Tuesday, October 21

Mags Would Like to Take This Opportunity

to remind you that Hallowe'en is on the horizon.  It's coming up very quickly.  You should be thinking about your decorations, your candy selections, and, of course, the dog treats you plan to dispense.

Mags is sincerely hoping you don't count yourself among those who go out and buy and then--either surreptitiously or during a single all-out snarfage--eat whole bags of candy before the day arrives without even *considering* the treat needs of your best friends.  She'd be delighted to suggest some treats to keep on hand, but Mags will tell you flat out that you will be that mom--you will be able to hold your head up among the full-size candy bar moms--if you show up at the door with Munchkins from Dunkin' Donuts.  

Now lookit that photo.  Lookit that face!  Isn't that the kind of happiness you want to see on Hallowe'en when all the little frog goblins come to the door?

We thought so, thought

The Frog Princess

Thursday, October 16

Petrie's Perking Up

When Petrie first came to us, he was not good with other dogs and he needed work on his leash manners.  Since then, after very slow introductions, he has become tight with the frog girls in his foster home.  His manners are much improved, and though he still makes use of those powerful back legs to jump up in the air to peek out the front door window to see who is ringing the bell, he's a greatly changed dog!

Petrie has those long gazelle legs, and he has a wonderful underbite, one that Mary Ann, Mike Mulligan's steam shovel, would envy! 

He's a snuggling fool and he's looking for a happy family with experience dealing with a dog who is used to having his way (if you have dogs) or he'd love to be an only!  Check out Petrie's page and see if you could see him and his shiny little lip cuddled up on your couch.
Ooo, that brindle!  So handsome and shiny, swoons

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, October 1

Nanna Sails Away


Who knows what adventures a Frenchie female of a certain age has filed away in her little leather book of memories?  We feel sure that Nanna must have known the thrill of the open sea, though, and felt the salt against her nose and the whisk of sand and sea foam against her fur.  Looking at her as she dreamily relives those moments in the harbor just before casting off or perhaps floating serenely along a wide river's current, we remember that none of us can know another's love for a thing or the joy they feel in recalling it.

Sail on, silver girl!

We're with you, Nanna.  There's "nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats" murmurs

The Frog Princess