Wednesday, March 31

St. Patrick's Day Junior Volunteer Contest!

The results are in!
Micah, 13 years

Here's what the Jr. Volunteer Coordinator had to say about the winning entries:

"The votes have been tallied and the winners are in...

Congratulations to Piper, Tatum and Micah!!

Many thanks to all of our participants. Each entry made the job of our team of judges that much more difficult. (Thank you, judges!)
Piper, seven years old

It was a pleasure to view all of the wonderful artwork. Tremendous only just begins to describe the efforts for the 2nd Annual Jr. Vol. Art Contest."

We'd like to offer our thanks to everyone who participated this year, and our

Tatum, 10 years old

congratulations to Micah, Piper and Tatum! Thanks also to the judges, who should lie down with a nice cool washcloth over their eyes to recover from the ordeal of choosing, sympathizes

The Frog Princess

Twinkle toes

Twila is one of our earliest cart frogs. She spent quite a while in foster care, as all our cart dogs do, waiting for the special family to come along who will see the ability instead of the handicap. Here's a note from Twila's mom:

"I know that these pictures aren't the greatest, but the subject matter is amazing: Twila is standing UNassisted in the water! She now goes to underwater treadmill therapy every other week and walks for 15 minutes at 1 MPH. A therapist helps move her legs, but she now has some muscle
control and can do some of the movements herself with proper foot placement (especially when motivated by a stinky salmon treat). To put this in perspective, when we started therapy about 15 months ago, Twila took a break every 5 minutes, walked at a pace of .3 - .5 MPH and did little to assist the therapist. I am so proud of my girl!"
What Twila's story should tell all of us is the six-month cut-off we hear so often may be arbitrary and inaccurate. We should not be so quick to lose hope or give up on therapeutic treatments. With consistent, dedicated exercise and attention, many dogs will continue to improve incrementally over time.

It's enough to make an old girl like The Frog Princess break out in a few steps of a happy dance, herself!

The Frog Princess

Thursday, March 25

An Interesting NYT Article

For a long time, people knew or suspected that a person who would abuse an animal would abuse a child or a spouse. Now it appears some states are taking action to identify and cross reference animal abusers, including hoarders. Here is an article from the New York Times describing what a handful of states have done and what others are considering.

Wednesday, March 17

Put the Lime in the Coconut...

You must not blame us for that sticky earworm, it was the subject line that came with the email containing this photo of our newest hospice case, Coconut.

Coconut's foster mom said: "So I have this bowl of wooden limes on my dining room table, and one of them rolled onto the floor..."

Put the lime in the Coconut, make you feel better!
We hope it is working for you, Coconut!
The Frog Princess
PS Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A One Year Anniversary

Foster moms can't get enough news about their fosters once they are adopted. One of our foster moms received this wonderful email from one of her adopters. Perhaps we should name one of our incoming Frenchies, "Ruffles." No one can have just one.

"My friend just e-mailed me about adopting a Frenchie and I was going though all of my files from a year ago when I got Chanel. I can’t believe it has been a year!! She is seriously THE LOVE of my life. Thank you for all of the support. I couldn’t have
done this without you! I was laughing at the irony of the whole situation when I went back and re-read all of the emails! I was in ____ on Valentine’s Day weekend and my parents called me to come over to the mall. They were in the pet store – and had been in there for TWO hours with a baby boy French Bulldog. My father was begging my mom to get it for him for Valentine’s Day. The ended up not getting him (I told them they better rescue one!) but they said their next dog will be a Frenchie. Remember when they wouldn’t let me bring Chanel home? She definitely won them over!

My mom and I went to San Diego last September and my dad came and picked us up in his Cadillac – which is his pride and joy. As I was loading the luggage in the back I heard this snort and there was Miss Chanel – sitting right on the leather in the front seat!

Thank you so much for choosing me to be her forever mom. I love her to pieces and can’t imagine my life without her!! Thanks for all of your work for all of the Frenchies out there. The day I own my own home you will be receiving my application to be a foster mom!"

