Sunday, December 27

French Fry Is Unhappy

French Fry was fostered in Florida. French Fry was adopted by people who live in or near Tennessee. Tennessee has weather that is somewhat colder than Florida.

French Fry is a very happy girl and is ordinarily the sweetest and most adorable of Frenchies. But here she is thinking things we cannot share on a public blog about people who would snatch her from the warm and pleasant air of Florida and send her someplace where the first piddle of the day requires a warm coat and involves getting snow on her toes.

Poor French Fry.

We absolutely commiserate with French Fry, and we have to admit that some of those naughty words might also, in similar circumstances, escape the cherry lips of

The Frog Princess

Saturday, December 26

Sammi Am

Nine year-old Sammi came to us a neglected, seriously underweight boy with glaucoma, cataracts, a bad back and an eye ulcer.

In a few weeks, check out the difference in his appearance and health. From his foster mom:

"Sammi went yesterday for his follow-up visit to the ophthalmologist to check the glaucoma in his left eye. Good news all around to report.The pressure was half what it was on the first visit. It is still not normal, but is acceptable. Once the Xalatan eye drops run out, they do not have to be renewed. He will continue to take 1/4 of an Acetazolamid 125mg tab twice a day. Sammi likes this because he hates the drops. It is also good for our finances, because the drops were
$95.00 per month, but the tabs are only $14.00. The Dr. said to monitor the eye's appearance and come back if it starts to appear too bulgy. He suggested I take photos for comparison puposes. He weighs 23.4lbs now, up from 18.2 at the start..\
So, I dutifully got out my camera and these pictures are the result. It was a sunny, mild day so we went out on the deck again. Pardon his drippy nose. He is not sick. His nares are very tight and that happens when he outside or excited. All the indoor shots are from when T. first picked him up so you can see the change. I think maybe one more pound, and then we have to figure out what his maintenance portion is. His coat is softer and his ears finally not crusty. More work to do on the coat. He still does not care for spa day, pooping and peeing in dismay.
He is a good boy, a quiet boy. He always goes potty outside now, awakening me at 4am with his wail so he can go down his ramp. I turn on the flood lights so he won't fall off in the dark. Wonder what my neighbor thinks of this behavior? Eating, sleeping, snacking -- Sammi whiles away his time in peaceful happiness."

We mentioned that some of our foster dogs received Secret Santa packages from FBRN

volunteers. Sammi was not forgotten! Here he is in his ultra-comfy, super warm and snugglesome bed with a coordinating blanket. You'd never have guessed that 8 weeks ago this guy looked like he'd been through the mill, would you?

Here he is in his faux leather jacket.

He's a good looking guy. Even if he does have uncivilized morning habits, allows

The Frog Princess

Thursday, December 24

Home for Christmas

I'll be home for Christmas!

You can count on me!

Please have snow

and mistletoe

and presents on the tree!

Christmas Eve will find me

Where the lovelight beams.

I'll be home for Christmas

If only in my dreams.

We are thrilled to announce the adoption of, from top to bottom: Higgs, Styx, Hummer, Kingsley, Raspberry, Roxy and Sherlock, just in time for the holidays.

Meanwhile, Gui, Zoe, and Ladoo continue to wait on the Island of Unwanted Frogs, well-loved and cared-for by their foster families, but waiting, waiting, waiting.

Maybe next year our long-timers Ladoo, Gui, and Zoe--maybe even Truffle and Brulee-- will find themselves in loving forever families, as well.

It's a Christmas wish for all our fosters from

The Frog Princess

Monday, December 21


This is one of those sad/happy stories of rescue. Sad for the owner, happy for us to be able to help. When Sylvie's owner feared she would have to euthanize her paralyzed dog because she thought no one would take her, the vet called us.

Sylvie's foster mom has more:

"I am scheduled to pick up Sylvie this coming Wednesday, here is her story:

Sylvie is a 5 year old pied girl who went down in the back 3 years ago and has been in a cart ever since. She traveled to work with her mom, and is a happy-go-lucky little trooper.

Recently Sylvie's mom was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. She was boarding Sylvie at her vet's while receiving treatment, but recently had her right lung removed and can no longer care for Sylvie. According to her vet, the owner was more concerned that she would have to have Sylvie put down than for her own health.

