Friday, September 15

Carlin and Dutch

We were very happy to receive a note from Carlin's foster mom about his progress recently.
Turns out young Carlin is a whiz at potty training (hee!), and though he gets a bit testy around unneutered males, he is not red-line aggressive. We think that means he doesn't blow his stack completely.
Carlin's ears are looking much better following his treatments, and he's even growing some hair back on his little nubby tail!
We just know Carlin is going to make a lucky someone a wonderful companion. You can check out his details on our website, and watch for him to become available next week.
A big thank you to Patti's mom for so ably (wo)manning the blog during our vacation! We are home safe and sound and very well-rested after a week at the coast in the land of
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

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