Thursday, October 25

Reba Redux!

Reba's story is extraordinary. She was misdiagnosed with some sort of back problem when she went lame and was surrendered when treatments for a non-existent problem were ineffectual. She happened to land in a foster family who was able to take her to the University of Minnesota vet school, where her problem was correctly diagnosed as meningitis--a condition very few dogs even survive, let alone recover from. Generous donors made her testing at the vet school and her hydrotherapy and other treatments possible. Now Reba is living with a wonderful family who give her herbal oil massages each night and have continued her physical therapy. Here are two photos of Reba: the top photo shows a nearly incapacitated girl, emaciated (see that spinal ridge?) and without energy. The photo below shows Reba with muscle, out of doors, enjoying her life. Here is the note her mom sent following a visit with Reba's family:

"Checked in with Reba on the weekend. Her owners invited us down to see fall colors. Reba continues to make steady improvements in mobility. I saw a big difference from the last visit (4 weeks prior). She moves very well on three legs by bunny hopping. I was really impressed with how she could jump the track of a sliding glass door and beat us to the kitchen. She is using her weak front leg more and more to balance and steady herself. Her owners are very pleased with her progress. They work with her every day doing strengthening exercises in her wheelchair, stretching, "stepping" and massage. She eats an all raw diet including veggies. She looks marvelous!
We all went for a walk on their land with Reba in the wagon and the rest of our combined dogs on foot. Reba stood in the front of the wagon most of the way very happily being part of the pack. Her owners report she also likes to go out in their boat. Reba and I got to snuggle a bit. She nibbled my ear and playfully tugged the sleeve of my shirt. I am still on a Reba "high" three days later... I have attached an old and new photo of Reba. She is a robust gal now."

Robust and sleek as a little black seal! We owe Reba's dedicated foster mom and her whole team of therapists and doctors, as well as her new family a great big "thank you!" With the help of our donors, Reba is living happily in a family, giving and receiving love and incidentally decorating her world. She is a real inspiration to our foster families and her fans!

How does one sign up for herbal oil massages, wonders
The Frog Princess

Wednesday, October 24

Dory Comes Ashore!

Wee little Dory has come to join the foster roster at FBRN. She's a tiger brindle, full of pep, is especially fond of the menfolk, and is settling in nicely with her foster brother, Tugboat. Dory appears to have a bit of a chip on her shoulder when it comes to her vittles. If there is any people food to be had, she will turn up her nose at the food in her dish! Her foster mom reports that Dory appears to expect that the people will be handing out bits of their dinner to a hungry frog, and she makes her desire for some of that rotisserie chicken very clear! Poor Dory. Her foster mom says no people food for an itchy girl!

Dory was surrendered when her owner realized she just couldn't manage Dory's allergies anymore. We are going to see what a change in environment and an allergy specialist might be able to do for poor Dory's pitiful itchiness. She also seems to have an especially hard time with breathing, so we'll have our Frenchie-savvy vet take a look at her nares and poke around her palate just to be sure she doesn't need a little snipping.

Meanwhile, Dory has taken to following her foster dad around like he is made of cheese. She is a daddy's girl, for sure!

We hope to get a good report from the vet about Dory's condition soon. We'll be sure to update the website when we know more.

Rotisserie chicken? ponders
The Frog Princess

Monday, October 22

Joey Has a Home

Following a flubbed placement, Joey is now living like a King (or a Bowery Boy--the hat makes us think of those jughead caps the boys wore in those old movies). He's spending his days among friends in his new family's doggy day care, and he is wearing himself to a happy nub playing all day long.Here's a note his new mom sent to Joey's foster mom. By the way, Joey's new name is Ivan, to go with his Boston brother's name: Igor. We are just glad they didn't name him Abby. Abby Normal.
Here's his new mom's note: "I just wanted to give you an update on Ivan. First of all, I still love him to pieces.
He and Igor are now buddies, they have started to play quite a bit. Igor lets him know that he is charge, but they do take turns being the "dominant" one. Ivan tried to hump Igor once and Igor corrected him once then humped Ivan. He doesn't try it anymore!

Ivan has gone over to daycare and loved it. He acted like he had always been part of the pack and the "Maffia". He can be a bit of a bully at times, but he is quickly learning that Mama doesn't like that, nor do other dogs. He really aims to please and listens fairly well, unless someone else has food: he is quite the chow hound!

