Sunday, May 30

Capt. Mac Looking for a Crew

Capt. Mac is a special guy.  He's going to require a special person or people who are willing to look past his past and focus on their future together.  He won't do well with people who are going to spoil him to make up for what he's been through.  The best family for Capt. Mac will know that dogs feel most comfortable when they are sure of their people and their world.  They like to know who the boss is, and they like to feel they have a place in the grand scheme of things.  

Capt. Mac's foster mom sent us a note about him earlier this month along with some photos.  If you live in the northeast and have experience with or willingness to learn about dogs who require loving firmness, check out his bio.  

"Though not much is known of his past, it seems that Mac spent much of his life being neglected, possibly a backyard breeder's dog. Mac was surrendered to FBRN after a neighbor of the original owner tried to offer Mac a home but was bitten. Mac was adopted and returned to FBRN after feeling uncomfortable around the man of the house and biting him also. Although Mac can clearly feel threatened by men, he was fine with his patient foster dad while in Florida.  
Mac had some health issues when he came to FBRN and has had a hernia repair, some teeth removed and a couple of recurring eye infections but is now in top form. He has a paralysed larynx which can make him sound noisy when he breathes, but otherwise he seems fine. After many months of toilet training Mac is now a very clean boy and asks to go outside; he very rarely has an accident.
Mac is an insecure little man prone to anxieties, but with the right guidance he has learned to relax more and build his confidence. Mac isn't great around other dogs but actually seems more comfortable with a calm larger breed like the Boxers in his foster home. Mac can be prone to separation anxiety so he'll need a firm but kind human in his life to help keep him on track with some basic ground rules. A funny and affectionate little man, Mac loves to cuddle up and give lots of kisses, he's a great snuggle buddy and a wonderful companion and would suit a retired person or someone who works at home.  He only needs moderate exercise and loves to keep you company in the yard when the weather is nice for gardening or just relaxing.
Mac would not do well in the city or in a busy household and will be looking for a quiet residence without children to call his forever home. A fenced yard is preferred but not required. You will need to visit Mac at least twice  prior to adoption and live within a three hour radius of New Haven CT to be able to build a relationship with him and to get post adoption support if needed."

We hope that Capt. Mac will find his people soon.  It is very sad that his past has left him with fear and scars, but the more positive experiences he has and the more confident he is in the solidity of the structures around him, the safer and more relaxed he will feel.

Say, is that a cupcake beside Capt. Mac, or are we just seeing things, hungrily wonders

The Frog Princess

Saturday, May 29

Tandy's Happy Ever After

You may remember Tandy.  She was one of the Missouri 6, puppy mill dogs bought by a Good Samaritan and turned over to FBRN to rehome.  Well, not rehome, exactly, since she'd never had a home to start with.

Tandy was the most frightened dog her foster mom had ever seen.  She pancaked anytime a person came near.  She wouldn't eat, she was depressed; she was an emotionally dead dog.  For about 2 weeks.

And then somebody yelled "Clear!" stuck the paddles on her broken heart and voi-the hey-la!  A new girl emerged.

Here is a little movie of Tandy in her new home with her new English bulldog buddies.  She is so full of energy and playfulness and joy--it's hard to believe this is the same dog who came to us from that puppymill auction.

We hope to see many more videos of Tandy playing her heart out.

She deserves this happiness.

And we should all be proud that we were able to give it to her, declares
The Frog Princess

Wednesday, May 26

Keep a Good Thought for Smeagol!

He has dental surgery today.  Possibly they are going to remove his very last tooth.  Possibly not.  But he is going to have a root canal.  Let us all take a moment to send warm thoughts to him.

The Frog Princess

8:45 EST
Smeagol is free! 

Poor Smeagol had many horrifying procedures performed upon his unconscious corpus and is now at home eating Brie cheese and moaning about his missing teefs.  He has 8 remaining, poor boy, but his doctor did a wonderful job and he will be up and about and feeling better tomorrow morning, we are pretty sure.
More brie for Smeags! commands
The Frog Princess

Saturday, May 22

How Not to Greet a Dog

Found this graphic on PBRC (Pitbull Rescue Central) and the author/artist Lili Chin of Doggie Drawings was kind of enough to give us permission to use it.  Lili Chin has frequently donated to French bulldog rescue, and she's available to do pet portraits.

It is simply shocking how often we forget Rules 1, 3, 5 and 6.  The truth is out there.  The Frog P. is a face grabbing, head kissing, occasionally squealing dog approacher.