We are so happy to learn that this woman's family will be adopting a Frenchie in the future, and we truly hope they will adopt from rescue. If they choose to get a puppy, we hope they will do their homework, learn about the breeder, be sure they can meet the mom and dad and this is especially important, see the facilities where the puppies are being raised. Never buy a puppy from someone who won't let you come to her home. Never buy a puppy from someone who wants to meet you in a parking lot.
Never buy a puppy from someone who will sell a puppy to just anyone who has a credit card and will ship a puppy anywhere.

Expect the experience of buying a puppy to take some time, maybe months, until a puppy is available. Expect the breeder to want to talk to you at length. Expect a good breeder to want a home visit and/or a veterinary check. Are your current animals in good condition and up to date on their wellness visits? She'll want to know what kind of pet owner you are.

If you raised a puppy from the day of its birth, ask yourself if you would be willing to just hand a dog over to anyone who gave you money. Wouldn't you want to know that your puppy was going to be well cared-for? Good breeders will include a clause in the contract that says if for any reason you must give up the dog, you will get in touch with the breeder first, so she can take the dog back. Good breeders care about their dogs from the moment they are born until the day they cross the bridge.

This family is on the right track to adopting a puppy the right way, and we love that this woman is so happy with her FBRN girl! It's wonderful that she's out educating her family and friends, too!

The Frog Princess

Monday, March 15

Psst! You Guys Know the Spring Basket Raffle Is On, Right?

Junior Volunteer Basket

Better than ever! It's our biggest fundraiser of the year, and lots of our volunteers participate in putting the baskets together. There is lots of playful trash-talking between the regions. Check out these cornucopia of canine (and people) treasures! Take a special look at the Junior Volunteers' effort. It's their first time entry, and we think they've done a terrific job!
Each ticket is $5, but if you buy 5 tickets, they are 5 for only $20!

Junior Volunteer Basket, continued!

Do you feel lucky? Sure you do! You know that if you love a Frenchie, you are already luckier than most! wheedles

The Frog Princess

Thursday, March 11

The Queen Has Passed

With deep regret we inform our readers that Queenie, a long term foster adopted by her family, has crossed the Bridge to rule her subjects on the other side with an iron paw in a velvet mitt.

Often my traveling companion.

Here her mom shares memories of the Queen:
Queenie was an amazing and fascinating dog to live with; always fiesty, often challenging and very funny: just my kind of person- I suppose that's why we got along so well: I loved her for her behaviour, not in spite of it. She was the prime example of how attitude and what you project can take you far and gain respect.

"I'm only sleeping on the floor tonight so I can tell Santa what to put in my stocking."

She remains the only dog that our severely aggressive American Bulldog had any respect for whatsoever. Queenie had a unique relationship with him where he was literally putty in her hands. She was able to back him into a corner with his head down and turned away and hold him there with just a look when in reality he could have eaten her in a few seconds - he just never knew it because she was so good at what she did.

OK Queenie, I give in!

She also flirted with him unashamedly and he was very gentle with her. For all her attitude, the Queen was not a fighter and didn't retaliate on the occasions that another dog decided to call her bluff.

"Yes, you may bring me another cushion, thank you for asking."

When my Boxer boy would sleep on the sofa with his feet dangling, she would sneak up and bite his toes, she couldn't resist it and he'd just look down, see it was her, pull his feet up and resume the position - he knew she was no threat.

Just a few months ago, a client brought her two young Boxers for some training with small dogs. I invited her into the yard where Queenie was waiting and the client was reluctant, fearing that her two rambunctious dogs would flatten her in their excitement.

She had excellent taste in beer.

After much reassurance that they would not even touch her ( I explained that they would rush up but stop at least a foot from her) she let them loose. Sure enough Queenie didn't let me down, she raised her head, stood firm and those Boxers screeched to a halt and lowered their heads in front of her. Such was the power of the Queen.