Skin has been looking good, until we went to my parents house and my Dad fed him a bunch of cookies.

He said he was only going to give him a couple, but I should have known that "a couple" in an Italian household is a lot more than 2! We went on Sun. and this AM is when he looked really red and blotchy. He is already looking better this evening. I think that he will be fine as long as next time I bring his hypoallergenic cookies.
I've included a couple pics. It has been tricky to get him to sit still or keep hats on!"

Gotta watch those grandparents! They know it is their duty and privilege to spoil their granddoggies, and the doggies know it, too!
We are keeping our eye on that crowd of mushy faced ones. Bowery Boys, indeed! And Ivan the Adorable's right out there in front, leading the pack of them into all kinds of adventures.

Thank goodness there's plenty of family to help get those boys out of the pickles they get into!

The Frog Princess

Saturday, October 20

Herc Has Hair

Back in August, we had an enormously successful fundraiser for Herc, our little hydrocephalic frogdog. You may recall he was found, emaciated and very sick, wandering in the country. Herc's hair is growing back, as you can see, though it is still a bit patchy. He's also been putting on some much-needed weight and muscle, and spends a good part of every day playing with the resident Frenchies in his foster home. In the photo above, he is waiting for Darla to quit chewing her stick so they can play Indy 500 around the yard.

Hercule P. continues to recover from his really awful case of demodex. In fact, he's feeling so much better, he's begun to worry about his appearance! His foster mom writes:

"The "kissing booth" has done amazing things for his self esteem. Why, just tonight he asked me if he thought FBRN would buy him a membership to the Hair Club for Men! I think it's always a good sign when a little frog who's been very, very sick starts to be concerned about looking like a handsome prince again, don't you? Still, I told him to give it six months and if his hair hasn't improved immensely along with his health, we'd revisit the question. :o) (He confided that he wants to look his best because he hopes to one day meet the Frog Princess in person. He actually got goose bumps (or are they toad bumps?) just thinking of the mere possibility! Oh, but don't tell him I told you ... he'd be so embarrassed.)

But seriously, folks, he's doing really well, and I can't help but believe that all that loving good energy coming at him from so many people is speeding him along the road to recovery (and princedom).

Herc says, "Thanks for caring about me and all the other Frenchie orphans.""

We are flattered and delighted that amid all his troubles, young Hercule P. should spare a moment to dream of a meeting with us! Indeed, the admiration is mutual! responds

The Frog Princess

Friday, October 19

Calendar deadline extended 24 hours!

Procrastinators, listen up!

Our FBRN calendar deadline has been extended to midnight, your time, October 20th, just in case you need one more weekend day to capture your FBRN graduate's most calendar-worthy pose. Highest possible resolution. Horizontal (landscape) orientation. FBRN grads or fosters only, no people or other pets. You will find all the rules and suggestions here.

Remember, there are two calendars:
one is for traditional photos of your Frenchie in his natural habitat; and the other is whimsical in tone, allowing you and your frogdog to go to town with the silliness, as long as you are both having fun.

Thanks for helping us make this calendar a great one!

The Frog Princess

Thursday, October 18

Savannah and Julia are settling in!

The St. Louis Humane Society entrusted us with two sweet puppy mill survivors last month. Here are the reports we received shortly after their placement in their foster homes. They are not being fostered together, but we think of them as a sort of unit, considering the suffering they shared in their puppy mill days.

Here is the report on Julia:

"Julia has done really well since I picked her up on Saturday. She has displayed a little dominance with the other dogs that we have been watching closely. Other than not being potty trained, she is a joy. She is very affectionate and seems to want to be with people. She also is not afraid to explore her surroundings. I'm taking her to the vet this week to get her tooth looked at.

Last night I put her in her kennel in the spare room. I usually let our fosters sleep by themselves for a night or two to adjust to a new house. Then, when I think they are ready, I move them into our room. Well, she howled up a storm last night, so I moved her kennel next to my bed and she slept like a baby through the night!"

And Savannah is also a little love bug, with lots of energy and curiosity about the wide world outside her puppy mill: "Well, Savannah is a sweet, goofy girl. She is doing well with housebreaking. LOVES kids, all ages and sizes. She is fine with cats; she just wants to chase them, but if they do not run, she does not chase.

Savannah is eating well, too. She is fine with dogs ordinarily, but doesn't share and we do not leave rawhides and toys out when other dogs are around.

