Tuesday, February 24


Beautiful Thalia of the spotted ears came to us from a shelter in the New Orleans area.

She is facing some uphill battles, chief among them an advanced case of heartworm. She's also got some mobility issues, and xrays show some damage to a hip and back leg.

However, she is not slowed down even a little bit by her occasionally droopy back end, she just keeps on moving until the back legs catch up with the program of forward movement!

Her foster mom said that this girl, who was supposed to be resting following the spay surgery the shelter did while her foster mom prepared a room for her, instead strolled out into the hallway and down into the living room where she appropriated and peculated all the resident dogs' toys before enticing them into a rousing game of Who's the Boss Around Here? Thankfully, her foster mom discovered the girl's awol status and set her up to recuperate properly. Did she get to take any of the resident dogs' toys with her?

Look at that face. What do you think?

We're willing to reckon she did, offers

The Frog Princess

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Monday, February 23

Keepin' on Keepin' on

Our second cleft palate puppy in a year (you all remember Roma, of course!), is gaining weight, gaining confidence, and getting ready for the day when the kind doctor says he's ready to undergo his surgery!

He's a round, rambunctious puppy, and no toy or elder Frenchie is safe from his pestilential pesky program of puppitudinality.

Here's a note and some photos of the mighty mouse, our Clifford!

"Well, the little piglet is growing like a weed. He is just so full of himself. He goes for his next set of shots on Wednesday. He is now eating only soft kibble and drinking from a rabbit bottle. No more tube feedings. YAY!!!!

We have enjoyed having a puppy in the house again, even with all the potty accidents. I bought a carpet shampooer a long time ago because of the kids, but we are getting more use out of it now. He loves to do his zoomies and is pretty fast. Here are pictures from today."

Just think of it. Little roly poly clumsy footed baby Frenchie zoomies! Don't you wish you could snabble that baby up and kiss his little fat belly?

We wish we could! sighs

The Frog Princess

Saturday, February 21

Tuesday, February 17

Yonita means dove

Here's a new foster girl who came to us this past week. Her name is Yonita, which translates, we hear, to "dove" in Hebrew.

Yonita may be a bit of a misnomer for this active, slightly willful girl!

Her loving family came to the realization that Yonita's personality didn't really suit the family dynamic. With large, laid-back dogs and a timid toy dog in the house, Yonita's hoydenish, playful and demanding ways put everyone a bit on edge.

So her loving family made a great choice: they found FBRN and trusted us to find a fabulous home where Yonita's personality and temperament would be a perfect fit. We know her new family is watching and waiting for just such a one as she.

Maybe it's you? wonders

The Frog Princess

Saturday, February 14


Myrtle is a puppy mill survivor. She is slowly coming out of her shell and learning about the pleasures of life as a domestic dog, living in the house, playing with other dogs, enjoying life outside a small cage and without the constant demands of puppies, puppies, puppies.

She's an older girl, so we expect that she'll be in foster care for some time as she recovers her health and waits for just the right kind of loving family to discover her and offer her a place in their hearts.

Here's the update her very patient, kind foster mom sent us:

"Myrtle has been with me for about a month now. She has been spayed with, thankfully, no complications. She's doing very well.

Potty training has been quite a challenge for us. The weather has been so rotten that I can't blame her for not wanting to go outside. When she hears the word "outside" she runs to her bed and hides. lol. But, during the last few days I've noticed that she will go and look at the back door. I have one chance to pay attention. If I miss it, then too bad for me. But, at least I know that she knows where she's supposed to go. That is a major deal for all of us.

She has started to play with the other dogs, which is so cute. She's a little old lady, but she can move it when she wants to . She takes all of the pestering that my Pug puppy foster can dish out. She lets him know when she's had enough and he gets the message.

My own Pug, Jackie Chan, suddenly went blind almost a year ago. He has not adjusted to being blind very well and has been depressed during most of this time. He completely quit playing with the other dogs. Until Myrtle. They wrestle together on the floor and play bite each other. It actually brought tears to my eyes when I saw this. It's like they're therapy for each other. They both seem much happier.

