Thursday, September 4


We are happy to report that Kinsler, a foster with us for quite a while, is showing signs of great improvement now that he is taking Prozac and has experience of a family with consistent responses to him. 

His foster mom reports that he is going to work with her at the vet's office sometimes so he can greet some people, and she's been taking him for short car rides to prove that they, too, can be enjoyable experiences.  (We have some advice on making the car trips even better.  Drive-through windows and Frenchie fries.) 

Many thanks to Kinsler's devoted foster mom! 

We hope young Kinsler will find his forever people shortly, and he's on the available page waiting patiently for them to find him.  We know his family is out there, even if they don't know they are looking yet.

Speaking of Frenchie fries, it's about time for a toodle around the neighborhood, in the opinion of

The Frog Princess