It's a failing, admits

The Frog Princess

Friday, May 21

Sweets to the Sweet!

A Frenchie-shaped candy dish (or paperclip holder or teabag holder or just plain objet d'art) is up for auction!  It was donated to FBRN and the proceeds benefit our frogdogs.

Meet Queso.
Go.  Bid Large.  It's for dogs like Queso (she'll be up on the website next week.  She's itchy with allergies).

This is Emily

If you win this candy dish, you'll also be helping girls like Emily, who has Addison's disease and skin problems that we are getting under control.

                                              Trini's 1,000 yard stare.

And if that lovely glass French bulldog winds up resting on your coffee table or your desk or in your curio cabinet with your other French bulldog collectibles, you can think to yourself that not only did you support that dangerous but irresistible habit of collecting Frenchie related objects, you also--and perhaps more importantly--made it possible for FBRN to be there when Trini needed us most.
She was found wandering loose and unwanted, if you can believe that!  Frankly, we are astonished. 

The bidding is underway!  Check it out.  Make an offer.  Come back later and make another one.  You might even consider checking shortly before the bidding ends to see if you are going to be fortune's favorite, and if so, you'll be favoring FBRN's frogdogs, too, declares

The Frog Princess
                                       This is what it's all about.  Dale in his new home.

Thursday, May 20

Tandy's Teeth

You might remember Tandy as the puppy mill survivor who pancaked any time someone walked into the room?  She's undergone a wonderful transformation, and her foster mom reported that just a few days ago, Tandy approached her foster dad and asked to get up on the couch and snuggle.  Truly a fantastic turnaround!  Last week we got a message from Tandy's foster mom saying Tandy had serious dental problems.  Here's her first note:

"Tomorrow morning Tandy will be having some much needed dental surgery.  Although we knew that her teeth would need attention in the future, it seems the future is now.  Her front two bottom teeth have abscessed and caused the jaw bone to soften.  Imagine being able to wiggle the bone up and down between the front teeth.  Tandy shows no signs of her mouth bothering her so we didn't notice the extent of the damage until now.  Dr. W will remove the bad teeth, hopefully without the bone breaking.  If that happens, little Tandy will have to have her jaw wired.  While she is sedated, the rest of her mouth will be carefully examined and any other problem teeth removed.  Please send good thoughts for our little Tandy girl."

We had never heard of this condition before Tandy came along.  Tandy's foster mom sent us these photos to show what the problem looks like.  Earlier this week, we got these photos of Tandy just prior to dental surgery.

"These pictures were taken by Dr. W before removing Tandy's rotten teeth.  You can see how the jaw is "split" between the front teeth.  Dr. W removed the front four teeth based on infection and decay that could be seen on the x-rays.  Her jaw should heal with time, but could still require some reconstruction if it fails to heal properly."

Later that same afternoon, Tandy's foster mom heard from the doctor while Tandy was recovering.

"I just spoke to Dr. W and Tandy is doing great!  She ended up removing 4 teeth and Tandy's jaw is very soft, however Dr. W saw no reason to wire it.  The jaw should heal just fine on it's own.  If Tandy develops trouble eating (which she has not had up until now), then she will need to be re-evaluated.  I would says she has come through with flying colors and I will pick her up around 4:00 this afternoon."

During our conversation on the volunteer listserv, another volunteer offered this information:

"My resident Frenchie, Ben, had a very similar problem when he was only 2 years old. His breath was terrible so I took him to the vet for a check up. She noticed 3 of his teeth right in the middle of his lower jaw were decaying. When they took an xray, it showed his lower jaw never fused together as a puppy and the roots of those 3 teeth didn't have anything to secure into. So they decayed and had to be removed. My vet said this is not uncommmon in bully breeds. His lower jaw is actually in two pieces, but it doesn't stop him from eating normally. He is actually on a raw diet and he chomps through bones with no problems at all!"

We've been doing French Bulldog rescue for 10 years or so, and we've never heard of this problem.  Just another something to be aware of if your Frenchie develops very bad breath.

Live and learn, marvels

The Frog Princess

PS  Naturally, if you are inclined, we'd be delighted to accept any donations toward Tandy's dental surgery.  You can sponsor her on her available page.

Wednesday, May 19

It's Our Blogiversary!

And Smeagol is here to celebrate!

Four years ago the blog set sail with a photo of Willow, a puppy mill survivor.  

Over the years the blog has recorded many happy stories, a number of sad tales, and some educational pieces for the entertainment and instruction of passersby.