She is doing well on car rides and leash training too."

These girls are just picking right up on all the little perqs of life on the outside, we'd say. Veterinary care! Car trips! Sleeping with the people pack! Kitty tag! Toys! Good food, and plenty of it! It must be like they have taken a turn into the Emerald City.

"You're out of the woods! You're out of the dark! You're out of the night!
Step into the sun, step into the light..." sings the optimistic voice of
The Frog Princess

Pixie Update!

We recently received an update on our former foster, Pixie, who is living in hospice care with one of our volunteers. She has a case of heartworm and some other troubles, but most days you wouldn't know she is sick. She hangs out with her rival, Truffles, and the handsome and beefy Little Man, that dashing redhead you see in these photos. His 42 pounds to her 15 makes them an inspiration for jocose observations on the part of passersby when they go out together. Here's Pixie's update:

Stinker Poot Pixie is doing well and has invented some more novelties: she cusses. She really does, she barks at me when I am not paying her enough attention, when I still ignore her she punctuates her barks with a sound that is a cross between a sneeze and a spit. When I did it back to her, she trotted over, ears perked way up, I swear she was laughing. She also grumbles, "arghh". She is so sassy.

When she and Truffles are ganging up against Little Man, she grabs his ear until he plops on the floor. It is a good thing he is so good humored. He even comes between them when they are having a tiff, for the sake of peace! She sleeps with me most nights and starts nudging me in the morning when she thinks it's time to get up. Pixie is so hard to resist! She always expects to be first. My French Bulldog Meetup group had a meeting a week ago, and Pixie flirted outrageously with an intact male Frenchie (Dunhill). She likes all the Frenchies who come, but Dunhill was the handsomest guy there that day. She always does well after these meetings, but some evenings she seems to have more trouble getting enough air.

The vet has added albuterol inhalation. So she now gets Flovent (steroid) and albuterol inhalation as well as theophylline and enalapril. She has gotten bossier and now barks out her orders from where she is sitting lol. Of course she hasn't given up any of her guard duties, and has first "window barking rights".

She loves to groom. Little Man loves it and puts out his paw for more (she pretends not to see it). Truffles gets annoyed after a short while and moves away. I gave Pixie a bath a few days ago. She loved the part where she gets wrapped up in a flannel sheets and goes to sleep on my lap."

Directly above, you can see Pixie with her latest foster babies: an adorable kitten who has already gone to live with her family, and Peanut, a chihuahua mix. It's a variation on the lifeboat ethic we are seeing here, folks. As long as the lifeboat lap can hold you, you are welcome! Looks like there could be room for a couple more kitties and at least one more Pixie-sized pooch on that lap.

Now that's the way to spend a rainy football-watching afternoon! approves
The Frog Princess

Monday, October 15


Beverly has been found! Her dad is on the way to pick her up at the vet's office, and a reunion is imminent!
Thanks to all for your good wishes,
The Frog Princess

Sunday, October 14


Beverly, recently adopted FBRN graduate, got away from her pet sitter during a walk after dark last night, 10/13/07. Her new owner flew home immediately, and has been papering his neighborhood in The Heights area with flyers and advertisements. If you live in Houston and can help in the search, please let us know: 281 594 2762, Kelly Porter.

Beverly's former foster mom and her new dad are sick with fear and worry. We had so many wonderful donors from Texas when Churchill was so sick, we are hoping to galvanize a search crew for Beverly. Please call Kelly if you can help.

Thank you,
FBRN volunteers

Thursday, October 11

Maurice is Practicing For The Calendar Photoshoot...

...and he wants to know:

"Does my butt look big in this?"

Maurice and hundreds of other FBRN placements are eligible to compete for the 2008 FBRN calendar! Check out the rules here, and get your photos in by Oct. 19! Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future--don't let your chance to see your FBRN grad's handsome face peeping out at you for a whole month go by!

And remember: if your dog wins a coveted spot in the calendar, all your Christmas shopping is done! Who wouldn't love a calendar with your dog's photo inside?

