Monday, April 22

TWO great FBRN events! The NINTH Annual New England Social, and LENTIL FEST!

Get out your hat and find some twine to tie it down, because there are TWO fantastic FBRN events on the horizon that will blow you and your hat all the way into the middle of June!

First is the fantastic, fun-filled, multi-day extravaganza to benefit FBRN, The Children's Craniofacial Association, and Street Tails Rescue. Lentil Fest takes place May 2-5 in the Philadelphia area, with many entertaining events, including Celebrity Bowling, an "Everything but the Fleas" Flea Market, and three big nights of bands, bands, bands! Check it out on Lentil Fest's Facebook page.

And if you aren't worn to a complete nub after that, plan on traveling to Willington, CT to meet up with Frenchie enthusiasts of all stripes for FBRN's NINTH--wow!--NINTH Annual New England Social!  Bring your friendly frogdog!  Meet  FBRN grads, FBRN volunteers, supporters, and froggy fanatics and their funny Frenchies for a day-long festival of Frenchie foolishness!  Please RSVP to LaurieB76 at aol dot com by May 6, so we can organize enough goodie bags, beverages, and eats.  Find out more about the New England French Bulldog Social here!

Thursday, April 18

Please keep a good thought for Yasha Inu

UPDATE:  The news is not at all what we'd hoped for.  Yasha has an inoperable mass in her bowels.   Please keep her in your thoughts.  She'll be a hospice girl and live out her days as a beloved family member with her foster family.

Adorable little Yasha Inu was surrendered when her owner moved to Hawai'i.

She's been suffering from serious diarrhea for weeks, and courses of Flagyl and other drugs have had no effect at all.  She's currently on a special diet to see if her problems can be controlled that way.

We are afraid that she may have IBD or IBS, two different diagnoses that present similarly.  Many of you will remember Slava, the terribly sick girl we brought in to FBRN several years ago.  Slava recently passed away after taking a serious downturn.

Yasha's foster mom says this:  "Yasha has very bad diarrhea. She has been treated with Flagyl, Tylan, Clavamox for a UTI, Forti Flora and B12. She shows signs of muscle wasting and nutritional deficiencies.

We are in the middle of a food trial as one of the vets she saw thought her constant diarrhea was allergies. Based on the muscle wasting and coat condition, and the fact that she comes to you and lays at your feet after she poops so you can clean her up, I bet this has been a pretty chronic thing for her. Poor sweetie reminds me of Slava.

Yasha is probably a very sweet girl. She enjoys eating, going for walks and gets super happy when I come home .... But overall my personal impression of her is she looks and acts sick; listless and sad.

We headed up to my vet Monday night; did a fecal culture and a full blood panel for pancreatitis and a pancreatic enzyme test. All her blood work came back Tuesday as good, in fact damn near perfect. We hope to get the results today or tomorrow for the fecal.

We hope to find a bacterial cause and if not we will do a sonogram to check for a mass and/or swelling. My vet seems to think the issue is in the small intestine.

I have another call into the vet today, because the blood concerns me, but when I called them Monday and Wednesday they reminded me that “fresh blood” is probably due to straining and not to panic.

My vet is not ruling out IBD/IBS, just wants all the facts and to rule out infection and then a mass before we start down the long twisting path of IBD/IBS treatment in dogs."

This poor girl could really use some support.  Please keep a good thought for Yasha, pleads

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, April 9

Lentil gets a big story in the paper!

Read about Lentil, our Internet phenomenon, in a Philadelphia Daily News article here

And this is what the article looked like in the paper! 

If you haven't checked out his Facebook page yet, don't waste another minute!  The videos and photos are so uplifting!  In May, there will be a weekend-long celebration of Lentil called Lentilfest, for the benefit of the Children's Craniofacial Association, Street Tails Animal Rescue, and FBRN.  It happens the weekend of May 3, in the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia.  Find out more about it on the My Name is Lentil Facebook page!

The Frog Princess