Here are some fun facts to know and tell about this blog.

The keywords that send most people here are "tail amputation." 

(That is sad.)

Most of our visitors come from California and New York, with Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida tied for 3rd.

We've had international visitors from many countries.  Canada and Japan lead the way, with many visits from Germany, Great Britain and The Netherlands.  We were interested to see we'd had a visitor from Malta recently, and we took the opportunity to learn a little bit about that island's fascinating history.

This post marks the 825th post.  As of this writing, the blog has garnered 460, 075 hits. 

On our fourth blogiversary, we wish to thank the many bloggers who link to this site!

Thanks to our 45 followers and to all the folks who keep us on their RSS feeds.

Our readers leave us wonderful comments, and we read them all!  Thank you!

We would like to thank you all for kindly dropping in.
You're all invited back next time to this locality
To have a heapin' helpin' of our hospitality.

(We are afraid our wasted youth is coming home to roost.) 

What we mean to say is thank you all for your support and readership.  Thank you for sending us photos and stories of your adopted dogs.  Thank you for sponsoring FBRN's dogs, for caring about our fosters, and for following their stories.  Thank you for coming back to see what we are up to, and for not leaving retaliatory earworms.  Thanks everyone!

The Frog Princess

Monday, May 17

Fun in Frugaritaville!

Last week we posted about Flat Brutus and Michelle and Brutus's independent fundraiser for FBRN, where a graphic representation of Flat Brutus moves from home to home all around the world having his picture taken with friends and fans of Brutus.
This week, we heard from a Louisville group of Frenchie and Pug lovers who have been getting together for a while now, and someone had the exceptionally bright idea of making one of their meetups into a fundraiser for FBRN!  Being as generous and intelligent as they are good-looking and fun-loving, the members decided to do it up right, and featured a silent auction, a costume contest, a margarita contest and plenty of games and good times.  At their fundraiser, they raised $356 for FBRN!

Costume winner Bubbie as a taco with a tostado hat.


Here is organizer Stephen Miller's note: 
"Our club is called the Frug Club, we are a group of people from the Louisville area who own Frenchies and Pugs.  We get together regularly to  have fun and socialize.  Our latest fund raiser was called the Frugaritaville Fiesta, dog costume contest, margarita contest and silent auction."

Frug club attendee Banjo with naked friends. It was, apparently, that kind of party.

"Our winning costume and dog was Bubbie dressed up as a taco with a tostada hat. See the attached picture. I have also attached a group photo and another pic of Banjo dressed up in Mexican wear.

The party was a real blast.  We had some really nice items in the silent auction, gift certificates for dog grooming, dog books,a dog bed,  plants, household good and even a few antique items. 
We plan on doing this 4 times a year, trading off on donating the proceeds to the FBRN and the local Pug rescue. 
If anyone in the Louisville area is interested in joining us they can contact me Stephen Miller at"

Margarita prize-winner Andy Coates

FBRN is so fortunate to have supporters and friends who know how to combine a good time with a good cause. Thank you to our friends in Louisville! We will use your donations wisely! promises

The Frog Princess

Saturday, May 15

Holly's New Life

Imagine a puppy mill. It's a barn on what appears to be a family farm. The noise is appalling, as dozens of desperate animals continually bark. Inside the barn there are dozens, possibly hundreds, of cages piled one on top of another, dogs living two or three to a cage. There is no ventilation, heat or air conditioning. Dogs' feet are splayed from walking on the wire that allows their waste to fall through the cages onto the animals below them. Their lives are spent in the service of their owners, producing profit in the shape of puppies. Their bodies are worn out by malnutrition and overbreeding. The only time they are handled is to undergo breeding; to have a c-section; to have their puppies taken from them; or, when they are no longer useful, to be taken away.

Picture a dog from that mill who is snatched from that life. She's removed to a home where she is bathed, spoken to, stroked, loved. After some weeks of learning how to live in a new environment, she is moved once more to a home where she becomes a valued and precious part of a family. When she is sick, she receives treatment. When she is lonely, she gets attention. It is quiet. There is comfort.

