Saturday, September 2

Molly Makes a Wish

Molly was surrendered by her divorcing family at 8 years old. Neither of her people could find a place to live that would permit a dog. Many of the volunteers and supporters at FBRN were deeply moved by the story of this elderly girl's upheaval and her emotional difficulties in adjusting to her loss.

When Molly came to us, she was an insecure, confused and frightened girl, and despite her anxiety, was pathetically eager to please and desperate to bond with a new family. It was clear that she wanted nothing more than a place to belong.

Molly's foster placement was a big success! Her foster sisters, Abby and Sadey, quickly helped Molly feel right at home. Though she was underweight and had some allergy issues, she is now healthy and well-adjusted.

Molly's family did such a wonderful job making Molly feel at home, including providing nightly homegrown and handmade lavender oil tummy rubs to help her relax, that when this senior citizen was ready for a forever home, we weren't a bit surprised to find that the foster family had put in an application to keep her!

During the weekend's celebration, her human sister came to visit from NYC, and brought her cousin, a Frenchie named Dixie, to meet her. Presents were opened, toys were introduced and a wonderful time was had by all!

Molly's wish of a family has been granted! We hope you'll offer a celebratory biscuit to your favorite furry friends on behalf of
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for Molly! You are a gorgeous girl and you will be so happy in your forever home! Love Lola and Eddie.