Sylvie's fantastic vet took it upon herself to contact us, arrange for her surrender, drive to the owner's house to get her signature on the surrender form, AND emailed me this morning to say that her clinic is DONATING a dental exam as she is concerned that Sylvie's teeth may have some decay and possible extractions. She will have the procedure on Tuesday, so think good thoughts for our incoming girl.

Gary has already sent Sylvie scootie sacks, Ralphie's foster mom, Kristen, has given me loads of advice, and her vet is going to school me on bladder expression and
physical therapy to keep her limber. I'm technically going to be a "temporary" foster - but it's good to be prepared! ;)

I've attached photos the vet sent me that were taken this week. I will post new pics of her Wednesday after I get her home and settled."

We wish Sylvie's mom the best and we send our deepest thanks to Sylvie's caring vet, who went above and beyond what many vets and people might do. She and her staff evinced the spirit of Christmas Present, gave a true gift of the Maji, and performed a selfless act of loving kindness to two souls in need. Acts like these inspire and encourage all our volunteers to greater heights, and that includes

The Frog Princess

Saturday, December 19

(C)Rocket's White Christmas

You may remember the pitiful boy Crockett, found footsore and a-wandering in the far reaches of Gawdknowswhere, Texas, last year? His heart was squirming with worms and vets weren't giving much odds on the chances he'd survive the treatment, poor skinny, lonesome, sad old boy.

Guess what?

Crockett, now Rocket, was a perfect patient, a great houseguest, and so wonderful with the boy in his foster home that he was placed in a home with more children. More kids = more fun, is the calculation we believe his foster mom used when choosing the family for him.

He's living near our nation's capitol these days and waiting till the snow sticks to make a snow senator with the children. Hope he has some boots and mittens.

Keep those white Christmas dreams alive, Rocket!

The Frog Princess

Friday, December 18

Is Your Frenchie Dressed?

French bulldogs don't really have much undercoat, which is nice because it means less shedding than dogs with undercoats, like huskies, St. Bernards, and Golden retrievers. But not having an undercoat means they might need a little extra insulation provided by you.

Here's a photo of Haricot and her friend Asia, getting ready to powerwalk around the chilly block of her Ontario town. If your Frenchie girl doesn't have a coat, consider bidding on one of these designer originals on eBay. Handmade. Luxurious. Blingy.

If not your frog, who? asks

The Frog Princess

Thursday, December 17

Addison's Christmas

We mentioned last week that some of our volunteers like to send foster dogs a little Christmas care package around the holidays. It's so much fun for us to see what the fosters get!

When Addison's foster mom received a Christmas care package for Addison, she was surprised and delighted, because Addison hadn't been entered in the drawing this year. Here is her note.

"Addison and myself were very surprised to find a package in our mail box. I had not requested any Santa's for my fosters because I knew Hummer and Bella would be gone by Christmas. I wasn't expecting Kennee and I thought since Addison was a hospice girl, she wouldn't be around long enough to use any goodies.

Well, someone cares enough about this little sweetheart to think of her at Christmas time and sent her a very nice package of all kinds of good, natural treats, a snugly warm pink blanket and a ginger bread man that is a squeaky toy. I am forever grateful to K. M. for thinking of her and loving her enough to send this very nice package.

Tim and I love her with all our hearts and it is nice to see such kindness to this
little baby girl. I was sad knowing that this is most likely her last Christmas but happy that someone really cared to think of her. Here are some pictures of her with her goodies and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Mine was just made perfect by someone else's generosity!!! K, I can not thank you enough and may you be blessed ten fold for this kind act to a special girl!"

Addison has cancer in her sinus and facial bones. She and several other dogs are staying in the care of volunteers in what we call our hospice program. However, next week we are putting a dog on the available page who falls in between hospice and healthy. Her name is Goldie. If you have a soft spot for older dogs, keep an eye out for her bio and see if you might be the right home for this mature girl.

We don't know how much time any of our hospice frogs have, and our foster families just love them for as long as they can. Still, it is extra sweet to know that even the least of our foster dogs are loved from afar. We think these gifts from kind strangers are further evidence of the superior quality of all the volunteers of FBRN, submits

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, December 16

Holiday Wishes from Dash and His Family!

