Wednesday, September 6

Smeagol and Tuffy Plus a Little Willow

Sometimes it is good to be Princess. Today it is good to be Princess because we get to insist that it is time for another gratuitous photo of Smeagol, the Frenchie who holds our heart in his and whom we love from afar. Joining Smeagol on the porch seat are that cute little redhaired girl, Willow, and a recent placement, Tuffy, who has gone to live with her new family in Missouri.
We would like to point out the intriguing grins both Tuffy and Smeagol are sporting in these photos. Is it possible that they have been engaged in mischief of one kind or another? It is possible. Indeed, it is quite likely.
We hear we are not alone in finding ourselves solid gone on that burning hunk of bad boy Bulldog.
In fact, we have heard reports from the National Specialty held near Gatlinburg, TN, last week, that Smeagol was a terrific hit with the attendees--particularly amongst the womenfolk. We heard he grew so weary of the attentions of some of his admirers that he had to retreat for several hours a day to regain his strength and to consume quantities of fried banana sandwiches and 6 packs of YooHoo. Smeagol has a fascination, an enchanting power, a deeply magnetic persona that makes our heart beat a little faster whenever we espy his unique form. To all of those who dug into their wallets and handbags this spring to help the NC10, and to all who offered help and donations during the Gatlinburg gathering, we boldly speak for Smeagol and all the FBRN fosters past, present and future in gratefully acknowledging your generosity and compassion. Long lives, healthy pets, and sweet, peaceful dreams, are what we wish for you. Sincerely,
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Always love any happy reason for MORE Smeagol.How wonderful that he is now enjoying his life. I just love this cutie pie.(Along with everyone else.)

Anonymous said...

Smeagol is the new Elvis.

Anonymous said...

say, smeags, it's your tinkerbelle, here. oh, for the days of having a hunk of bad boy bulldog to look to for guidance. i swear, if i ever complained, even once, please forgive me. you can't imagine what this mr. chips! fellow is like. they say he's part frenchie, and smeags, if that's true then the other half is autistic gnat. seriously, i've never seen a dog with such a piercing gaze lose focus more quickly. his idea of mischief is to shake tomatoes from their branches, shamelessly uproot flowers in the garden, pluck bees from the air, or gum moles he's trenched to the right consistency and then throw himself upon them like he's some sort of dingo. i'm battle tested, smeags, but nothing could have prepared me for this.

kind regards,


p.s. could you send along one of those fried banana sandwiches and a yoohoo?

Anonymous said...

Any time we get to see Smeags is a happy day! More please!!! :)

Give his big ol' noggin a good scratching for me.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to hear about little Smeagol! We read his sad story and what a treat to see this happy ending. We have four rescue doggies (English mastiffs) who are all snoozing around my table as I write. Could a Gallic element be added to the household one day? We check FBRN website regularly to admire your crew and dream some little flat-faced dreams!