Tuesday, September 19

Bolla Bops By

Meet bootiful Bolla. It's pronounced "boola," but as long as you don't call her late to dinner, ha ha! we don't think she minds if you mispronounce it. In our mind, we call her Beulah, and we call it a day. Boola's story is much too sad to be told, as the old song goes, but we're going to tell it anyway. Adopted by a family from a breeder, Bolla was to be a companion to the family's resident older girl. Alas, the fair maiden Bolla was regarded with jealousy and deep distrust by the family's aging beauty, and with a two year old toddler to worry about, the family just couldn't keep track of two feudin' Frenchies. A tearful and sad decision was made to give Bolla up before she found herself keeping house for seven wee little miners off deep in the forest somewhere.
It's an ugly thing, this jealousy between Frenchie girls. We hate to see it. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does happen, hoo boy! Stand back, and as a friend of ours says, "Keep your hands away from their mouths, people!" Bolla was advertised by her seller as being housetrained, but it turns out that was not so much true as not true at all, and it's another reason she was surrendered. Housebreaking a toddler is hard enough, imagine trying to housebreak a toddler and a baby Frenchie!
We expect our foster home will have her shaped up in that area right quick, and she should be fit for indoor freedom before she arrives on her adopters' doorstep. Bolla doesn't have any obedience training, but we expect she will know at least sit by the time she's ready to go to her home. That will be following spay surgery. You can see how enthusiastic about that young Bolla is.

This petite gal is just about 18 pounds. But don't let her size fool you, she's been seen nipping at the heels of the resident Frenchies and even stands up to the 150 pound Rottweiler in her foster home! We're not sure if we'd call her courageous or cuckoo, but she's a sassy little miss.
She likes to stroll around on a lead surveying the neighborhood doings and receiving tributes from the populace. Bolla's great with children, but her favorite activity is lying on the divan and watching her minions mingle in the parlor. If she can entice one of her people to sit beside her and skritch her head, that's even better. From time to time she rouses herself to bedevil the kitty, but that's just for fun. What Frenchie can resist chasing a fleeing feline? Not too many Frenchies in the wide acquaintance of
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Beulah, schmulah. I'll just call her cute as a damn button.