We received this note and some photos from an adopter, and we wanted to share them!

"Just wanted to send a few photos of Dash (who we adopted a few years ago) and his brother Ivan (a 6 year old boston). As you can see, they are ready for Santa, and they wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Dashy is doing very well, he does have some itchy skin problems, but they are under control thanks to a single protein food and some medication. He is a sweet, sweet little boy, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have him! As you can see, he doesn't mind me dressing him up...or if he does... he doesn't complain about it!

Hope no one is on the naughty list, and that 2010 is a great year for everyone!
J, R, Ivan and Dashy!"

We can pretty safely guarantee that at least a few Frenchies are on the naughty list, but who they are will remain a matter between them, their people, and the Fat Man, asserts

The Frog Princess
PS The note says: Deer Santa, We can explane!

A likely story, we think, and one heard more than once subsequent to the question, "Have you been a good dog this year?"

Tuesday, December 15

Which Is the Heavyweight?

Which of these beasts is heaviest?

Ha! Trick question!

They both weigh 50 pounds.

Floyd the frog is on a slimming regimen.

Of course, the poodle need not watch the treats intake or take a longer walk. The poodle is perfect. All poodles always think they are perfect.

A sentiment we likewise hold about

The Frog Princess

PS Since the above photo was taken, Floyd has trimmed 5 pounds off his frame and can now show off a waistline not heretofore perceived.

In this photo, you can see it, too. We hope that somewhat irritable expression about the eyes is not a result of self-denial, but from what we recall of our attempts at reducing, we fear his mood may not be as merry and bright as

The Frog Princess

Saturday, December 12

Portland Frenchie Meet Up Fundraiser: Another Successful Year!

Another successful fundraiser for FBRN, made possible by a generous dog-loving photog, his assistant, and a family willing to host the event.

If you enjoy time spent at your local Frenchie meet up and one of you is related to, knows, or has big-time dirt on a local photographer, next year you can support rescue while getting some fabu photos for your family and friends!

FBRN volunteer Emily with her dog Carat

How is it done, you may ask? Well. It's easier than you might think.

FBRN grad Murray (formerly Tommy Boy) at last year’s shoot

How it worked in Portland:

Meetup members (and anyone else interested) RSVP’d for the event through their regular meetup site. At the appointed day and time, frogs and their families united for a fun romp in the fenced backyard while individual photo shoots took place in the living room of the host's home. Everybody who participated in the shoot made a donation to FBRN.

FBRN foster parents celebrate the season with FBRN foster Dakota and FBRN grad Fergus

A huge thanks goes out to our host family and to David Childs Photography and Karin Cerenghino who so graciously offered up their Sunday afternoon for the cause. Pacific North Westerners are encouraged to visit David’s website to see more of his fantastic work. The holiday photos are great, so just imagine what a dedicated one on one session would produce!

Here’s Big Red, one of the pitbulls rescued in the huge Missouri dog fighting bust you’ve been reading about recently. Big Red and seven other pitbulls from the bust are being fostered through Family Dogs New Life shelter in Portland. For more information, check out their blog. Big Red participated in the photo shoot and was a good natured lunk thoughout the festivities. The Frenchie rompin’ and wrasslin’ in the adjoining backyard didn’t phase him a bit and he never once barked or made any fuss. He’s going to make a wonderful pet one day soon.

It warms the cockles of the Frog Princess’ old heart to know there are such kind, caring and passionate rescuers roaming the land in search of underdogs of every shape and size. God bless them, every one!

If you belong to a Frenchie meetup group, why not put out some feelers and see if next year a similar fundraiser could work in your area? If only ten per cent of the nation's meetup groups held a similar fundraiser, FBRN would be facing the new year's influx of needy frogs with more confidence, less anxiety, and heavier pockets than in years past.

Many thanks again to David Childs and all the members of the Portland Frenchie meetup group! What a great idea! And what perfect follow-through, admires

The Frog Princess

Friday, December 11

Not Too Late to Deck the Dawgs!

Look at these gorgeous offerings! So many generous supporters offering us the fruit of their talents. We are so grateful! Head over to eBay or link through our home page for bigger photos.

