Saturday, September 30


One of our volunteers made an appearance on a local television program earlier this month. She and her Frenchie, Ally, were guests on Pug Vito Corleone's program.
Ally and Vito are well-acquainted, and this appearance was actually Ally's second visit to TV land. On this second visit, Ally's mom got a chance to discuss FBRN and breed rescue.
Alas, Vito has fallen for the enchanting and fashionable Ally, but Ally's heart is still her own. Twas ever thus, sweet Vito. We hope in time to see a rapprochement on Ally's part, but until then, we will be on the lookout for another charming smooshie-faced girl for you. There are plenty of frogs in the pond, wisely counsels
The Frog Princess

Thursday, September 28


Our post today is meant to show off a recent grad's humble beauty. This is Bubba, placed earlier this year with a lovely couple and their Frenchie girl. He is soooooo good-lookin'! as Jerry Seinfeld might say. More than one FBRN volunteer lost her heart to him when he was in foster care. We had to keep his location a secret to prevent volunteers from spiriting him away to their own homes! Not surprising.
Just look at these adorable head tilts from way back when. Did you evah? Is there a more photogenic little Frenchie boy? We couldn't be happier that this pulchritudinous and gallant critter has found such a happy home. He even lets his sister sleep in the cushy bed. He's a noble beast, he is. Noble.

We are very pleased to see that young Bubba just keeps getting more darling, and he is looking very fit and sleek and healthy. It's all those walks around the lake by his new place.

He's a good boy, and he's a nice boy, and he's a handsome boy. He is just like the son we never had, cries
The Frog Princess

Farewell to a Friend

Earlier this month, an FBRN grad went to the bridge. Her name was Chloe. Her life with her dad was too brief, and after a struggle with Cushing's disease that lasted over a year, she crossed from her owner's arms to her maker's. Here are some photos of Chloe taken before she became ill. Spare a thought for her grieving dad, and be extra sweet to your own furry friends tonight.
Requiescat in pace, Chloe.
The Frog Princess

Tuesday, September 26


The trend in international adoptions has spread to FBRN! Zappa, the zippy deaf Frenchie named for a late, lamented iconoclastic musician, has flown by private plane from Toronto to New York state, where he will be enjoying life with a Frenchie sister and a completely smitten mamma.
It was especially tough for Zappa's foster mom to let him go, but that's what foster families do. They volunteer to get their hearts broken. We couldn't do what we do without our foster families. Spare a thought for a foster mom's grief today, but don't fret too long. The sadness is easier to bear when the forever family sends photos, updates, news and Christmas cards featuring the happy grad. Maybe the family sends a photo and wins their Frenchie a spot on the Frenchie calendar, and the proud foster family gets to see a big photo of their baby every day for a month!
And then one day there comes a knock on the door and the welcome distraction of another needy Frenchie on the doorstep.
We send our regards to Zappa and wish him well in his new home. A regal command to "Sheik Yerbouti" in celebration accompanies the signature of
The Frog Princess

Stella la Bella!

Hey! We've got a Stella and a Stanley! All we need now is a Blanche and a little tiny streetcar, and we can put on a play! This is bella Stella, a surrender from northern California. Her foster mom sent us this note. "I'd like to introduce everyone to two year old Stella! She was surrendered last week by a family that didn't have enough time for her. She's super high energy and gets along well with our submissive female boxer cross, though I think she might get into trouble with more dominant dogs.
She's a queen bee. This girl has severe allergies and is heartbreakingly itchy. She'll definitely need a forever home that is ready to deal with lifelong skin management.

On the plus side, Stella has a really fun personality. She loves to snuggle with people and doggie friends and takes great pleasure in stealing our Busy's toys. She's sweet and gentle with our 3 month old son, and also did well with our friend's two year old."

Poor Busy is right to look worried about sharing her bed. We know a little something about life with a Queen Bee Frenchie. We are one. Stella, we welcome you to FBRN, and we send you honeyed greetings from
The Frog Princess

Sunday, September 24

Babycakes Attends a Party!