Holly is one of the very lucky, very few dogs who are born to live their lives in unspeakably inhumane conditions but who are given reprieve. Because there are volunteers who cared to go and find her and there are sponsors who paid for her veterinary care and there are adopters who wanted to share their lives and give her peace, Holly got to be one of the lucky ones. Here is a note from her family:

"Hi everyone- just wanted to send an update on Holly who we adopted in June of 08....We can't believe we've been blessed by her for nearly 2 yrs! She has been the most wonderful addition to our family! We are so blessed to have gotten her that words can't describe it. She is just recovering from a severe bout of pancreatitis brought on by a "dumpster diving" episode she made into our newly turned and invigorated compost pile over the week end. What frog can resist a good pile of mule poop? When she was so sick we kept thinking about what life would be like without her- she is so full of life. She has such a vivid sense of joy and gratitude- every thing we do for her is met with such mirth on her part! She is doing much better and will recover fully. I think we all aged a year or too worrying over her - we love her so! Please pass this on- we love you guys and send in a small amt monthly for your good work.
Thanks for all you do - The pic is of my husband and his girl
the B's"

Now look at your own dog and imagine that your dog is living in one of those cages in that mill. Imagine that your next dog is living in there now, waiting to be given a chance to live like Holly. 

Last week, we heard the news that Missouri, the leading state for puppy mills, with over 1500 breeding operations registered, has gathered twice as many signatures as were needed to put a measure on the November ballot to require puppy millers to provide the very most basic things for the dogs in their mill. Veterinary care, food, water, safe housing, enough room to move around. Oklahoma and Missouri have 30-40% of the country's mills. If Oklahoma's citizens join with Missourians to provide the basics of clean and relatively humane lives for its puppy mill dogs, think of the suffering that will be alleviated and prevented.

The dogs who live in puppy mills will never know the life of a housepet. They will certainly never sleep on a pillow in a bed! But they may not suffer so much or so deeply as they do now, if these states' legislators have the courage to stand up against lobbyists and the enormous Hunte Corporation and choose instead to listen to the people of these states, who have no stomach for continued and unthinkable cruelty to thousands of dogs in the name of profit.

Dirty money is a good name for it, declares

The Frog Princess

Friday, May 14


Vern is a relative newcomer to FBRN, and we expect him to make his appearance on the available page shortly. He's a very handsome cream boy, a little past the prime of life, but with few outstanding issues. He went to the vet last week, and this is what his foster mom said about him.

"Vern went to the vet today and aside from a broken tooth and some dry dandruffy skin, he is in great health!  The only thing left from his staph infection are some greasy spots under his fur.  He was microchipped and given a rabies shot.  The screech he let out broke my heart.  Afterwards he turned to me and put his paws on my shoulders.  Poor little guy needed a hug and and he pepped up pretty quickly. 

I left with a clean bill of health and instructions to use a medicated shampoo once a week until his skin goes back to normal.  They are doing a fecal test (yay!) and I will have the results on that tomorrow.  The Dr did say he had a bit of cloudiness in his eyes, has small nares and he would benefit from some dentistry, but at his age..probably just let the old guy enjoy his golden years.

He came to work with me today and of course everyone fell in love with him.  Nobody seems to understand that they have to follow the rules in applying for him properly, which means waiting til he goes to the available dog page.  Of course this could be all words, but I have asked quite a few people to put their $$ where their mouth is and sponsor him in the meantime ;)

Vern is a big pile of mush and is fine with all people, young and old, short and tall.  He isn't TERRIBLY interested in other dogs, but doesn't seem to mind them either.  We don't have any cats in the house, but I can't imagine him caring either way.  Thankfully, he isn't whiny or needy, but when he has a chance to nap by my side he is expected to be accommodated.  He just looks up at me until he is picked up and promptly falls asleep in T-15 seconds :)

That's about it for now.  I see no reason why he can't go to the available dog page at the appropriate time following the FBRN time frame."

We see the little pink kiss on his pretty head.  It reminds us of the Wizard of Oz books and the kiss on Dorothy's head that would take her safely through Oz.   We certainly hope the kiss and good wishes of our friends carries Vern safely through this adventure on his way to finding his way home.  Avoid the flying monkeys!  Stick close to your friends!  Sage advice from

The Frog Princess

Thursday, May 13

So Much Better!

Last week we posted about a new dog in our care, Deluca, who was surrendered with a host of issues.  First to be done, and almost without a moment's delay, was a partial tail amputation.  As you can see in the photos, Deluca's bottom looks better already, just hours after surgery.

Now that the tail has been removed, there is still a bit of a pocket, but we are hoping that when the skin up by the tail tightens back up and the allergies that caused the "elephant skin" have been addressed, Deluca's tush will be less itchy and her family will be able to keep her clean easily.

Deluca will be on the website this week and if you are interested in donating toward this surgery that put an end to significant pain for this very sweet dog, you can do so.

