Tuesday, September 5

Gus on the Go!

Every once in a while FBRN takes in a French Bulldog whose progress is so remarkable that even we, who have seen a great many remarkable transformations, are tempted to proclaim that something miraculous is occurring. Gus is one of those dogs.

He came to us unsocialized, a dog who'd been used solely for breeding at a number of different breeding facilities, so distrustful, unhappy and mean that were it not for the efforts of three completely committed FBRN volunteers he might have been euthanized.
He was a biter and a fighter. He was not a nice dog. He didn't get along with other dogs and he didn't want to know from people.
He stayed several months in his first foster home, learning to be around dogs and people at his own pace. After months of stability and progress, when a space opened in another experienced home with more time to devote to training, he moved in. Between his first foster home and his second foster home, our volunteers have simply turned this dog around.
As you can see by Gus's expression, he's still a bit suspicious of toys and some of the other perqs of life as a pet, but he's taken to life with a family like a champ!

He goes to horse shows and behaves like one born to the blood; he's completely unperturbed by those enormous beasts. He has learned to ride around the fairgrounds on his own kind of loyal steed.

He's even become accustomed to the out of doors and the pleasures of a bit of a ramble on the property.

Gus is an example of what people can do with a dog who would likely have been euthanized in another, busier rescue. Many breed rescues don't have the luxury of committing to a dog with temperament issues, and are forced to make terrible decisions in order to save the dogs that can be placed immediately.

We are very fortunate in this breed. Even with the vastly increased numbers of Frenchies we are taking in, we don't have to make those decisions...yet. We are looking for qualified foster homes willing to take in dogs with temperament and personality problems, as well as the more easily placed dogs who may simply need medical care and housetraining. If you are interested in becoming a foster home family or volunteering for FBRN, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Sally Curatola.
And if you are just looking for a sweet, loving, happy boy to spend some time with, consider checking out Gus's posting. It could be that you and he are meant to be, rhymes and reasons
The Frog Princess

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