Wednesday, December 29


Poor Tacoma!
He was at the vet's for his neuter surgery this week, and we got a note from his foster mom and some pitiful photos.
Poor guy.

"Tacoma came through his neuter with flying colors. He's very sleepy, but in great condition. As usual, he was star of the vet's office -- everyone there adores him. When we dropped him off this morning, they were excited to see us and told us he could wait in the front office with them rather than one of the crates/rooms in the back. After his neuter, they brought him back to the front office to wait for us, and when we arrived we found him on a little makeshift bed, covered in blankets and towels, being doted on by the staff. They wouldn't let us leave until they took just a few more photos on their personal cameras and cell phones.

Now we're home and he's laying in his bed, in front of the fire, snuggled under a blanket. Tonka (our resident Frenchie) is very confused about why he's just laying there and not playing. He keeps sniffing him and even did a little play bowing and tried to convince him to frisk. It was a cute role reversal, since Tonka is usually the one ignoring Tacoma's advances.

This neuter means he'll be ready to go available with the next update. We're working on getting the info and photos for his bio together for the web team. It's going to be a terribly bittersweet time for us. We're excited for him to find his forever home, but we're going to miss him more than we can possibly convey. He has utterly stolen our hearts."

Let's hear it for our courageous foster families, who volunteer to break their hearts so another family can adopt a needy dog!  Thank you to all our foster homes!

The Frog Princess

Sunday, December 26


Christmas came a little early for Paz this year.  Here she is opening her Secret Santa gifts.  We wish all our fosters, former fosters, adopters, volunteers, supporters, and friends a warm Christmas day, and a healthy and joyful New Year!
The Frog Princess

Friday, December 24


FBRN recently accepted 3 former puppy mill girls from a Good Samaritan who bought them out of bondage.  This is Fortula.  She'll be on the foster pages after the web team returns from a vacation this week.
Here is what Fortula's foster mom told us about this very fortunate frog:
"We would like to introduce Fortula from the Central Wisconsin puppy mill. Her name comes from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and means "light of God" She is very shy and "pancakes" when you go to pet her. She also slinks around the house a bit. She is a super love chop who loves to snuggle in J's arms. She seems to trust him a lot so that is good. She loves her kennel with her very own bed.  I don't think she had her own anything before, and spends most of her time in there while she gets used to her new surroundings. 
We feel she is just waiting to burst out of her little shy shell and become a very special dog, although we're not going to rush her; she'll come out of her shell in her own time. We are also working on house training. She is doing pretty ok with peeing outside, we have to physically take her out there to go, but then we come inside and she poops. Ooops. 
She also doesn't seem to understand how a door works because she will sit on the one side and we open the door but she won't go around the door to go in. She just backs up and stares inside. She also has been hesitant about stairs but seems to be getting over that now; she is going up and down stairs by herself today!!! 
She is not eating much right now and is underweight. We are putting food in her kennel with her overnight and she seems to nibble at it. Hopefully she will be eating more soon, and she loves treats. We've let her have a few careful interactions with Louie (our frenchie love chop) and they are going very well. They are both very appropriate with each other and both allow each  other to take good sniffs, which has been especially exciting since Louie is very particular about who he wants to be friends with. He sees Fortula's need for a lot of peace and relaxation in her own space and probably remembers his own experience being a FBRN foster. He is working hard to help her feel comfortable and safe in our home. 
She seems cautious about being around Louie with food, which leads me to believe with taking her weight into consideration that she lost out on a lot of food in her old home to the other dogs. 
She also seems to have many scars and bumps all over her body and in her ears. She has a swollen toe on her right paw that swelled up when we got her home, but has gone down significantly. 
We've been giving her a lot of TLC and little first aid for the toe. We will be getting her a full tune up at the vet's, plus checking for a microchip and will let you know how that goes.  She'll need to be spayed, and we'll get that scheduled as soon as we can. 
She doesn't appear to be in any pain and we are not noticing any signs of major physical problems at the moment. We've attached a picture, she is a bit camera shy so we will get more pictures to you as we get them."
What more could a former puppy mill mamma want than a warm, soft blanket and bed; healthy, delicious food; a gentlemanly companion; and a loving, welcoming family to teach her what love feels like?
To the Good Samaritan who rescued these dogs, and to the foster families who have taken them in during this busy, often hectic time of year, and to the generous sponsors and supporters of FBRN who are making their medical treatments and new lives possible, we say a grateful thank you.
That's the spirit of giving in action, marvels
The Frog Princess