Who's that girl just a walkin' down the street?
Singin' doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy do!
Wearing that collar and a-jingling that lead?
Singin' doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy do!
She looks good! (looks good) She looks FINE! (so fine!)
She looks good! She looks fine!
Keep her near you all the time,
in her jeweled collar and a lead as red as wine!

red dog collar with silver frogs and matching leash!

Do you see that? His eyes follow you wherever you go! Just like your real Frenchie!
brindle French Bulldog painting by Dasha Goux!

Coco Chanel would knock you down and tear this off your arm:

Swarovski frog bracelet!

Q: Who's going to be the center of attention at the company holiday party?

A: Anydoggy wearing this!
black dog collar with silver frogs and turquoise!

Ralphie's Waiting

Some of the volunteers at FBRN participate in Secret Santa. They'll ask to be given the name of a foster dog and then send the dog a bundle of little gifts. It's a great way for our volunteers to connect with each other and the foster dogs.

This is Ralphie. His foster mom has put him on the list, but she made the mistake of telling him that pretty soon he is going to get a present.

The result?


Americans aren't the only ones who like their gratification on the hot side of immediately.

You'll notice that Ralphie is wearing what looks like a bag around his bottom half. It resembles a bag because that's what it is--it allows him to scoot around the floor without much friction. Ralphie is paralyzed and he is undergoing some really interesting hydrotherapy that has really made a difference.

We got an update on Ralphie a couple of weeks ago. Here's what his foster mom said:

"Ralphie has been here just about one month today. He continues to make slow improvements via his underwater therapy, he can hold a standing position now for about 25 seconds, vs. about 10 seconds when he came, and he can bear substantially more weight now on his left leg. He now eats standing up, with just me holding my hands on either side of his back end so he doesn't sway one way or the other. E-stim continues to build his leg muscles, and the therapist calls his progress average to good....he enjoys swimming in the therapy tank to catch tennis balls. And of course, he is totally motivated by food!! Like most Frenchies, in my experience...

I am attaching two photos, one of him chillin' in one of his newish scootie sacks, in denim...provided by GB and his wonderful wife. His cuteness really shines through in this picture. The other is him, again in the denim sack, sitting near the door in one of his favorite sunning spots...with my dogs Bea, the brindle girl, and Hammy, the stoopid faced, lolly-tongued cream male.

Ralphie has recently started giving me kisses with total abandon...I like it. I feel like our trust is really building and he considers me not only the person who provides his food...but his friend."
Here's a video of Ralphie in the therapy box: this is just his very first day. Since then, the physical therapists have really seen improvement in his muscle tone. Here is a video of Ralphie actually standing up to eat at his dish, unaided!

And finally, a couple of photos of Ralphie on a playdate with FBRN grad and paralyzed cartracer, Twila!

Yesterday we told you about a foster family that was taking on the challenges of working with a dog with behavior issues. Today, you are meeting a foster family who is willing to put in time and effort to help a young frog recover whatever mobility he can. These foster homes are remarkable, each in their own way, for being willing to do what many people can't or won't. Though all foster families have strengths and abilities, we are especially proud of the families who make a special effort to help special needs dogs. Their grace in difficult circumstances, their persistence, their upbeat attitudes, and their sheer willingness to show up are inspirational to

The Frog Princess

Thursday, December 10

Artist Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley has generously donated a print titled "Lupita and Francoise" to FBRN to help raise funds for our rescue dogs. The 14 1/2" X 11 3/4" print is numbered 23/100 and is unmatted and unframed.

Kamala is well-known for her French Bulldog artwork and this print is a fabulous example of her work. Here is your chance to own one of Kamala's prints and to help French Bulldogs in need.

Please submit your minimum bid of $60.00 by sending an email to: by Wednesday, December 16th. Make sure to include your highest bid and contact info in your email. For more close ups of this enviable piece, go here and scroll down. This is not an eBay auction; you must submit your bid to the email address above.

Bid high to win, knowing your donation will go directly to the foster Frenchies of FBRN!

Free shipping is included with the winning bid.

Thank you Kamala, for your donation!

Dakota Digs Deep

One of the nicest things about rescuing small dogs is that, if you have the foster families willing to try it, dogs who might otherwise be euthanized for behavior problems can get the attention and care and training they need to be retrained and eventually to be very carefully placed in qualified homes.