One really beautiful thing that has happened is that she's now coming to us for attention. She's excited when we come home and runs over to us for love. My daughter had a friend over this week and she actually went over to the girl to check her out. I was very excited to see such normal doggie behavior from her.

I've attached a few pics of Miss Myrtle."

This is one of our favorite kinds of stories! A neglected, pitiful old girl who has never known love or even a kind word drops like an alien into a whole new reality full of strange and wonderful experiences: warmth, love, good food, play and gentle hands.
The important thing is not how much time she has remaining to enjoy these newfound pleasures; the important thing is that we found her in time to allow her to know them at all.

Foster families make this transformation possible. We offer our thanks and appreciation to every foster home and family and all the supporters, sponsors, and volunteers who make this rescue organization possible.

The Frog Princess

Friday, February 13

Fannie says

I ain't got nobunny.

And nobunny cares for me.

She's just a frog who wants to come in from the cold!

We can't figure out why this girl hasn't been snapped up.

Whassamattayou people?

She's stylish, energetic, happy, and adorable. She's a bit shopworn, but she's just as delightful as Holly Golightly. And, while she'd love to take you to breakfast at the window of Tiffany's, she'd be equally happy joining you for an Egg McMuffin at the drive-thru window.

Honestly. Take a look at her bio and see if there isn't a warm place for her by your fireside, advises

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, February 10


Here is video of Eddy, formerly Timmi, undergoing rehab. You may remember that he was the puppy who was seized from his former owners when the vet reported that he'd been kicked or thrown so roughly that he had a broken hip and a head injury.
Surgery on his hip was successful and Eddy's zookeeper forever mom knows the importance of exercise and ongoing rehabilitation for injured beasts. If Eddy keeps this up, he'll be competition for the next summer Olympics!

We'd be right down front cheering! says

The Frog Princess

Monday, February 9


Here in the kingdom, we have seen no sun for lo! these many dreary days on end. When we received these revolting photographs of dear Iris in the cancer-causing but irresistible sunshine, we came close to bursting into tears and running amok amid the castle's soggy garden with a hedgetrimmer in one hand and a lopper in the other just to relieve some of our SAD-inspired madness. Fortunately, we were distracted from our misbegotten impulse by a call from a friend who complained that it was in the zeros in her neighborhood and there was 3 feet of snow on the ground. There may be worse things than a little dampness. Perspective is always good, we remind ourselves. Grass is always greener and so on.

Here's a note from Iris's foster mom to go with the pretty photos she sent. "We have actually had cold weather this week here in TX and I must say, I feel for everyone who has to have more than a day of winter weather. Iris REFUSED to go outside... I sometimes wonder whether we got her story all wrong and she really was a parlor dog who sat on a silk pillow all day. As soon as she gets outside... and I am talking 30 degrees is the coldest it has been here (not that cold)... she sits her butt down and convulses with shivers! She is a silly girl."

They jest at scars who never felt a wound! 30 degrees not that cold? You go outside in the 30 degree air with your bare ears all out and walk on the 30 degree grass in your bare piggies and see how you feel about it then! Some people have no compassion.

You tell her, Iris! We don't blame you a bit for resisting the cruel bite of winter.
Continue your protest until the world comes to its senses and brings back the warm, advises

The Frog Princess


A number of years ago, when FBRN was young, a hoydenish young Frenchie named Jazz was surrendered to us. Some lovely and caring religious women applied for her and were selected as Jazz's forever family. Heaven knows naughty Jazz could use the discipline and routine of a religious order! Not to mention the prayers.

Here's a note we got from her adoptive family recently. Doesn't Jazzy look great?
"We adopted Jazz in 2003 through your rescue and she is one feisty pup! I am sending a picture so those who remember her can see her. While she loved the kitties as long as they were kitties, they now equal Jazz's size or exceed it, and her mission is now to eliminate them from any room she is in. For their part, they have learned all the best high spots in any given room! We don't know what we'd do without our sweet Jazz and are always grateful that we found her. God bless you! Sr. K and Sr. J, IL (Sr. B has joined us since we got Jazz, as well)"

Thank you, Sisters! We are so happy to hear that Jazz is still getting into mischief and keeping everyone on their toes. It's what Frenchie girls do best! (We are thinking she should be nicknamed Mary Clancy! Remember that old movie? We loved it.)