Everybody loves an FBRN grad, assures

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, October 9

Hercules Rules

Herc's mom sent this update way back in August, but our amanuensis was on her annual leave and missed it when it was new. So hard to find good secretarial help these days, you know. So in response to a plea from a reader, herewith some old news, but good news, about the eminent Belgian detective, M. Hercules Poirot:

"We just got back from the vet a little while ago, and Herc went from 10.3 pounds when [a volunteer] picked him up at the Kansas Humane Society, to 15.6 pounds today! Wowser, bowser, that's only three weeks! The boy is pumping up! As we walked in to the examining room this morning, both vets said "Oh, my God!" The one who hadn't seen him yet stopped there. The doctor we saw last week went on to exclaim, "He looks a lot better today!"

They said his skin looks really good for a guy with mange (not infected at all), and his ears, eyes, and teeth are in good shape. The second vet also believes he is hydrocephalic, so we now have a second opinion on that. We will continue him on Interceptor for 90 days and only go back to antibiotics (he's finished his regimen) and/or consider dipping him again if he has a nasty flare up. I can continue to bathe him every day to keep his skin kiss-ably clean (and his BO under control)! When I asked what my vet recommended I feed him, he just looked at me and said, "There are so many theories on feeding, but obviously, whatever it is you're doing is working--just keep it up." He goes back in a month for another check up (sooner if necessary, of course) and we'll talk about neutering then. There's really no hurry on that, so the surgery will happen only in Herc's good time.

For everyone's information, I am feeding him raw with Urban Wolf as the base. He's getting a daily supplement for his skin, digestive enzymes, goats milk (which he loves), and things like spinach, bananas, chicken liver, and raw egg mix-ins. His digestive system has been great, with no tummy or bowel upsets at all. He's finished his antibiotic regimen and is only on the Interceptor now. It won't be long before he goes from being Hercule to being Hercules!

I am SO happy with his "report card". We really can't see the 5 pounds on him--he's still a scrawny little train wreck. But he's getting better every day and it's measurable. Hooray! I suspect this little guy will be hard to place, but I'm confident he will be place-able once he's regained his health--which he has every intention of doing as quickly as possible!

I've attached a few pictures. I didn't manage to get everyone, but they're awfully nice shots of Herc and a couple of his compatriots."

How can such a skinny, sick, nearly hairless, tongue-stickin' outy, funny lookin' guy inspire such extremes of affection? marvels

The [beautiful and appealing and also possibly just a little bit jealous] Frog Princess

Monday, October 8

Tony the Tiger

Tony came to us as a consequence of some behavioral problems which culminated in biting a neighbor. He'd also been trying to control the children's behavior (good luck with that, Tony!) and he'd been marking in the house. In short, Tony was a Tyrant!

He's undergoing a systematic reboot in foster care under the loving and tender eye of a no-nonsense family. He's already making progress.

Here is a photo of Tony the T, sucking on his hedgehog. He loves this toy so much his mom sent three of them along with him to foster care! Tony's habit is common in dogs, and though many of us find it endearing to see a big ol' Golden Retriever or a crabby little Frenchie blissed out with a toy, we will be working on curbing his fixation and dependency on this object.

Underneath all that stripey bluster there's a happy, good-natured and secure boy just waiting to burst out, believes

The Frog Princess

Sunday, October 7

Meet Bad, Bad Leroy Brown!

Leroy Brown is a puppy mill survivor! (Everybody say "Yay!") He was plopped into a St. Louis shelter from whence one of our fearless Missouri volunteers snabbled him up and kept him for a few days and then he made tracks with a Wisconsin volunteer all the way up to the tippy top of Illinois where he will be fostered by yet another volunteer: a vet tech who will be able to give him all the specialized treatments he may require. Out of the frying pan, into the cushy chair, eh, Leroy? Here's what his transporter had to say about her two days on the road with the handsome and eligible Leroy Brown:

"Well, I'm only a small cog in the Leroy Brown wheel, but we did have quite an eventful road trip.

I picked him up from [the volunteer] in Mo. who had gotten him out of the shelter. He's got a neck injury that [his foster mom] will be getting a diagnosis and a treatment plan for. The problem causes him to have some very violent muscle spasms which will often pitch him face forward to the ground. It's quite pathetic to see.

He was feeling mighty poorly when I got to the house. He was not taking his medication orally, didn't want to walk, hadn't eaten or drunk for a day, and just seemed beaten down by it all, and so we both felt a vet visit before he took a long car drive was really necessary. We made arrangements
for us to see the vet who had seen him earlier in the week. After a sad and tearful farewell between this poor, sad boy and his loving rescuer, I took him to the animal hospital where we waited. And waited. Finally we were taken in back where he was examined and given some fluids, a steroid shot, and a pain relief shot.

