Monday, September 4

Sweetie Sniffs the Flowers

Sweety has been having fun this summer in the warm, fertile wilds of Illinois. She's a very good girl, and has been fitting in well with her foster family, but nonetheless, Sweety is ready for a home of her own!
One day a few weeks ago, Sweety was out in the yard, inspecting the flower beds for slug invaders (Sweety is an avid slug hunter!)and her foster mom snapped these pretty photos.
We aren't sure what caught Sweety's eye, but we are happy to report that Sweety did not chase it down and dispense with it, though every line of her body seems to be telegraphing that intention!

Her foster mom says that Sweety is in the midst of Kitties 101, and Jasper, her enormous, dog-savvy persian, is the feline faculty member teaching that Freshman seminar. Desensitizing seems to be the key, but Sweety still takes offense when Jasper leaps into the floorspace directly before Sweety's bewildered face and levitates away, or when Jasper hides under the furniture and swats at Sweety's tootsies as she walks by, all innocent and unsuspecting. Other infamous kitty maneuvers, including the croquet hoop and hiss, the double-paw face dribble and the "go away kid, ya bother me" slow retreat with tail twitch are on the syllabus in the weeks to come. Poor Sweety.Sweety is 18 months and 18 pounds, and she's an active, well-muscled, relatively healthy girl. Alas! like too many Frenchies, Sweetie suffers from allergies, but with a prescribed diet, and the help of some antibiotics and antihistamines, the ravages of past allergy attacks are well on the way to being merely uncomfortable memories.
Sweety suffers from dry eye, and she is blind in one eye, perhaps as a consequence of an untreated infection. She'll require eyedrops, possibly for the rest of her life.

Sweety is watching and waiting for the right family to claim her. She's housetrained and well-mannered, cheerful and compliant in most things. She's happy to be with her people and would do well in a home with a neutered male Frenchie or dog of similar size or as a beloved only companion.

Sweety's patient. We know her perfect match is out there somewhere. If you think you can provide a place for a pretty girl, read all about Sweety's requirements. Until the day comes when her people roll up to the door to claim her, Sweety will watch and wait and endure Jasper's provoking lessons. Sweety dear, Frenchies everywhere send you their sympathy in your situation, and you can be assured your self-control in the face of feline ferocity has been noted and appreciated by
The Frog Princess

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Dear Frog Princess,
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