Wednesday, December 22

Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie

On the darkest day of the year, young Nellie joined our roster of fosters.  She's a very pretty girl, and her foster mom is so proud of her and all her accomplishments!  Here's what she said when she introduced Nellie to the other volunteers:
"I would like to introduce my new foster dog Nellie. Nellie's former owner developed severe asthma and was forced to surrender Nellie.
Nellie is just over a year old and a wonderful little girl. Nellie went to the vet last Thursday and received a prefect report. I just cannot say how perfect she is - potty trained, sits, walks well on a leash and gets along well with other dogs. To top all this off Nellie is very calm. What a treat it is to have her company. My four dogs are really enjoying their new house guest."

Nellie is bringing the spirit of peace and the pleasure of good fellowship to her new foster home.  We wish you all the same this holiday season.
The Frog Princess

Sunday, December 19

A Mid-Winter Night's Dream!

Here is a video of Oberon and his foster mom opening their Secret Santa gifts from one of our volunteers.  Isn't he a handsome boy?  Oberon is slowly recovering from the pitiable state he was in when he was found starving in an alley, eating garbage.  FBRN will be spending a good deal of money for his surgeries, but with these goodies from a generous volunteer, he'll have plenty to keep him occupied, comfy and warm while he recovers. 
What a happy dog!
And those are some classic Frenchie snorts and snuffles, confirms
The Frog Princess

Yu-Gi-Oh Gets a Visit from Santa!

Some of our volunteers like to go above and beyond at Christmastime, and we have a Secret Santa going on this year for participating fosters.  Here is a video Yu-Gi-Oh's foster mom made when Yu-Gi-Oh's package came earlier in the week.  He's such a handsome boy!
Very nice manners, Yu-Gi-Oh has, admires
The Frog Princess

Friday, December 17


This adorable little minx sashayed into FBRN's care last week.  With one blue eye and one brown eye, she's got a fascinatin' phiz!  Here's what her foster mom had to say about her on the first day:

"I want to introduce Miss Tuney to FBRN. She is a 1 year old white little 18 lb deaf girl. She came to us from a Vet who rescued her after someone took her to another vet to be euthanized because she is deaf. She & her husband were considering keeping her but decided it was in Tuney's best interest to let FBRN rehome her so they called FBRN than fully vetted her and delivered her to me and she is good to go. She should be up on the available list in no time because she is as cute as can be and totally well rounded.

She is house trained and crate trained and not phased by anything. She will whine a little when she can't see me but then settles down. She has seen my guys but only thru the gates. They aren't really impressed but we will work on that when the time comes."

Tuney is a smart girl, and by the end of her second day in foster care was coming up to her mom to let her know she wanted to go out.  Such a clever little Petunia Pig.

If you'd like to learn more about our flower girl or send her a little holiday cheer, check out her foster page.

Th-th-th-that's all folks, sputters
The Frog Princess

Monday, November 22


Byron was not born to be a city boy.  His owners regretfully surrendered him in hopes that he could find some peace in the country. 

Well, Maine is far enough from the hubbub of the Big Apple, and Byron is doing just fine!  He has shown no anxiety around his foster family or the dogs in his foster home, and now that he's far from the madding crowd, his foster family has been working with him on some behaviors that they'd like to resolve before he goes to his forever home.  Here's a note we received recently about young Byron:

"Byron has been doing well this past month of October. He doesn't like the cold but is content outside if he is wearing his jacket. He has been playing with many small dogs but doesn't like sharing his toys, and this is something we continue to work on. Certain toys are just way too special for him to consider allowing anyone to walk near him while his is gnawing on it. Here's one of my favorite photos."

