Wednesday, September 20

Emma Flies Away Home

Last month, Emma made the trip from Vermont, where she'd been staying with her foster family, to Colorado, where she met her FBRN graduate brother and sister, Vinny da Patch and Mea.

Emma's flight was very interesting, and she enjoyed the views from the windows and had a chance to make some friends in high places.

When she got to her new digs, she didn't take much time getting acquainted with her new people, and, in the heartless way of foster dogs everywhere, seemed to recognize her people as her new family, and settled right down with nary a backward glance as her foster mom left.

We expect plenty of updates from Emma and lots and lots of photos of these furkids. Emma's a real character, and we'd love to hear all about her Rocky Mountain adventures with her new family.

Hiking, mountain biking, fishing, snowshoeing...the possibilities for an active young Frenchie boggle the mind of
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Emma! Enjoy your new home.