This is Dakota. He is such a hard case that he had his family afraid to go into the same room with him. He is so reactive to touch, being medicated, having to go to the vet--essentially, to any loss of control--that he was on the brink of taking the long sleep, though his family did not want that for him, and they tried trainers and behavior modification and heaven knows what all.

But a week before their baby was due, his family had to come to grips with the fact that they would have to use their kitchen more often, and Dakota would soon be relegated to an even smaller space where he got even less interaction.

The experienced and willing foster family who had made such progress with Pippin volunteered to take this dog. Everyone knew it would be a long term foster placement. The couple was aware of his problems and had a great system of backup and support from the same trainer that helped them with Pippin. In the months since Dakota made the move to their home, he has made progress in leaps and bounds. There is a long road ahead, but remarkably, Dakota has surprised many of us with both his ability and his willingness to change.

Here is the latest update from Dakota's foster family:
"There is not a whole lot of new news regarding Dakota; we are in the long haul stage of working with a dog that is trying very hard to relearn how to react. The best news is that although we still have moments in which his switch is flipped, he has not made any skin contact with biting us. When his triggers are being pushed, he still reacts, but the level of reaction and how quickly he returns to good Dakota is what has improved most. He hates to come out of his bed where he is snuggled in like a blanket wrapped burrito, does not like getting his twinkle toeses wet to go potty, and if you do ANYTHING resembling grooming or applying meds, the growly boy is back. He is welcoming attention, still shakes or trembles sometimes if he is unsure. He gallops and hops to us in play, sings along in a second to any howling session and mimics TJ perfectly.

We have now given him 2 baths (that's a 10 on the trigger scale) and finally tackled doing his nails (that's a 20 on the scale of 10). I taught him to put a cone on, photos to follow in next posting. The bottom photo is one of the techniques Kim explained to hold Dakota securely while working on his feet. He actually relaxes to a point, but he may never be able to have grooming done without restraint. At least he didn't have to go and be sedated again, we feel comfortable doing this work with him.

Dakota starting to feel at ease being held and touched, the one where I am holding him on my shoulder is a real milestone, he does not like to be off the ground or held in any way. He is ready for battle in case you decide to put meds on him.

This is TJ getting him relaxed before I apply his medicine for his itchies on his feet."

For want of experienced and willing foster homes, we shudder to think how many reclaimable dogs are euthanized each year. We are deeply grateful to the foster families who give so much of themselves to rescue dogs in need, one dog at a time.

What you see here and elsewhere in this blog is a spirit of love and giving that rescue families live out every day of every year, acting upon their values and quietly doing good works to the admiration and acclaim of

The Frog Princess

Friday, November 27

A Tater Tot

We hesitate to post these photos. We don't want to be accused of inciting puppy-lust. However, some things are meant to be shared.

Puppies are one of those things.

Meet Tater. He is just a baby, but his dad was so very allergic to him that he just couldn't keep the poor puppy, so one of our volunteers met with the dad and did the surrender. Here's Tater's first report from his foster mom:

Tater was very much loved and spoiled by his Dad who was obviously allergic and had hives all over his body. (My friend who came with me to do the surrender broke out in hives too, and she has a pug) Tater's up to date on all his shots, heartworm, microchipped, came with toys and a bed but no crate. It looks like he was shipped by a breeder in Oklahoma at 9 weeks. Tater is the cutest little French Bulldog puppy I have ever seen - his little tongue sticks out!

He's very social, he wants to play with my frog Bruno, and give him lots of kisses. He is totally intrigued by my 30lb cats - he gave them kisses as well.

He hates to be crated - so he howls in protest - and I am sucker and let him sleep in the bed, with my boyfriend, my frenchy, and two 30lb cats - it was very crowded :) He would wake up every 3 hours and I would bring him to his peep-peep pad where he peed once on the pad and three times really close to it. He didn't pee in my bed and generally was very good about letting us know when he had to go."

Already he's being such a good boy. Keep an eye out for Tater on the available page soon. And if you want a puppy, best brush up those application writing skills, because we have a feeling there will be some stiff competition, prophesies

The Frog Princess