He's not going to be swimming the Hellespont anytime soon, and he may never be a symbol of smoldering masculine sexuality, but we think Byron deserves some recognition for his progress. 

He's not "mad, bad and dangerous to know" anymore.  He's a good boy and getting better all the time, in the opinion of

The Frog Princess

Friday, November 19

New Yorkers!

Our friends Alison Josephs and Maureen Sullivan are celebrating their new book about French bulldog Carlos's life in the Big Apple, Christmas Feet
Tomorrow, Saturday, November 20, at Citipond in Bryant Park, you can meet some FBRN grads, adopters and volunteers; enjoy entertainment by the fabulous Flying Karamazov Brothers and others; meet some of the men from Rescue Ink; and meet Alison and Maureen. 
For more information, go to or

Here is a link to the invitation.

Dress warmly!  Entertainment starts at noon.

Monday, November 15


FBRN grad Meika is enjoying some of the gorgeous fall weather in her new hometown.  Here's the note we got from her adopter:

"Couple of photos of my Meika, soaking in the rays at the tail end of
Barktober ... some beautiful weather here and there. Don't let people
tell you it always rains in Seattle!"

We can absolutely feel that warm sun in our own tired bones.  Enjoy it while you can, advises

The Frog Princess

Saturday, November 6

Three of the Puppies Are Available!



Black Eyed Susan!

One of the puppies is not yet available because she is still very small and we want to be sure she is healthy before we make her available for adoption.

If you've been waiting to apply for one of Destin's puppies, you should hurry.  These adorable puppies will garner lots of applications.

Lots of applications, stresses

The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 4

Smeagol's Birthday Thanks!

We got this nice thank you note from Smeagol's mom following all the happy birthday wishes Smeagol got:

"Smeagies has asked me to thank all of you for the wonderful, warm birthday wishes!!  As most of you know Smeags is getting up there in years and we are honored to be able to spend one more birthday with our extra special man.  Smeagies began his birthday by snuggling in to his snoozy seat and taking a nice Fall drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, followed by an extra special lunch of tongol tuna and kefir, fun modeling and posing for birthday photos on the porch and a delicious dinner of more tuna, kefir and some nanner.  I think he was pretty pleased with himself! 

I should also point out that since Smeags was a rescue from a puppy mill we don't have an accurate birthday date, so we choose Oct. 29 as his day because this is the day we were contacted. 

We dropped everything to pick him up that evening.  Based on all the information we gained from both our vet and his puppy miller at the time of his rescue in 2005, Smeags just celebrated either his 14th or 16th birthday!!!!  No wonder he's getting a little senile and demanding!

I've attached a few photos from his 2010 birthday shoot for you to enjoy. "

What a remarkable life.  Many happy returns of the day, darling Smeagol, from your friends at FBRN and

The Frog Princess

Ask Frog Princess: Pixie Update!

In the last "Ask Frog Princess" post, Anonymous asked:
"Can we have a status on darling Pixie?"

Herewith a status report on our longest hospice girl, Pixie.  We started the hospice program with Pixie almost 3 years ago.  Little did we know how tenaciously Pixie would cling to her life!  She's one of our favorites in FBRN, and she's just a classic little Frenchie bitch, full of pee and vee and not likely to put up with much nonsense without getting some of her own back.

From her foster mom: 

"Dear little Pixie is still chugging along.  She has slowed down a bit.  She prefers to ride in the car than to walk.  She is still quite a character!  I think she does have a few more occasions when she has breathing difficulties than she used to.  I give her a puff of her albuterol and that helps her a lot.

