Monday, August 31

Bugsy Siegel

The Bugsy Siegel of mob legend may not have spent much time in Florida, though his partner and pal Meyer Lansky certainly did. Still, we expect if Bugsy had visited Eff Ell Ay, he'd have spent his days much as his namesake does--lounging by the pool, passing time with pretty girls and soaking up some sunshine. Here's a note from Bugsy's foster mom on Bugsy's progress from skinny little street urchin to healthy, husky frogdog:

"Bugsy Siegel went back to visit all his old friends at the vet today. He was a very popular guy with everyone he met. The staff was so thrilled to see him looking so well. Since his last visit he has put on 2.6 lbs and now weighs 27.7 lbs! He is
still thin, but we're definitely making progress. I have been putting in some ointment for his dry eye and it has stimulated his tear production in both eyes and they were very, very pleased with how his eyes were looking. Because he was so emaciated when he first arrived, had such an awful infection and was so anemic from all his bloody diarrhea they want him to stay on the ZD and ID dog food for another couple of weeks. His housebreaking is going well thanks to my dogs and the doggy door. Each day more of his personality emerges and he shows more interest in the nylabones and playing with my dogs. He loves the car and is an excellent passenger and walks like a dream on a leash. He is a velcro dog unlike any I have ever known. He is always under foot and sleeps so close to me at night in bed that I feel as if I'm getting hot flashes!

He has come a very long way in only 3 weeks and will be a great dog for someone."

He's definitely got an air of mystery and he shares Bugsy Siegel's good looks as well as his name. We think it's even money that Bugsy will be on the available page shortly, wagers

The Frog Princess

Friday, August 28

Your Frenchie, A Joy Forever

Here's a note from our auction and eBay organizing maven:

"Donated to the French Bulldog Rescue Network (FBRN) to help raise funds for our rescue dogs is a custom artistic rendering of a photo of your frenchie! This poster size print will be based on the highest bidder's submission to the artist who will create a memorable keepsake of your beloved! See examples of previous work on this post. Your own dog's portrait will be unique.

Place your bid now because the auction will end on Monday, August 31st. Please send your minimum bid of $75.00 to:

All proceeds benefit the rescue frenchies of FBRN! Thank you."

Ask any Frenchie if he thinks his silly mug should be commemorated in an original piece of artwork and what do you think his answer will be?

Go to the head of the class! praises

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, August 26

Mabel Cleans Up

What are you having, kid?

Mabel, formerly known as Bristol, is enjoying her summer with her new mom's young relations. We received a note from Mabel's mom Melanie:

"The boy'll have a root beer. Make mine a Shirley Temple."

"Thought I would share some pics from this past weekend--she took a bath with my nephew! She is doing much better on potty training--still have to watch her when we
get back from the dog park--she drinks so much water and it takes hours for her to let it all back out! She absolutely loves kids! she would rather have play dates with
kids than other dogs! She still misses [foster sibling] Vinnie! I hear there are two other Frenchies that go to our dog park--but we haven't met them --Hope you are doing well--Melanie and Mabel"

"OK. He's cut off."

It's very hard to know when to say when when the fun is going strong. We are advocates of moderation in root beer consumption. Unless there is a scoop of ice cream involved. Where root beer floats are concerned, moderation goes out the window, confesses

The Frog Princess

Ask Frog Princess: Do You Ever Set Up Meet and Greets before Adoption?

Sherlock watches tv with FBRN grad, Reggie
Here's another question from the Frog Princess' mailbag:

"Does FBRN ever set up meet and greets between potential adopters' pets and the future adoptee before the adoption proceeds? If there are several applications, might be a way to further screen."

Hello! Yes, the foster parent can choose to take the foster dog to a home visit if the applicant is within reasonable distance. If the foster dog has any tendencies to be reactive to new situations or other dogs, it's a very good idea to introduce the potential housemates to each other on neutral ground--a park, perhaps--and then walk the dogs back to the applicant's home.

New kid Max-o-million grinning ear to ear!

In many cases, the applicant is applying from a distant region, and in those cases our home visits are conducted by volunteers in the area. The volunteer may bring a dog along with her to the home visit and see how the resident canine takes to a newcomer.

Thank you for the question!

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, August 19

Fergus Alerts Us!

Deaf and uptight young Fergus, the guy we like to call the Bed Burglar on account of his sneaky way of easing backward into an already occupied dogbed, has revealed yet another aspect of his personality: Mighty Hunter!

In the following email, his foster mom describes some of the training she's doing with Fergus to desensitize him to new stimula.

"My routine with Fergus is 2 training sessions a day 10-30 mins each, less on busier workdays, more on days off. We continue to work on his fear/anxiety of anything outside of our house/yard. So our walks started with just around the yard and patio, then to the front and around the garage. Next came on the sidewalk in front of the house, eventually progressing down the street and back home, then up the street and back.

