Sunday, July 31

Walt Wizney is FAMOUS!

Lookit Walt Wizney on the news today, helping to teach people all about two kinds of mange. 

Here's poor Walt before, on his first day at FBRN.  See the lesions on his back and the elephant skin on his poor paws?

And here's a recent photo of Walt enjoying some sunshine and green grass after 6 weeks of treatment with FBRN.

We do good work, people!  Why not join the dozens of Frenchie-loving supporters who have donated to our special chip-in fundraiser?  It's one time when jumping on the bandwagon is a GOOD thing, reassures

The Frog Princess

Saturday, July 30

Toulouse Helps FBRN Recover!

FBRN had a couple of tough months in May and June.  We spent deeply into our savings in order to treat some dogs who were in far worse condition than we thought when we committed to taking them in, and also to care for some of our current foster dogs who needed to be boarded at the vet's at great expense because they had very treatable conditions that were contagious or that required 24-hour observation at the vet's.  It never rains but it pours, right?  Couple these coincidentally expensive and kind of bizarre occurrences with a dip in donations and we find ourselves operating on a very narrow margin.  We must build back our reserves.

Fortunately, we have indefatigable and charming supporters and volunteers who are willing to put themselves out in the public eye and to work hard for the rescue and all our nutty, needy little foster frogs. 

This is the elegant raconteur and kiss-meister, Toulouse.  He volunteered to give ALLLL the laydeez a little licky-licky for a nickel.  Or a dollar.  Or ten.  STEP right up, and GITcher Frenchie kisses here!

We are currently accepting with humble gratitude any funds you can spare to bring our bottom line up to a healthier, greener, cooler place--a place less red and itchy and humid and too ding-dang hot for easy breathing.  Please help us!  Truly, any amount is appreciated. 

Toulouse and his friends at the recent Reliant Show in Houston send you virtual smooches!

With a few thrown in for good measure from

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, July 26

Patton is a Big Baby

Handsome and manly Patton has a secret. 

He likes to travel in a baby carrier. 

Here's a note from his adoptive mom:

"Just giving you an update on Patton. He's doing great! Having some allerigies and hates the heat of course, but he is a happy little clam. We took him to a party the other night and he got to play with all the other dogs.

"I have included some pictures of him! He has caught a couple toads this summer. He hasn't killed them, but he carries them around in his mouth.

"He has become quite a talkative fellow, it's hilarious when he barks!

"One of our friends gave us this baby carrier thing (I have enclosed a picture of  Patton enjoying it) Patton loves to hang out in it, which is kind of weird, I think. When you take him out of it he likes to sit on top of it on the floor."

Nothing wrong with a little snuggling in the snuggli, that's our view.  Of course, it might be a little warm for that in some parts of the country, but to each his own! 

If you live in Florida or south Texas, you may know all about the bufa marinus, or cane toad, but just in case you are traveling through Florida with your frogdog, remember that those bufas are poisonous.  You can read about them here.

And if you live in or near Arizona, you may know about another poisonous toad, bufa alvarius.  Here's a photo and instructions of what to do if your dog grabs a nasty toad.

Patton was one of the Gulf Coast 10, a group of dogs FBRN took in a couple of years ago.  He's obviously very happy in his new home, thanks to FBRN, our donors and supporters, and his foster mom.  If you haven't already done so, consider donating to our chip-in fundraiser.  You can click on the last post to go to our chip-in site. 

Ten years of do-goodery!  That is something to celebrate, boasts

The Frog Princess

Thursday, July 21

Please contribute!

FBRN is celebrating its 10th anniversary!  We are going to raise 30,000 dollars in 30 days--and you can help!

Please pitch in and chip in by clicking on the button below. 

With many thanks from

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, July 19

Wrangler's Progress

From a scaly, scabby, itchy, mangy boy to handsome devil in no time flat.  See what your donations do?

Wrangler is a much happier and perkier boy today!  See those ears?  Those are happy perky frogears.

You can read more about Wrangler here, recommends

The Frog Princess

Saturday, July 16

Why Porkchop Can't Have a Kitty

Porkchop is going to the available page this week.  Last week when she was at the vet getting a broken toenail fixed up, her foster dad snapped this photo as evidence that though Porkchop is a very good girl in many, many ways, she is not going to be a good match for a family that has any kitties in the house. 

Porkchop's dad says she was trembling with anticipation at the thought of a cat-snack.

This poor woman was prepared to fling herself in front of Porkchop to save her puddytat if need be.  That's a good catmom, approves

The Frog Princess

Monday, July 4


Happy 4th of July!  We received some pics of some pooped pups we thought we'd share.  Freud's foster mom is reviewing applications, so he's likely to be placed shortly.  But we loved these photos and this note.  Who says frogdogs are couch potatoes?  They are mighty, mighty hunters!

"Well Freud has been with us for almost 2 months now, and he seems pretty happy being part of our family! But, no, we are not going to adopt him! We love him so much, but feel he deserves to be the center of someone's universe. I have spoken to a lot of families over the past week, and just did a home visit. As much as we will hate to see him go, we know he will make another family very, very happy.

Other than that, I don't have much to report! As sweet as Freud is, I can tell you he is NOT PERFECT! On Saturday we were at the dog run, and he and a Jack Russell were chasing a bird that was on the other side of a fence. All was fun and games until the Jack Russell CAUGHT the bird and ran off with it in his mouth, with Freud chasing him! Freud then got the dead bird, and I had to pry it out of his mouth!! Poor little bird! :(

Here are two pics of Freud with my guys - I call them the Three Amigos! This is basically what they do for hours everyday."  Freud is the little guy in the middle.

Of course we are not happy that Freud participated in the untimely demise of a bird, and we hope he was ashamed of himself (though we rather doubt it, judging from our experience of dogs with dead things).  Still,  we are very happy that he is out and about and making new friends--even if they *are* a bad influence!

Enjoy the fireworks, but don't forget to keep the dogs indoors and safe when the neighbors start setting off the noisy firecrackers.  If you are having company, be sure to keep dogs crated or closed in a quiet room, so they can't escape during all the comings and goings.  Here's a list of suggestions in case your dog is a little nervous around the loud noises that can accompany celebrations on Independence Day.

Planning to keep the drapes closed and the fan on.  We'll be getting our nervous boy's Thundershirt wrapped and the Rescue Remedy mixed up and we'll be turning the radio a little louder than usual this evening, and since we wouldn't dream of leaving him alone to freak out, we'll all be enduring the pops, booms, cracks and sweeeEEEEEeeees! together,

The Frog Princess