Sending a wish for many more years with the pretty little stinker from

The Frog Princess


Tubbs is here! He's a wonderful dog, active, healthy, good-natured and cute as a bug. Look at those toes! Adorable.

Tubbs' loving family had to give him up when their one year-old baby developed an allergy to dog saliva. What a shame! We find ourselves wondering if the infant didn't develop this allergy on purpose, as a way of getting all the parental attention himself.

We ourselves subscribe to the Duchess's advice: "Speak harshly to your little boy, and beat him when he sneezes! He only does it to annoy, because he knows it teases!" We realize that in some areas of the kingdom, sound and regular beatings for the child's own good has fallen out of favor as a parenting tool. Even among the parents in the FP's own court, in these days of parental permissiveness, we know several who would probably purse their lips at us and hand us a lot of psychological studies about the negative impact of beatings on children, but we speak as an elder sibling, and we say we'd put nothing past the scheming nature of the second born, including the deliberate faking of allergic reactions, if it meant more face time with the mother. Munchhausen's syndrome. We wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Tubbs is a bit on the thin side, but we are going to try to tempt him with delicious foods and bring him up to wrasslin' weight.

Tubbs is very people-centered. Poor boy does not like being crated when his people are home, and he doesn't even like to be baby-gated. He piddles--whether from frustration or anxiety, we don't know. But he loves his people and sees no reason why he should be apart from them.

Keep an eye out for Tubbs on the available page. He's a classic Frenchie personality and would be a perfect "first Frenchie" for a family.

Doesn't he resemble the Mr. Reusch logo from the top banner on the FBRN front page?

We think so, too! It's the toes!

The Frog Princess

Saturday, February 7


We rarely get puppies at FBRN. We get them, but we don't get very many, compared to the numbers of adult dogs we take in.

We offer these photos of healthy, happy Dylan to those of our readers, who, like The Frog Princess, can not have too much puppy news.

Dylan's owner bought a puppy from a breeder he found on the Internet.

Happily, and unlike many puppies bought online, Dylan was healthy and puppyish and raring to go right off the plane.

Within just a day or two, his owner realized a puppy was more than he'd bargained for, and he called FBRN. That was the smart thing to do. We are delighted that Dylan is with us and we are so glad his owner recognized that rescue was the way to go. We will find Dylan a wonderful family where he can grow up and be cherished.

Here is Dylan undergoing some socialization with his foster siblings. He's a tiny pup, so he's not grasping the idea of housebreaking just yet, but his foster mom makes frequent trips to the warehouse store for Nature's Miracle and paper towels. It's not far.

Frenchie wrasslin' 101.

Note that there is always an official on hand to stop the action if it gets too intense.

Little boys need snuggling as well as exercise!

Sleepytime at the end of the day.

Euell Gibbons in canine shape!

Tomorrow: MORE adventures!

The Frog Princess


We are sorry for the long absence, but we are climbing up out of a long, hard-fought bout of some dreadful infection. The demands of the kingdom piled high as we were laid low, and the blog was back-burnered for a couple of weeks as we dealt with various annoyances.
We thank you for your concern! The Frog Princess lives, though with a nasty cough and sniffles.

Here are some wonderful photos of our foster Chanel, who has made an excellent pal of her foster brother, an enormous English bulldog. We are reminded of the excellent Looney Toones cartoon featuring an English bulldog named Marc Antony and a kitten. Perhaps you
remember it, too?

Here is what Chanel's mom has to say about her:

"Chanel is growing up quick!

Her head and shoulders are finally big
enough to not be able to wiggle through the cat door and eat their

She is more outgoing and loves to sleep in bed and lay next to me
on the couch.

It took about 6 weeks but she is getting more comfortable
in her new home.

I hope she finds her forever home soon.

My dog and I are getting too attached!"
Chanel looks right at home with her buddy and he sure looks satisfied with her, too. We are so grateful to our foster famiies who over and over again offer up their hearts to be broken. Adoption day is always bittersweet, but our families' joy in bringing home their own frog outweighs the twinges of loss.

And about that "Feed the Kitty" cartoon. Was that Chuck Jones a genius, or what? demands
The Frog Princess