The poor thing, sighs

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, May 12

Flat Brutus and Tanner

We are so lucky in FBRN to have such loyal and generous supporters!  Here's a photo of one of our new fosters, Tanner, with his friend, Flat Brutus.

Flat Brutus is making the rounds of Frenchie and flat-faced dog lovers all over the world.  He is the brainchild of FBRN's friend Michelle and her friend Brutus, a Frenchie who loves agility training.  The Flat Brutus World Tour has been underway for over a month, and here you can see an update on Michelle's blog with lots more photos of Flat Brutus. 

Here's what Tanner's foster mom said about Tanner.  And Flat Brutus!

"I want to introduce Tanner...a brindle pied. I believe he is  3 yr. old, not neutered , and has a cherry eye. He also has an ear infection. He had a vet visit this afternoon and is heart worm negative and also his fecal was negative. The most serious problem is his breathing. The vet believes he has a very elongated soft palate. Eating is difficult for him. Tanner is very thin and weighs in at 33 lbs. He is a big boy...
We did the spa thing today and he jumped right in the tub and totally enjoyed being bathed. No problem cutting nails or cleaning ears... Tanner can jump 4-5 ft with now effort. He knows sit and is housebroken. He has been exposed to cats and dogs and is fine with both.
     M. was nice enough to bring him to the FBRN Social. I was lucky enough to win custody of Flat Brutus for a week. So the enclosed picture is of Tanner and Brutus accompanying him to his vet visit..."
There are more accounts of Flat Brutus on the FBRN facebook page for those who are interested.  
The ingenuity and generosity of our supporters and volunteers is just wonderful!  We offer our thanks and praise to folks who make giving fun for everyone.  Thank you, Michelle and Brutus!  You are both smart AND good looking, in the opinion of
The Frog Princess

Tuesday, May 11

Mia Sophia Walks Again!

Poor little girl. She's only five months old, but she was surrendered when her elbow was broken and her owners couldn't afford to have it fixed.

One of the veterinary technicians at the clinic where Mia's surgery was done fell in love and offered on the spot to foster her. So we hurried up the volunteer paperwork and before you could put a cast on a puppy, she was approved.

Here is her first report on the adorable Mia Sophia. When you look at the photos of this puppy, try not to burst into spontaneous song.

Breathe deep to keep your heart rate from climbing too high. You might even have to smear some petroleum jelly on the screen to keep the sheer sweetness factor from sending you into a diabetic coma.

Foster mom says: "...when this cutie came into our clinic with a broken leg and I found out the owners had given her up because they couldn't afford to fix her, I just had to take her home with me.

She is settling in well with my husband and 3 kids and golden retriever, Jackson; they have become best buddies. She goes to work with me every day and is thoroughly spoiled by everyone. She gets to see her surgeon daily and he says she is doing well. We also started physical therapy this week.

She got to swim in the tank for the first time yesterday. She swam very well and is starting to use her leg more often. The physical therapist is now working with her daily."

You can stop by her foster page and send her a kiss and sponsorship donation to cover some of her surgery if you like. She's adorable, that's for sure, and she'll be available in a month or two, when the cast comes off.

If perfect puppies are your cuppa tea, start polishing your application skills; that's the advice of

The Frog Princess

Monday, May 10

JP at Rest

Jean Pierre is a newcomer to FBRN. He and his foster siblings couldn't play outside, so Jean Pierre upended himself for a bit of comfy rest.  Chacun a son gout:  comfy is a very personal thing.

Sacre bleu!  Jean Pierre!  Feet off the furniture! scolds

The Frog Princess

Saturday, May 8

A Lovely Profile from the NYT "One in 8 Million" Series

An excellent sound/photo profile of just one person in New York City.  She's a rescuer.

Here's one of our rescued:

Deluca's young owner has been overwhelmed since her husband deployed, and she has been tending their baby alone. 

Our volunteer tells us that Deluca's surrender was very emotional and the young woman, who clearly loved her dog, had no idea that there was anything the matter with her.

Deluca is a 3-year-old Frenchie, blind with cataracts, ears swollen shut with yeast infection, and suffering from what are most likely food allergies (you can see  how the skin around her bottom has reacted

over the years to inflammation from an allergic reaction to what she's been eating). 

Deluca's tail is also long and tightly curled against her body, causing her pain.

This dog clearly needed help, and she's getting it immediately.  She came into FBRN on Thursday, and she's already scheduled for surgery to fix her tail.