I could have returned to Milwaukee, but that didn't seem fair to someone who was as miserable as he, so later that evening, we holed up in a motel room in a chain that has the marvelous good taste to use a Frenchie for a spokesdog. As the medications began to take effect, he perked up greatly. Especially at the sight of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and the holiest of St. Louis pizza Grails, bacon pizza with extra tomato sauce from Imo's. This Missouri boy knew what he had to do and abandoned the few remaining crumbs of the Quarter Pounder to enjoy himself some pizza-pie.

In the morning, fueled by the last bit of Imo's finest and having taken his pills with a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit (there is a culinary pattern establishing here, aina?) we took off in my Bug for parts north.
It was a leisurely trip, we visited many interesting rest stops going up the I- Double Nickel (as a matter of fact ALL the rest stops. Steroids'll do that to ya.) Many sniffs were sniffed, and one extremely interesting bush got him almost to lift his leg in reply, but the steroids weren't quite that miraculous. (I laughed. I admit it. I'm a bad, bad person, and I laughed. Only his dignity was injured.)

We got to Leroy's lovely foster home in northern Illinois in the late afternoon of a beautiful Indian summer day. His wobbly gait was met with great sympathy as he pitched and yawled his way around his new foster house. He's a lucky boy, a nice boy, a very good boy and I expect to hear great things of him."

In an upcoming entry, you'll learn more about Leroy Brown's visit to the UW vet school, promises

The Frog Princess

Saturday, October 6

Daisy Duke Plays with Her Hot Wheels!

Daisy Duke got a set of wheels this past month! She will not be denied! Daisy is available and looking for a permanent family. Take a look at her bio and see if this beautiful girl could find a place in your home. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos of these beautiful children and Daisy Duke.

Go, Speed Racer! Go, Speed Racer! Go, Speed Racer, GO!

The Frog Princess

Samson Graduates Physical Therapy

Last month, our beloved Samson completed his 12 week course of physical therapy. For each session, his foster mom drove over an hour to drop him off in the morning and again in the evening to pick him up again. Samson loved the trainers and the facility, and he made some wonderful progress. Here's his foster mom's note celebrating Samson's last session:

"Now I know how a real mom feels. My little big frog will graduate from physical therapy and rehab Friday of this week. It has been a series of ten weeks from session number 1 to our final session number 18 on Friday of this week. Samson had a week off from therapy midway. He will join all the graduates at the end of this week. Samson was hoping perhaps someone could host a party in his honor including wine and cheese and perhaps some Toblerone for his foster mom?

It has been a learning experience for myself and a physical experience for Sam Sam. He totally loves PT, the staff, the girl pooches and most of all the regained prance in his step. In many ways, I am sorry that it is ending as the progress was so remarkable and his time so enjoyable. I will have a list of home exercises available as we will continue at-home therapy while he continues to take small steps toward recovery.

It will certainly be nice to have a full time copilot and Frenchie company throughout the workday as he seems very happy being along for the ride. We have the chance to have a lunchtime break and a walk and as the weather cools, I think his preference may be not to be at home if he can accompany me."

Samson, even without the long, curly hair, we think you are strong and brave and bold! sighs
The Frog Princess

Tuesday, October 2


Julia, aka Jewels, was rescued from a Missouri puppy mill and was surrendered to FBRN by the fabulous folks at the St. Louis Humane Society.

We are so glad to have Julia and her ears with us!

So far, Julia is adjusting very well to life indoors with a family. She got to meet and travel with a seven year-old helper as she was transported by an FBRN volunteer to her foster home, and she conducted herself with aplomb and dignity. Julia has been introduced to her foster family's kitties and has shown a great deal of interest in them, but has so far made no hostile gestures in their direction. Or even in the general direction of their Auntie, pipes up Woodrow, our obstreperous nephew here visiting for the week.

Julia is a very sweet girl, and enjoys nothing better than being held in someone's arms. She sighs and relaxes and her enormous ears send out satisfied and happy radio signals to dogs in far galaxies and ham operators around the world.

Ham? inquires
The Frog Princess

PS Please don't forget! If you have an FBRN grad you would like to see featured on the FBRN calendar, submit your photos by the 19th of October. The rules are HERE.

New! At FBRN's Shopping Mall!

We have expanded our offering of bottle cap medals for your dog's collar! There are two new types of medal, both very limited in availability.

