Sunday, April 3

Cherie Makes the News--Again!

Cherie the Surfing Frenchie, an FBRN graduate, makes it part of her life's mission to raise funds for rescue groups, including FBRN.

She is frequently in the public eye, and news organizations just love her!  Here's her most recent appearance on the news, along with an article about her!

Read more about Cherie on Facebook, her website, Instagram, or on SoCal Surfdogs, where this photo came from.

Summer is coming up, so if you need a lifejacket, remember FBRN has them in Frenchie sizes!

Wishes for no wipe-outs, little wahini, from
The Frog Princess

Thursday, March 31

Tripp Turns 15

It's unusual for a dog of any breed to cross the 15 year milepost, let alone a French bulldog!  However, we are thrilled to announce that Tripp, one of our available dogs, did just that very thing in March.  Here's an update on Tripp from his foster family.

"March was an eventful month for Tripp. He celebrated his 15th Birthday in grand style. Got his photos back from his photo shoot. Got to join some FBRN friends for dinner.

 He is living life to the fullest. He was doing great about tolerating the other dogs, but we did have a slight set back when he lunged at Audrey. His bark is worse than his bite and my husband was close by...think it scared him worse than anything - but Audrey is fine and we learned that we can't let our guard down.

Sometimes it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks ..especially when he is as smarter than we are!

In April his Bucket List continues when we get to help out in the FBRN Booth at the Pet Expo. No applications so far for the "Hugh Hefner" of FBRN... people don't know what they are missing! Love this guy!"

FBRN is hoping that someone sees the light fantastic and figures out that they really, truly want Tripp to snuggle with for the rest of his days.  Look at that handsome beast!  What a profile!

We'll leave you with this beefcake shot and plenty of happy birthday wishes to this healthy, happy elder frogsman from

The Frog Princess