The other evening I had to unceremoniously take her off my lap and put her on the floor because she growled and snapped at Pico (my senior cat), who had jumped up onto the arm of my chair to get in my lap.  Pixie really looks cute (and funny) when she scrunches up her face to look fierce and snarl.  First, she starts giving Pico the stink eye.   Then her whiskers pooch out as she lifts her lips to give a nasty snarl.  Now, on the floor, she is mad at me.  
She stomps over to the sliding glass door, loudly snorting, grunting, and wetly sneezing.  There she sits with her back to us.  Suddenly she spies something and starts barking furiously.  Her little short front legs rise off the ground and her bottom shakes with each bark.  
Of course the other dogs have to join in, even if they don’t know what they are barking at!  Then, snorting and snarling nastily, she heads in the opposite direction towards the front door to start barking there.  Then she heads back to the sliding glass door.  She is definitely not going to let me and Pico nap in the big chair while watching the news on TV!

She is also my protector.  If I am on the front porch talking to a stranger, Pixie is there (the porch is fenced in) with the rest of the bunch and they are all being noisy, trying to get attention and petting.  All except PixiePixie is snorting and growling.  If the other person puts a hand or finger down to her, she will bite.  
She is serious!  It is “Get the heck away from my Mom, or I will eat you up!”  But she is only 17 lbs and it is hard to see that she is giving warning, down among the feet of the other dogs.  She is a funny little gal, and so precious!  I love her.  My funny Valentine."

Sure those Texas gals may look all roses and lace and ladies who lunch, but if you mess with their families, better take care you don't pull back a stump.

That's good advice for free from

The Frog Princess

Deluca Can See!

Deluca came to us with a number of serious physical problems.  At only 3 and a half years old, she was suffering from allergies, ear infections, a tail that was so corkscrewy it was causing her pain and constant infections, and she was going blind from adolescent cataracts.

 Several months ago, Deluca had a portion of her tail amputated.  You can see the before and after photos here.

 She's much more comfortable now that she no longer has that tailbone.

Last week, Deluca successfully underwent cataract surgery.  Though there were a few complications in the days immediately following the surgery, there is improvement and there is reason to be hopeful that Deluca's vision is improving. 

Here is the note her foster mom sent:  "Deluca has had some complications following her cataract removal surgery, but I am happy to report yesterday and today she is doing really well. Look at her new brown eyes. No more grey eyes. She follows me with her eyes when I move around and is definitely seeing. I just don't know how much she is seeing. Wish her luck in her recovery. More updates to come."

Our supporters and donors made these surgeries possible.  Thank you so much for the gift of Deluca's bright eyes.  From top to tail, she's in great shape!
All she needs now is a family, hints

The Frog Princess

Planning to Go to the Movies This Weekend?

If so, the AKC and French Bulldog Club of America have a message for you.

Friday, October 29

It's Smeagol's BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday to our beloved Smeagol:  puppy mill survivor, boulevardier, raconteur and world's most eligible bachelor!  We adore you, Smeagol!

You make our aged heart go pitterpat.  Your handsome face and suave and groovy ways have won the hearts of millions.  Every good and happy thing you want and wish for is yours today, by the will of the people and by royal decree of

The Frog Princess

Monday, October 25

Dakota Home

After more than a year in foster care, Dakota has found a family.

He's come so far from the days when he lived in the kitchen, terrorizing his people.  He had even convinced a trainer he should be euthanized.

But after a great deal of time, understanding and patient, painstaking training on the part of his foster family, Dakota is ready to live with his new family.

Join us in celebrating this proof that dogs can be reclaimed.  Given the right degree of commitment and good support from knowledgeable trainers, and given knowledgeable families willing to continue the good work begun by our foster homes, even rotten dogs like Dakota can have a future.

We are so proud of him and so proud of our foster families. 

Some people may say that in the larger scheme of things, saving one dog's life is of little importance.  Maybe so.  But we prefer to see it as a sign that there is hope for people.

Whenever a person or family looks beyond their own needs and concerns and gives their effort, time and love--without expectation of personal enrichment--to something or someone who needs it, it can inspire others to do the same.  It makes us better people and it makes the world a better world.

Does that sound a little sappy and naive?  Probably.  But in miserable times like these, when it appears that selfishness, rudeness and bad behavior are winning strategies,  many of us need evidence of humanity's generosity of spirit and capacity for kindness, and that includes

The Frog Princess

Thursday, October 21


Patton came into FBRN with a whole gang of Frenchies whose owner had been a car wreck and was so disabled she could no longer care for her dogs.  We called them the Gulf Coast 10.