We have just seven of these great Hallowe'en medals.

And we are offering another seven of these beautiful Star of David medals after receiving a request from one of our supporters:

Some have hearts and flowers in the background, and some have stars and moons.

If you would like to order one or more, hurry over to the FBRN shopping mall's accessories page, scroll down to the St. Francis Blessing medals and click on the St. Francis medals. When you make your PayPal payment, just specify what medal you'd like: Hallowe'en, Stars and Moon Star of David, or Hearts and Flowers Star of David.

Our volunteer, Lesley Sailor, makes these herself, and they are great, especially for the Frenchie who doesn't like a costume, but doesn't mind a bit of flash and sparkle.

We do enjoy a bit of bling, admits
The Frog Princess

Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? Well, Butch Has!

Butch came to us from a puppy mill background. He was rescued by a lovely woman who took him home and worked with him, and soon he was feeling fine as frogs' hair. Then the trouble started.

Butch became so attached to his Good Samaritan that he and the resident dog began to scrap and fuss over who was the Best Beloved. Regretfully, Butch's person decided to place him with FBRN, in hopes that Butch will be able to settle in with a wonderful family.

Right now Butch is enjoying his stay in his foster home. He's having lots of fun with the big ol' fluffy Black Russian Terrier.

And to keep him in line and shipshape and yar, there's Dream. She's a lady of a certain age and we are convinced she spent some time in a military branch. Just look at the way she is telling Butch just how the cow ate the cabbage. Does that boy appear to be thinking about giving her any sass, backtalk or lip? No-o. Tell you what, some of these old gals can really keep order in the ranks. Wonder if we could convince some principals to employ a few rescue girls as hall monitors in some of our more out of control schools?

Betcha there'd be no more smokin' in the boys' room! wagers
The Frog Princess

Lulu Demonstrates

For those of our dear Frenchies whose selfish and thoughtless people are temporarily elsewhere or otherwise occupied, FBRN graduate Lulu demonstrates the proper form for a self-administered backrub.

1. Warm the muscles with a lengthy period of stretching on sunny pavement. Add sound effects as desired.

2. Begin the scratching with gentle squirming motions against an outcropping, such as a stone in the lawn or a projecting board from a fence or a cement stair. As the itchy spot moves to other areas of the neck and shoulders,

3. Roll onto the back and thoroughly scour the spine and shoulder region with energetic wriggling and writhing movements. Be sure to move into an open area so as not to interrupt the scratching session by encountering any obstacle. Wriggle and writhe with vigor and be sure to kick out the back legs until the heart rate's target zone is reached. Wriggling and writhing should be accompanied by snorting and blowing.

Lulu points out that the entire experience is enhanced if something 2 days dead can be found to add an aromatherapy element to the exercise.

4. Finally, for the cool down portion of the autonomous back scratch, be sure to roll slowly from side to side, heaving and blowing in a walrus or grampus fashion, bedewing all those who might stumble into view with a fine Frenchie mist. If one's person should unexpectedly appear whilst one is scratching one's own back, it is best to appear to be having a fit of some kind, so as to keep secret one's ability to scratch one's own itchy spot.

Lulu would like to stress that a self-administered back scratch should be undertaken only as a last resort. If her selfish and thoughtless people get the idea that a Frenchie can scratch her own back, it is possible that some back scratching will be withheld. This is an unthinkable state of affairs. Back scratches are a right, not a privilege, in Lulu's view.

And a sensible and right-thinking point of view it is, agrees
The Frog Princess

Twila Gets Mobile!

Twila recently received a custom-made cart to make zooming around the homestead a bit easier. She took to it like a pro. Here's what her foster mom had to say about Twila's first day gone mobile:

"Twila received a new BMW convertible yesterday. She took to driving like a fish to water. As she was running around the room she kept saying something about move over Dale Earnhardt Jr. I am coming through. Last I saw her she was heading for the west 40!"

Thanks to all Twila's sponsors for making it possible for Twila to move around after so much time on crate rest!

Twila got to go to the National French Bulldog Specialty Show held in Denver, CO, last month. She and FBRN grad Brutus got to ride all the way from Florida to CO, and they had a blast! Everyone who met her was immediately struck by her beautiful personality and her perpetual smile. Twila's name means twilight, but her spirit lights up a room like the noonday sun.

The Frog Princess