Saturday, September 9

Flying Simon Crouching Penny

As you know, some frenchies are born with a real party engine inside. Simon's is supersized. He's wiry. In foster care he played so hard he sprained poor Rosey's ankle, and Rosey is no slouch. In securing a forever home for Simee, it was clear that he needed a playmate who could hold her own with a guy who has springs in his knees. He needed a roller derby queen.

Enter Penny.

Penny is a pitbull mix with high butane goofball fuel built right in. She doesn't like all dogs - and she could easily overpower a small dog like Simon, so extra care and play dates were required before this adoption was approved.

But oh man. You can't argue with chemistry. Or a slobber slicked bully ball of a Saturday night wrasslin' match.

Obviously, their play is monitored lest it escalate into something beyond fun. After about a half hour, somebody (no one will say who) cries Uncle and they retreat to opposite sides of the ring, er, bed, for a rest.

Oh to be young and in love with a girl twice your size. It's better than all the pig ears in the world wrapped up in a pound of prosciutto. At least that's what Simon says.


Anonymous said...

I read the blog every day and it's the best! I can't tell you how I look forward to it. It's funnier than the comic page!! Honestly! Keep this've got the knack. To lose you, would be the biggest disappointment the Frenchie network could have. Many thanks for your sense of humor and love for these dogs. Can't thank you enough!! Diana in AZ.

Anonymous said...

I agree! I love this blog -- it's beautifully written, full of heart, and damn funny. My brother is a Frenchie nut and managed to convert me (a Lab lover) to the breed. Frog Princess, you rock!

Anonymous said...

Oh criminy, as a friend of the family I have had the very great pleasure to see these 2 goofballs live and up close. They are just too much, I have never seen two dogs have so much fun in all my life!

Simee is a little doggy stuntman and Penny is right there egging him on, in between the wrestling and the acrobatics it's like American Gladiators meets Cirque de Soleil.

Penny"s happiness at having a turbo charged live-in playmate is palpable, it's embarrassing to say: but she's like a teenager in love. It is a match made in heaven!

p.s. all of us humans are loving the little guy a lot too, he's proven to be quite the cuddle bug and when not being rowdy he follows his new human mom and dad from room to room like a little shadow.