTube featuring the piddly boy Wasabi. As you can see, he's in wonderful physical condition, but he's crazy about water. He climbs into the toilet bowl and stands in the ice cooler if he gets a chance. It's possible he is a true amphibian Frenchie. A real frog, if you will!

Thank you to all our readers for offering suggestions and help. We have received a number of emails from folks who've given us additional avenues to explore, and we are very grateful!

For those of you who would like to know more about how to get some of the wonderful diaper covers so many of our foster dogs wear, please get in touch with Eilene at horsesace at yahoo dot com. She's one of our volunteers and she makes them herself. She'll tell you what measurements she needs and the price, and you can decide whether you'd like to order a pair or two.

At the moment, Wasabi's vets are looking into a few possibilities regarding his insane thirst and constant peeing. Foremost among the possibilites is something called reflex dyssynergia. Keep those good thoughts coming for our flavorful boy! He can use all the good wishes he can get!

The Frog Princess