Tuesday, September 26


The trend in international adoptions has spread to FBRN! Zappa, the zippy deaf Frenchie named for a late, lamented iconoclastic musician, has flown by private plane from Toronto to New York state, where he will be enjoying life with a Frenchie sister and a completely smitten mamma.
It was especially tough for Zappa's foster mom to let him go, but that's what foster families do. They volunteer to get their hearts broken. We couldn't do what we do without our foster families. Spare a thought for a foster mom's grief today, but don't fret too long. The sadness is easier to bear when the forever family sends photos, updates, news and Christmas cards featuring the happy grad. Maybe the family sends a photo and wins their Frenchie a spot on the Frenchie calendar, and the proud foster family gets to see a big photo of their baby every day for a month!
And then one day there comes a knock on the door and the welcome distraction of another needy Frenchie on the doorstep.
We send our regards to Zappa and wish him well in his new home. A regal command to "Sheik Yerbouti" in celebration accompanies the signature of
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I'm sheikin' it, I'm sheikin' it! Happy boy Zappa. Thank you.