Wednesday, February 29

Farewell to Smeagol

Smeagol, one of the first puppy mill dogs FBRN rescued as part of the NC10, has passed away.  He lived far longer than anyone had a right to expect, with a heart full of worms and a history of shocking neglect.  As FBRN's unofficial mascot, Smeagol had the power to rally our volunteers, and he had an enormous following on Facebook. 
This morning, his mom posted this final photo of Smeagol and these sad words.
"It is with a shattered and very heavy heart we must share the news with our family and friends of Smeagol's journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Our silly little French man made the peaceful transition last night and our house has fallen silent with out his precious little snores, his flat, fat paws and stubby little legs trotting from room to room or his one of a kind talkative voice demanding our undivided attention. There will never, ever be another character like Smeagies and he has forever changed mine, Trey and our pups lives. ♥ We'll always love you, Smeagie Weegie Woo! ♥"

Smeagol made many appearances on this blog over the years, and we will miss his ridiculous, wonderful face.  He was an inspiration to rescuers and the anti-puppy mill movement.  He'll be remembered forever by his many, many friends and

The Frog Princess

Friday, February 24

Exciting Medical News for Spine-Injured Dogs

Take a look at this article describing a new drug currently in trials in Texas. French bulldogs are among the breeds that most commonly suffer disc disease or spinal cord injury.

Remy uses his cart to go to the dog park and play.

The drug has been quite successful in mice, and offers hope to dogs prone to spine-injured dogs, particularly those with disc injuries.

The key is immediate treatment.

If your dog suffers an injury and/or exhibits symptoms of pain--slow to move, panting, whimpering, unwilling to lift his head, or he loses mobility--even if you can't get this drug, the secret to a full recovery is immediate treatment.

Do not wait to see if the dog gets better.  Go to your vet or the ER vet immediately.

Spinal injuries can be very expensive to treat, and they often include MRIs and surgery.

Tinkerbell in her custom, pink-wheeled cart visits a local store.

We recommend that Frenchie owners carry dog pet insurance, so owners are never faced with the suggestion of euthanizing their dog if he is injured.

Thanks to the handsome Remy and the fair Tinkerbell for providing photos for our readers and

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, February 21

Paulie Walnuts Dreams of Sheep

Many years ago, Hollywood imagined what might happen if a passel of city folk found themselves embroiled in the culture of the deep country.  My Cousin Vinny was a big success and is still getting lots of play on family room screens.

Paulie Walnuts, recently of the sophisticated megalopolis that is New Jersey, has made a shift in his residence not unlike Vinny's.  From the New Jersey urban landscape to a sheep farm in rural Virginia, Paulie Walnuts has made friends all along the way, and he has learned to appreciate a life pastoral.

In fact, Paulie Walnuts is enjoying his locale so much he's begun to think of himself as a sheepdog.

Do I hear you laughing?  Sure, make fun.  Like you'd blend.

Paulie Walnuts has developed a keen eye for any potential trespassers.   Coyotes.   Drunken college boys out to tip some sleepy sheep.  Wool rustlers who can flip and shear a ewe in less time than it takes a barista to serve you a double mocha skinny latte with whipped cream.  Interlopers. 

He's not havin' it.
Paulie Walnuts keeps his ears open for any cries of sheeply dismay.

He makes his rounds, checking in with his lieutenants in the field.

Paulie Walnuts never rests.

He's a hero for our times, really, proclaims

The Frog Princess

Sunday, February 19

A Smoky Tale

Our volunteers have a great time supporting each other.  Here's a story about Smoky, a spinal surgery boy who has been slow to recover.  His foster mom says:

"A Smoky Tale

Once upon a time there was a special little froggie, Smoky. This special little guy was unable to walk but that didn’t stop him of dreaming about running through the park with his new best friend Mr. Cheeks.

One day, he heard about a magical parade – Muses – that would roll in his new city during Carnival. This parade krewe handed out hand decorated SHOES.

Smoky was convinced that if his new foster parents would get a magical, sexy shoe then he would be cured!

So he told his family of his plan and as luck would have it, FBRN volunteer A. was IN Muses.

So they made a sign with Smoky’s plea and held it up high when A. rolled by… and she threw JUST THE SHOE for Smoky.

He isn’t quite walking yet, but he’s getting closer and the shoe is definitely working its magic."

We know shoes are magic.  Look what they did for Dorothy!

We know someone who is keeping a good thought for young Smoky.  She calls herself

The Frog Princess

Saturday, February 18

Facebook Auction Underway!

If you are not already one of the billions of facebook users on the planet, it would be worth it to join up just for this event!  It's a Facebook Auction fundraiser for FBRN! 

Go to to see all the donated goods and services.  Bid high!  It's all going to care for sick, injured, homeless frogs.

Rollo (Piglet) 2003-2012

For FBRN supporters and friends of long-standing, we are sorry to bring the news that little Piglet, a victim of the European puppy mill import trade, has passed away, suddenly, at his home.

Here is his page and the story of his time in FBRN.   Scroll to the bottom of the page to read his story.

His family had a necropsy performed and learned that Rollo died of a tumor on his heart.  His death was instant and painless.