Patton is one of the older dogs, and although many of his confreres have been snapped up and are already settled into their new homes, Patton is still languishing on the Island of Unwanted Frogs.  His foster family gives him all the affection and attention he could need or want, but it's just not the same as being somebody's baby.

At eight years old or so, Patton deserves to have a home of his own.  He's a great dog, has no temperament or health problems, and gets along with pretty much everybody.  Well, maybe not cats.  This is a note his foster mom sent this week:

"Patton is doing well.  He is a total sweetheart and I just love his stickey-out tongue…and he purrs, too!!
Yesterday he got his very own crate – thanks to my mom!  He had been using an extra that was large enough for a Boxer, but he kept trying to get in the tiny crate for the kitty.  Not sure why I even had the kitty’s crate out, but my mom thought maybe Patton would like his very own Frenchie-sized crate and so she got him one.  Patton loves it; he went right in and made himself at home. He is such a good boy!!
If you know anyone with a soft spot for the older guys please tell them about Patton!!"

OK, so he's not so much "Ol' Blood and Guts," as he is "Ol' Snore and Snuffle," but before this old soldier fades away, we are hoping someone will give Patton a home of his own to retire in.  A home of his own and someone to love is the fervent wish of

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, October 20

Did you hear?

Etsy store Locale Vintage is having another fundraiser for FBRN!  Between now and the end of December,  just in time for the holiday season, 15% of all proceeds will be donated to the French Bulldog Rescue Network!
Know anyone who likes handmade jewelry, vintage clothes and doodads?  Send them along to:

Tuesday, October 19


We got a note over the weekend from 2009 FBRN grad Frankfurt, now known as Frank da Tank. 

"Good evening...
Just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know that Frankfurt, now known as "Frank da Tank" is thriving and a WONDERFUL addition to our family.
We have added another dog to the mix, and he and Frankie are getting along really well.
I've attached a couple pics of the handsome man.
Our family consists of Lilly, the matriarch cream Frenchie who will be 11 on 11/11 (party is planned for 11/13).Frank, the black/brindle man of the
house who is now 5.
Asta, the Pug, who we refer to as "Asta the disasta," who is 9 months.
In one picture, it is Left to Right - Frank, Asta, Lilly
In the other picture, it is Frank in his triathlon uniform!"

We believe this is a portrait of canine smooshy-faced pulchritude! 

What's all this about a triathlon?  Is Frank a participant or a supporter?  

Either way, it's wonderful to hear from our old boys, affirms the headmaster of the FBRN school for homeless frogs,

The Frog Princess

Friday, October 15

FBRN Fundraiser in Philadelphia Today!

If you are in the neighborhood, make an effort to get to the FBRN fundraiser today in Philadelphia at Liberties Walk between Poplar and Girard, 1040 N. 2nd Street from 11 am to 2 pm.  We have seen photos of the baked goods and handmade items, and you will be very sorry to miss out!  Meet some Frenchies, meet some volunteers, win a prize for best canine costume.

Come down and support FBRN in person!

Wednesday, October 13

Snuggled Snoozin' Smeags!

Someone pointed out that it has been faaaar too long since the magnificent mug of Smeagol has graced these pages.

So it has.

Herewith:  Our darling Smeagol.

Shhh!  He's asleep.

Just as handsome and lovable asleep as awake, in the opinion of

The Frog Princesss

Tuesday, October 12


Camden is a great example of how FBRN volunteers work together to make a way for a frog to come into rescue.

A Good Samaritan called to surrender this puppy, and the wheels started turning.  He was surrendered in Camden, NJ, and there followed an afternoon of transportation, with volunteers meeting up along the eastern coastline down to Virginia every 75 miles or so.

It was a long day, but Camden got to spend a little of it unwinding in a backyard.  He got to relax and eat some dinner, and then a gorgeous mastiff named Mick showed him around the joint, including a visit to the giant bowl on the deck.

