Tuesday, September 26

Stella la Bella!

Hey! We've got a Stella and a Stanley! All we need now is a Blanche and a little tiny streetcar, and we can put on a play! This is bella Stella, a surrender from northern California. Her foster mom sent us this note. "I'd like to introduce everyone to two year old Stella! She was surrendered last week by a family that didn't have enough time for her. She's super high energy and gets along well with our submissive female boxer cross, though I think she might get into trouble with more dominant dogs.
She's a queen bee. This girl has severe allergies and is heartbreakingly itchy. She'll definitely need a forever home that is ready to deal with lifelong skin management.

On the plus side, Stella has a really fun personality. She loves to snuggle with people and doggie friends and takes great pleasure in stealing our Busy's toys. She's sweet and gentle with our 3 month old son, and also did well with our friend's two year old."

Poor Busy is right to look worried about sharing her bed. We know a little something about life with a Queen Bee Frenchie. We are one. Stella, we welcome you to FBRN, and we send you honeyed greetings from
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Janie Sparkles (adopted 01/14/06) had the pleasure of meeting Stella and she's a gorgeous lump of love. She's a bulky little bruiser and an eager playmate. Hope the itching settles down soon!

Anonymous said...

"We are one"?! Way to go, Frog Princess! You rock!!