Our heart goes out to Rollo's family and his many, many friends.

Thursday, February 16

Roar of Thunder!

 Thunder before, poor guy.

Our very favorite ugly mug frog is feeling SO much better now that his entropion has been addressed and all his little nooks and crannies and stanky wrankles have been dried up and cleaned up and are all better.

Still before.  Entropion is a condition where the eyelashes are turned in against the eye, causing constant irritation, and, frequently, scarring to the surface of the eye.

There is NO doubt that your donations and good wishes have made this happy fella even happier.  Of course his foster mom had a lot to do with it, too.  Here he is a few days after surgery.  Please note the twinkle in his eye.  Also note the absence of infection in his big ol' wrankles.  Same dog.

Thunder is definitely feeling better.  Maybe not so thunderous.  Maybe he's feeling a little slumberous. Don't believe it?  Take a look.

It's the sleep of the comfy and the just, that's what that is, and he gets to sleep so comfily* because he has such great sponsors, supporters, and pals.  That would be you, in case you were wondering, points out

The Frog Princess

*In our kingdom, we get to invent new words.  Anybody have a problem with that?  We thought not.

Tuesday, February 14

Remy Wants Love

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

The dashing and personable FBRN grad Remy has put together a St. Valentine's Day plea to all FBRN's friends and supporters.

Don't push, no shoving!  There's plenty enough of that boy (and that winebox) to go around.

Remy, we'll be your Valentine!

The Frog Princess

Thursday, February 9

Rolling Along

Our beautiful hospice girl, Rolla, continues to enjoy her life, though she is losing some function in the caboose area.  Here's a note from her foster mom:

"Rolla is doing good for the most part. Her spirit is still high and you can tell she enjoys her life, more so around breakfast and dinner time. LOL She is still on her daily medications of Lasix and Theopholyne. She has a slight on and off cough, but that is expected with her condition, but her breathing is good. She is losing muscle mass in her back end and is having some difficulty walking at times. Her balance is not as good as it once was. She no longer does the stairs going down, not because she doesn't want to...I won't let her. I would carry her to the moon and back if I had to. She is still great going up, but the going down part is harder for her.

Her back legs don't work as well going down. We have stairs (three steps) for the couch and the bed so she doesn't ever have to jump, but sometimes she just chooses to jump down or look at me with those wide eyes and I have to pick her up.

I have also noticed that when we are outside she gets a little stunned with her poo (bowel movements) as they start to come before I think she is ready. A couple months ago the vet stated that she has symptoms of Ataxia and I am no vet, but from my research is seems more like degenerative myelopathy.

Overall, she is still the happy little creature I grow to love more and more every day!!! She is a big blessing in a little body."

We also perk up and enjoy life just a little bit more when the chow bell rings.  She has that in common with

The Frog Princess

PS  Thank you to our supporters! Your donations are making it possible for our foster families to provide loving homes and hospice care to dogs with terminal or untreatable conditions.

Wednesday, February 8

Adventuresome Frenchie!

On the occasion of her sixth birthday, FBRN grad Lolo (Merlot), accompanied her family on a camping trip in the Colorado mountains.

Frenchies are great city and apartment dogs, as we all know, because they are rather compact, and because they generally do not require a great deal of exercise.

This is not to say, however, that a Frenchie cannot enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors!  Plenty of Frenchies enjoy a hike through the forest and up hill and down dale!  Some terrain can be tough on even the most active dog's paws.  Volcanic rock, glacial shale, summer snowfields are all hard on paws.  Lolo's family was prepared though, and they trained her to be carried in a baby carrier for when the shale got too sharp or the ice and old snow threatened to do damage to Lolo's pads.

But on safer paths, Lolo hiked up and down the Colorado mountain and even spent some time guarding the campsite against the predations of wild animals.  Bears.  Porcupines.  Chipmunks.  They all want Lolo's kibble. The price of dinner is eternal vigilance.

But eventually, even the most active, eagle-eyed Frenchie will need a nap.

Happy birthday to Lolo! from

The Frog Princess

FBRN Grad Remy

FBRN grad Remy is well bred.

The Frog Princess

Truffle and Brulee

For those supporters and friends of FBRN who have been around a long time, Truffle and Brulee are familiar faces. 

Surrendered as an older bonded pair 5 years ago, they spent years on our available page without a nibble.  When they got quite old and started suffering from age-related ailments, they were moved, together, to the hospice page.

Truffle and Brulee were a happy old couple and they enjoyed their lives in the warmth of Florida.  

In early January, at the cusp of turning 15, Truffle--the dignified brindle girl in these photos-- passed away in her sleep.  Two weeks ago, Brulee--a clownish, outgoing cream--died of pneumonia.

Certainly, these were two old dogs, and there may be nothing remarkable in their passing away within a month of each other.  But they were very bonded, and we wonder if Brulee wanted to be where Truffle went.

These photos were taken at Truffle's last birthday party.  We love the expression on Brulee's face as she watches Truffle sing "Happy Birthday" to himself and dig in to his cake. 

Wherever they are, we hope they are together, celebrating every day.

Our heart goes out to the wonderful foster family who cared for these two wonderful frogs for all these years.  

The Frog Princess