We have so many wonderful photos of her, at some point I'll ask Angela to make a slideshow, but for now here are a few specials to remember Queenie at her finest.

Peel me some grapes, will you?

I miss her swagger and her stompy gait as she used to parade around the house and garden, most of all I miss the naughty twinkle in her eye."

Queenie was a one of a kind girl, and volunteers were fortunate to hear her tales of
adventure among the rabble she shared her world with.

Queenie waiting for her smoothie

Queenie, you always knew rank hath its privileges, and you made the most of yours.

Until the Big Dog calls us home, your memory will linger in the heart and mind of

The Frog Princess

Monday, March 8

Ella in the Snow!

Eloise, now Ella, is having a blast in the snow!
Here's a note from her adopters:

"Ella wanted me to send ya’ll a picture of her playing in the snow. She did this herself (honest Able). She’s so funny and was springing around in the snow like a bunny rabbit. Ella sends hugs & kisses!"

Some Frenchies are allergic to the snow and cannot possibly go outside to potty or their parts will fall clean off. Just ask 'em. And then there are those like Ella, who can't get enough of the fluffy stuff. Chacun a son gout, declares

The Frog Princess

Saturday, March 6

JR Volunteer Contest

It's the weekend. If the children are bored or if they are underfoot, print out some of these drawings and ask if they'll color them as part of the Junior Volunteer contest.

The JV Art Contest entries have been trickling in. You cannot believe the talent and the cuteness!
There's still time for any young artists to put color to paper... Create your masterpiece on your own or have a coloring party.
Contest deadline is St. Patricks Day, March 17.
Details are at the website.
As well as at facebook

No cost to enter!

Friday, March 5

More great SWAG benefitting FBRN on eBAY!

Such generous donors we have! Look at all the great items available now on eBay!

Four items have been donated to the French Bulldog Rescue Network (FBRN) and are currently on eBay now.

Please visit the links below and bid to help raise money for our foster dogs. All proceeds benefit the FBRN rescue frenchies so please bid high. Thank you.

French Bulldog w/bells original drawing by Jeanne Balsam

French Bulldog trio original drawing by Jeanne Balsam

French Bulldog "Rowdy" original drawing by Jerrie Yensing

UNO game cards AKC Non-Sporting Group

Imagine playing UNO in the game room surrounded by marvelous works of art!
Bid high! Win them all! The kids can pack a lunch instead of buying for a few months!

That's the kind of moderate, reasonable and wise action you can expect to be taken by

The Frog Princess

Thursday, March 4

Paizlee Post-surgery

FBRN's sponsors allow us to do wonderful things for our needy frogs. This note came from Paizlee's foster mom, describing the surgery Paizlee underwent last week.

"Paizlee is doing remarkably well. The vet removed 2 teeth that were infected. Boy, does that make a difference in the smell of her breath. She did indeed have an elongated palate and as well, had some sort of abnormality. She had a flap of skin in the back of the palate that was flipped up under itself and inflamed. He said that he had never seen anything quite like it before. She also has a very tiny laryngeal passageway. This may continue to alter her breathing, but she is soooooo much better. It's amazing how quickly we've seen the results. He said that it may take a week or so for the swelling to go down, so it should continue to get much better. Thank you FBRN for doing what you do for our frogs. It is such an honor to be a part of it.
We will continue to fatten her up and then she will be ready for her forever home where she will be the missing piece to someones puzzle. She is a dear one!"

FBRN's sponsors NEVER let us down. Paizlee can breathe now, her inflamed and painful teeth are gone, and she's giving us her best cutie-pie poses as a thank you to all who helped her, whether as sponsors, as monthly donors, or as folks who remember loved ones or celebrate events throughdonations on our memorial page when they click the "in honor of" button.
You are always here for the dogs, and it means so much to them and to the foster families who care for them.

With warm wishes and grateful thanks from FBRN's volunteers and

The Frog Princess