Saturday, September 5

Tunkie's All Better!


Tunkie had quite a summer!  Kidney stones, colitis, and complications following the kidney stone removal--but through it all this dear little old man has been a trouper!

Right now, Tunkie is doing really well.  His breathing is much improved, and thanks to a little miracle we like to call prednisone, he's walking like a frog half his age!

He's feeling so good he does a little circle dance known as "The Tunk Man Dance" whenever he's excited or to celebrate the return of his foster mom and dad.  You should be so lucky to have a dancing dog.  Foster mom and dad are working on a video to show off Tunkie's moves. 

Tunkie does have some odd quirks.  He'd hardly be a Frenchie if he didn't.  The other night he caught and consumed--all raw and wrigglin'--a lizard.  Poor little lizard had no idea a dog with a hitch in his giddyup could move as fast as that.  Let's hope all the other lizards in the neighborhood got the message, avoid Tunkie's lightning fast moves and gaping maw, and go on to live long, lovely lizard lives.

Tunkie also likes to follow his foster mom into the shower.  It concerns him that she goes in there to endure the ghastly rain all alone, so he walks in behind her and keeps her company--until he gets wet.  Then he retreats outside the stall but stays in view, so she knows that he's there for her throughout the nasty, wet process, offering his silent, Tunkie support.

It's clear that Tunkie is a Frenchie for all seasons.  Excellent dancer, a skilled hunter, he's emotionally available...what more could you want?

There's not much more TO want, in the opinion of

The Frog Princess