 After his layover in Maryland, Camden's journey continued, and he is now enjoying his days in foster care while getting his skin cleared up.

Volunteering for FBRN isn't just about fostering dogs.  You can transport, fundraise, help us with home visits, answer questions, work on the website or any number of other helpful jobs within the organization. 

We are growing quickly--right now we have over 180 dogs in our care! --and we can use all the help we can get.  If you have skills and talents that could use some exercise, please consider putting them to work for us and our frogs.

To volunteer, get in touch with Kathi Luljak at frenchiehelper at aol. com.

We really do need your help, wheedles

The Frog Princess

Monday, October 11


Here are two more photos of Lovely, who is undergoing treatment for skin infections secondary to a raging case of demodex.  Though many people object to putting dogs in clothes, in Lovely's case it really helps to minimize the scratching and keeps her from opening old wounds and risking further infection.
Here's the note from Lovely's foster mom:
"Just wanted to drop a quick email to let you know that Lovely is doing terrific...she is so very sweet and loves to play with the other dogs.  When she is tired she will go into her crate and lie down on her own so no one bothers her.  I give her a Benedryl 2 x daily to help with the itchiness so I think that makes her a little tired.
I am keeping a shirt on her at all times as it helps to keep her from itching and her skin is healing better.  I left it off one night and the next morning she had it raw again.

I have attached a couple of new photos with her two new outfits...the one says Total Flirt and the other says Cute as can be by the Sea.  She is not too happy when I am in the process of putting them on, but she is fine once they are on...I do think she is more comfortable with them on."

 If you have an itchy dog, you can get good and inexpensive shirts at Goodwill or St. Vincent's.  Children's polo shirts are especially useful, because of the bigger opening for the head and neck.

Once that girl gets her skin smooth and her coat all shiny again, she is going to be the cynosure of every eye!

Off to look up the definition of cynosure,

The Frog Princess

Saturday, October 9

Box Car Kailey

Kailey's foster mom sent this photo in with a little note.

"Okay, so we were on our way to a soccer game last night.  Kailey, Kammie, & Peejay all went along.  Well Kailey decided to climb into the back of the car & proceeded to get into a box of uniforms.  She is so darn cute, I just had to share the picture with everyone.  She makes us smile daily."

Making people smile?  That's job one for Frenchies everywhere, affirms

The Frog Princess

Friday, October 8

About an Old Dog

One of our volunteers was moved to write this about her FBRN graduate Gris-Gris:

1)  Just because a dog is an old, arthritic, with rotten teeth, heartworm, and stinky-breathed stray it doesn't mean he can't be trained.  Gris-boy is house broken and I trained him to sit and come to the call of his squeaky ( I had to figure a way to stop him from acting like Son of Rambo when he saw strange dogs)  So you can teach an old dog new tricks you just have to find his motivator.
2)  Just because a dog is an old, arthritic, with rotten teeth, heartworm, and stinky-breathed stray it doesn't mean he won't be affectionate or bond with you like a puppy.  Gris-Gris follows me pretty much everywhere with a goofy grin on his face and when he, Eva, and I are on the couch together he is the one plastered against me.

The scariest thing for me is knowing he won't be able to stay with me as long as a younger dog, so I thank him every day for coming to live with me.  Which brings me to number 3.

3)  Just because a dog is an old, arthritic, with rotten teeth, heartworm, and stinky-breathed stray it doesn't mean he won't be a positive addition to your family.  Rescuing a dog in need is by far a more rewarding experience than raising a cute cuddlebug of a puppy, in my opinion because you are truly saving a life.   

If you are thinking about adopting a dog, consider one of our aged frogs.  We've got half a dozen or so that are soft and worn around the edges and make very comfy armrests in the evening.

Gris-Gris also does his person the favor of enjoying sno-cones, so she has an excuse for indulging as well.  Here he is with his Sponge-Bob Squarepants Sno-Cone maker.  Chicken flavor for Gris-Gris, mint julep flavor for his mom! Mmm, an apple-cider sno-cone would hit the spot right about now, dreams

The Frog Princess