Each of these areas continue until he starts to lessen in the anxiety and tense body language. We are sticking with our street for now, as soon as we get to the busy intersection, more people, dogs, etc, he is not able to focus or take treats as well. The licking increases, he looks like he's gripping the sidewalk, etc. When we get to an area like that, I back it up to where he's relaxed again, then we stay near that section for a bit, before heading back home. Next time we extend a few steps, a block, or whatever is working. He's getting really good at catching cheese bits, will do a drop butt sit when I stop. He's also learning "watch me" instead of the treat hand. I've been holding the treat to a right or left side, and he gets the reward when he looks away from that and at me, once he gets that we make it tougher by extending the time, or I'll hold a treat in each hand, when he locks eyes - jackpot.
He's learned gimme five, and working on stay, he'll army crawl under my legs, but getting him in a down - still working on it.

Tenacious RODENT detector at your service: A few weeks ago, Fergus started to act a bit nutty. This is not all that unusual, he has told off the "other white deaf frenchie" in the mirror, reflected in the fireplace, and also the one in the glass doors when it's dark. So when he started to do this at the bathroom door, then barking at my closet door, sniffing like crazy, we said "what is it boy - is timmy in the well?" We opened the bathroom door and let him inspect, he kept going to the heat vent and in my closet is the door to the crawl space, he went bonkers sniffing and barking there. Then he did it at the kitchen heat vent, and some of the vents to the crawl space outside. TJ opened the crawl space door, inspected and saw no evidence of anything. This continued off and on, somewhat randomly. Then Wookie started to sniff 2 of the 5 areas that Fergus was at. Rat traps were put down and TJ really looked around but didn't see anything, and the heat vents are closed off so he couldn't understand what that was about.

WELL - yesterday TJ was finally able to get down and dirty and crawl under there, he still saw no prints, nothing - crazy dog. UNTIL he reached almost the front section of our house, which is furthest from where he went cuckoo, and low and behold.....a carcass, and evidence of nesting. YUCK. We had been checking all our pantry stuff, dog food is up on shelf in the garage, nothing has been tampered with. Fergus got some goooood treats, good boy, good dog, ferocious hunter triumphs at last. Victory is sweet, but chicken is best."

He sleeps the sleep of the righteous and the just, approves
The Frog Princess

Saturday, August 15

Diving Miss Maisy

Little Miss Maisy was surrendered because she has a skin condition that is quite likely to resolve over time, but which put off some members of her family. They opted to surrender her to rescue, and we are so glad to have her with us! The growths on her face are diminished and she is proving to be a wonderful source of exercise and amusement for the resident Frenchies in her foster home. Here's a recent note from her foster mom:

"Well our Little Miss Maisy is a HOOT!

We took her for a walk in the woods by my house where there is a very shallow stream. She was so intrigued by the running water she had the most AMAZING puppy fit I've ever seen!
Granted, both of my dogs were over 3 when I adopted them, so she is my first frenchie puppy experience ... but it was hysterical! She nibbled at the water and zoomed around in circles like a rocket. I love it when they run so fast, it seems like their back end might actually pass up their front end :)

After her outback adventure, I decided it was time to try Maisy with a bath and pedicure. She was good as gold ... even when I trimmed her nails! Maisy ... who holds still for nothing! She sat calmly in the tub while I scrubbed and trimmed. She is so beautiful and sweet and smart and playful. Honestly, people. :)

Here are a couple of pics of our little cutie-pied. One of her "feed me, I'm cute" face, one of her passed out on D's feet and one of her "crazy face" - look at those pearly whites! She's adorable!"

Adorable is the very word for her, concurs
The Frog Princess

Tuesday, August 4

By Pupular Demand!

Puppies! At their first week anniversary!

First, some sad news. Despite our best efforts and a week of near sleepless nights with help from friends and the best veterinary intervention, one of the brindle girls passed away.

Fading is something that happens sometimes and there is little understanding why. Some pups fade and can be brought back, and some fade and die. Breeding puppies is a heartbreaking thing, and it is not for the faint of heart or the uneducated. Want to teach the kids about the miracle of birth? OK. But you should also be prepared to teach them about the very sad reality of death.

Would the outcome have been different had we known earlier that the mom was pregnant? We can't think about that. There's no point in thinking about that.

The good news is, the little girl with the umbilical problem is thriving, and with a couple surgeries down the line, she should be happy and healthy!

We want to say thank you so much to our friends for their sleepless nights, their worry, their loving care and their tears for the loss of the pup. Another friend is flying in to spell our foster mom some nights so she and her family can get some rest--that's friendship.

Considering how much we love our own 8 hours uninterrupted slumber, that is TRUE friendship, declares

The Frog Princess