Saturday, October 17

Macy May

Ah, the cone of shame.  What Frenchie hasn't had to sport one at one point or another?

Macy May is wearing one because she managed to acquire TWO ulcers in her left eye!  Little show-off.

Her foster mom decided that a girl with a cone on couldn't stay home alone, so off to work they went.

Here's the story Macy M's foster mom told us:

"Bless her heart, had to take Macy May to the emergency vet last night. She has 2 ulcers in her left eye and she looked like she was in such pain from it. Got her some pain meds and some eye drops and hopefully she's on the road to recovery. But thought I would post the cute pics from today. Took her to work with me and she kept trying to jump in my lap to sit...well, I couldn't get any work done with her in my lap, so I just pushed everything off my desk and THEN she was a happy little camper!"

Just the sort of priorities you'd find in the offices of

The Frog Princess

Saturday, October 3

Arya Returns

A small tumor was removed--good margins!
Long time followers of FBRN may remember our dear Arya, who was adopted last summer.  When her adopter was traveling more and had too little time for Arya, she did the right thing and returned her to us. 

Now back with her foster mom, poor Arya has been treated for a number of health issues.  Most sad and painful is the loss of an eye.  Arya had a very serious dry eye condition and the eye was so damaged that it had to come out.  She also had a tumor removed from her leg.  She's got some awful dental issues, too, but the vet didn't want to address those at the same time as the other procedures, so she'll go back for a dental a little later on.

In the dog stroller, enjoying some fresh air.

But she's home with her foster mom now, and she's so happy to be there!  Foster mom said poor Arya was resting on the day after her surgeries when it came time to walk her foster brother.  Arya, still foggy with the pain meds, teetered out to the foyer to go along--she just hated to be left behind.  But since Arya couldn't stagger and toddle the whole long length of a regular walk wearing the cone of shame, her foster mom did what any creative, sympathetic foster mom would do: she bundled Arya into a dog stroller, and away they all went. 

Meds make Arya sleepy

Once an FBRN dog, always an FBRN dog.  Arya's lumps and bumps and toothaches and problems will be addressed with a "pat, pat here and a pat, pat there and a couple of bones to gnaw!  That's how we'll keep her young and fair in the merry old land of" frogs!  Thank you for donating to FBRN.  Your gifts make it possible for us to give Arya a little wash and brush up as we look for her new family.

 Grateful, as ever,

The Frog Princess