Monday, September 18

It's Kismet!

Kismet was surrendered when she started guarding her pregnant owner and attacking the elderly husky in residence at her former home.

Some dogs develop odd behaviors when children join the family or someone in the home gets pregnant. Clingy dogs may get clingier, aloof dogs may grow more aloof or become velcro-like. Dogs in a pregnant home may become confused or anxious with changing routines. Laps that were once welcoming places may slowly disappear. Fatigue or morning sickness may mean forgotten walks or late breakfasts.
Creation of a nursery or the addition of new furniture, and changes in hormones may provoke concern in dogs. Children in the home may also become excited by the prospect of a new brother or sister or act out with a dog. We learned that Kismet had been snarky with a 3 year-old in her family, but she seemed fine with a 16 year-old boy.
If you are considering adding a member or two to your family, here's a link to some suggestions from the San Francisco SPCA.
We want to add that Kismet was evaluated by a local group and found to be not at all dangerous. But like some men who develop a sympathetic pregnancy, she had an unexpected reaction to an incipient addition to the family. Experts we read would probably say she was sensing changes in the air and perhaps felt a misguided urge to protect and defend the pregnant mom. Kismet will make someone a wonderful companion, and we hope she'll be placed shortly and live happily ever after! With a name like Kismet, we believe she's destined for wonderful things. It's practically written in the stars above the head of
The Frog Princess

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MacDuff and the Baby! Only that had a happier ending.