Thursday, April 29

Sadie Bugg

Sadie Bugg is a newcomer to FBRN. Her foster mom sent this update this week:

"This is our Sadie Bugg!! Small, adorable, sweet, loving, playful, a clown – all the wonderful adjectives that go along with Frenchies!! She loves everyone and everything including cats and the other dogs, toys, snacks, anything edible... and playing! She will claim and attempt to destroy a toy in moments, thrilled to show you her expertise in that area!! She usually brings me the stuffing or the pieces!! No bad habits. She is not completely housebroken but is crated-trained and will run to the door to go out if you pay attention. She is, as you can see from these first pictures, a little underweight, has a lot of skin problems and has yet to be spayed.
She is on meds and special medicated baths for the skin and once under control she’ll go in for her spay. She loves to eat and is gaining weight daily. Her skin is MUCH better with the Salmon and Sweet Potato food – no grains – and her meds.

Hugs to all from the Sadie Bugg!!"

Oh, my! Right back atcha with the hugs, little Bugg! Do they come cuter than that? Not in the experience of

The Frog Princess

Monday, April 12

Another water baby

Anyone would think we had a particular fondness for Frenchies who've undergone back surgery and take hydrotherapy as a result. That may be so, but really we just love seeing our plucky frogfriends getting themselves in good working order!

This is Kramer, who just happened to go down in the rear while in foster care. Any Frenchie can go down in the rear at any time, and as we've said before, the
key thing is to get the dog to the vet asap. Don't wait to see if it gets better on its own, don't even wait until after work, get to the vet immediately.

Here are some photos of Kramer with a note from his foster mom from February:

"Wow. What a month Mr. K has had! What started out as pretty normal...just waiting for the perfect home...turned into a whirlwind of doctors, long car rides and emergency surgery.

In case anyone missed it, Kramer went down in the rear on Saturday, February 6th. My husband called me (I was out of town of course) and took him to the vet. The vet gave him some meds, ordered strict crate rest and to bring him back on Monday if he wasn't any better. Not showing any improvement, I had him at the vet first thing Monday morning. From there we were referred to the closest neurologist (Northbrook, IL...2 hours away) and off we went. He had a MRI to confirm a ruptured disc and he was in surgery before I even got home."

And here's a note from just a week ago:

" I did some more research and found a vet about 30 minutes away that offers hydrotherapy. I am happy to report that Kramer is still with me and doing fabulous with his PT!! He has been going three times a week for hydrotherapy sessions. The therapist is very impressed with his progress. Friday will mark the two week, or half-way point. He still has another two weeks scheduled after that. He seems to love his therapy sessions and especially playing with all of the toys that she puts in there for him. The therapist said she has never seen a bulldog of any kind put their
face down in the water like he does to go after a toy (although my Coby will do it for a tennis ball). I've attached some pictures from his session yesterday. I found it pretty hard to get good pictures, but you get the idea!

I've given him an x-pen to move around in now. He can move about, but I still don't have to worry about the other dogs jumping on him. His housebreaking has made HUGE strides and he will bark when he wants to go out now! I think he will be able to go back available very soon!"

You know, it is possible that we actually do have a little soft spot for a frog in a pond. Really, just take a look at this face and think about how handsome and brave he is. If she did have tender feelings for a certain pied frog, no one could really blame

The Frog Princess

Monday, April 5

Training to benefit FBRN~

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French Bulldog Rescue Network

invites you to join us
for a training event with

Pat Wright
"The Dog Listener of the East"

Sunday, May 2, 2010
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Baywood Kennels
16 Moose Meadow Road
Willington, CT 06279


Pat Wright is the highest member of the Jan Fennell team of Dog Listeners
in the United States. She has taught countless dog owners the canine leadership skills needed to eliminate unwanted behaviors in their dogs. In response to our expectations for them in a world they don't understand, dogs can develop a multitude of behaviors including; aggression, destructive behavior, pulling on the lead, excessive barking, separation anxiety and jumping up (at strangers or family).
Please come join us and take this opportunity to learn the leadership skills necessary
to allow your dog to come to peace in the human world.


Suggested Donation: $10.00 payable at the door
Refreshments will be served

All proceeds to benefit French Bulldog Rescue Network

Watch out! Be careful!

Don't look all at once!

We wanted to share some photos of one of our newest Frenchies, Yu-Gi-Oh.

Looking handsome

We expect that there will be gasps and the sounds of bodies falling into fainting couches and calls for smelling salts all across the land when these photos are revealed.

Watching for the Easter Bunny.

Ready? Hang on to your hats, people. Yu-Gi-Oh!

Having a little nappage.

It doesn't matter where or how you take a photo of him, he just looks great.

Out in the woods

Look for him this week on the new faces page.

Did you hurt yourself when you swooned? We tried to warn you.
Put some ice on it, advises

The Frog Princess