Whether an animal is in trouble and needs care because they are purposefully neglected or abused, or because they have been abandoned, or because their owners don't know better, if you are moved to help an animal in any way you can, not just by heroically pulling an animal out of traffic, but by walking a dog for a shelter, by donating money to the organization of your choice, or by participating in a fundraiser, then you are one of the club.  You are rescue.  We are proud to have you with us.  Thank you for all you do to help those who cannot help themselves.

The Frog Princess

Friday, May 7

Frenchie Contributes to Cancer Research for Humans

None of the dogs in this report come from FBRN, but we wanted to share this remarkable treatment for brain cancer with potential benefits for people suffering with brain tumors.

For your viewing pleasure, we have included a photograph of Touque, who became available for adoption recently.

We hope your weekend is mild and sunny, wherever you may be.  That's the kind of weather enjoyed most by

The Frog Princess

In case you are having trouble linking to the report:

Thursday, May 6

Homer Says "HowDEE!"

He is channeling the energy of the late and lamented Miz Minnie Pearl.

He is new on the available page this week. Check him out!

With a grin like that, young Homer is bound to be in his home very soon, believes

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, May 4

Carlton's Lonely Day

Carlton is a newish foster. He came to us a little overweight and with floppy ears.

Poor Carlton. The sun is shining but there is no one to play with.

Where is a friend for a lonely boy such as I?

Oh, pity him. There is no one in the world who will play with a pitiful, lonesome boy of size. High and low have we searched and nowhere have we found such a one. *snif!*

But wait! What is this we espy? A friendly frog with foolishness on his mind?

Can it, Sir Lawrence! Time to WRASSLE!

All's well that ends well, says the bard and

The Frog Princess

Dakota Pupdate

Dakota came to us a very highstrung, reactive dog who was accustomed to being the boss of his household. His foster parents have been working with him for over six months to bring his level of trust up and his sensitivity to a manageable level. He is able to go out in the world and meet people and be a normal boy. He was still having some issues about being touched and bathed. Here is their update for April. This is truly remarkable progress.

"So Mr. Dakota just continues to progress and works so hard at being a good boy. Even when his buttons are triggered, he now gives normal warnings (ears, head down or away, and if really pushed a snark) but no teeth or digits in harm, he's not even grazed skin since last September. We've had him meet several new people in the house quite successfully, he is excellent outside the house on walks, in the car, at the park, etc. This weekend we asked 2 very savvy dog friends if they could stop in and check on the gang. We were not gone longer than a normal day, but Wookie is our Sr. citizen and I like him to be checked in on, and thought it would be another good exercise for Dakota. They have met him before, know his history and how to be around him. He was a perfectly behaved boy.

Now for the BIG NEWS: I just finished giving him a bath SOLO, no elizabethan collar, and no foster dad to hold him in place. I kept a lead looped on him if I needed it, and foster dad was within arm's length if things didn't go well. I felt, as I have with him all along, we get to a certain stage of trust and respect and it's time for another leap of faith (with precautions). He was stellar! I started R-E-A-L slow, just putting water on my hands then on his fur where he could see me. He let me shampoo, rinse, and condition. He got edgy and snarked for 1 second but calmed right down with talking to him and even sat in the water on command. This is so huge for him!

Then I wrapped him in a towel as you will see by the photos, he HATES cloths, towels, etc. I didn't keep it on him long, just enough - and noooo rubbing, that would be overload. You can see he stayed relaxed, and as a reward he got a whole organic cheese stick to himself, a 10 minute wrassle and play session with his foster dad to blow off any tension and a heated bed to sleep it all off.

We are so proud of him, he has come so far. And for a dog that was a 10 on the allergy scale (especially outdoor) he is doing phenomenal, minimal of itchies, sometimes 1 foot and under his chin. We keep this under control with 1) diet 2) spray and lotion for skin from the vet 3) bath when it kicks up a notch He has not needed any other meds or shots whatsoever since coming to stay with us, and we are allergy haven here in the northwest."

This is a remarkable foster home and thanks to their efforts and dedication, Dakota is no longer facing euthanasia. We have fabulous volunteers in FBRN. Our volunteers save lives. If you'd like to become an FBRN volunteer, get in touch with Kathy Luljak, our volunteer coordinator. Maybe you can turn a dog's life around, too.

The Frog Princess
PS The two photos of Dakota giving his paw and in the store were taken when Dakota participated in a St. Patrick's Day pet parade. He won Best in Show, and a gift certificate to the local shop that sponsors the event. What a good boy!