We received a request for news about Babycakes, an FBRN outpost adoptee who frequently graces these pages. Her foster mom sent us an album of photos from a Frenchie get-together in Denver earlier this summer, and we thought we'd share some of them with you. Here's Babycakes begging one of the attendees for another race up and down the yard. We are pretty sure Babycakes is responsible for the look of exhaustion on his face.And here's Babycakes engaged in conversation with two unidentified Frenchies. We feel sure they are talking about topics of high intellectual caliber, and not merely gossiping about the Frenchies on the other side of the yard.

And who is this? Yes, sharp eyed readers will recognize this handsome devil as Gus-Gus, the dog who likes to sit in his water dish. Unfortunately, this is not his dish, but was meant to be a communal bowl. Thank heavens for the caterers! Plain, fresh, unGus-flavored water was widely available at this shindig.

Here's Babycakes again, off to keep order amongst the too-much-funners. There's always some clown who spikes the punch, isn't there? And then look what happens! A perfectly nice clam bake turns into an unsanctioned WWF match. Thank heavens some Frenchies keep their heads. We still aren't sure who was responsible for the punch-spiking. Gus assures us it wasn't him.

And here's Babycakes helping a shy little wallflower Frenchie enjoy the party. Babycakes just has that precious gift of making everyone feel at home and welcome. We've all known someone like Babycakes, and they make the world a better, sweeter place. Dame Babycakes, for your efforts toward Frenchie unity and for your all-around adorability, we are proud to award you the title Esteemed Dame of the Realm, with all the rights and privileges thereunto pertaining, including a very warm place in the heart of
The Frog Princess

Saturday, September 23

Carlin and 'Cakes Stop By

Carlin and Pancake's foster mom sent us some photos of these darling boys. Carlin is the eyebrow Frenchie, and for some reason, he got the lion's share of photo opportunities.
Here he is in his comfy bed, raising his head to ask for some peace and quiet, so that he can get some much needed rest. At night, Carlin sleeps on the pillow beside his foster mom's head, while Pancake sleeps in the middle of the bed, producing so much heat that in her sleep, his foster mom scoots to the edge of bed. She says a home with cold footed people would be ideal for Pancake!

And here is a side view of our Carlin, staring off into the distance, thinking terribly deep thoughts about the nature of life and the politics of daily struggle in the lives of dogs without access to 24 hour kitchen privileges. His mom tells us that he has become accustomed to working for what he wants, though he has managed to draw out learning "sit" over several weeks. "Down" is next. Carlin finds all this ordering and commanding very troubling. Oppression. That's what it is, really.

There is good news about Carlin's health! Following a course of antibiotics, the swelling in his ear has diminished to the point that an ear canal can be discerned, and we are hoping that there will be no need for surgery. Here we see Carlin with his friend Pogo, hoping for a treat and a bit of a chinny scratch.

And finally, we have an eloquent, speaking photo of Pancake, who has turned his back on his foster mom in a fit of pique, commenting wordlessly on the ratio of photographic artifacts submitted featuring his likeness versus the number of photos featuring that newcomer Carlin. Poor Pancake. What little nose he's got is completely out of joint.

Don't be downcast, Pancake! You certainly have fans in the world, and foremost among them is
The Frog Princess

Friday, September 22

"I Love, I Love, I Love My Calendar Girl!"

It's time once again for all FBRN foster families and adopters and Outpost adopters to look through their digital photo albums and send us their cheesecake and beefcake baby pictures for the FBRN fundraising calendar!
Here is Anna Belle on her pretty pink bed to help us announce the call for photos. Alas, this photo is ineligible because it is in a low resolution, and it is in vertical, rather than horizontal mode.To submit a photo to the contest, go to the front page of the FBRN website and follow the links to the rules page. In short, here are the big requirements.
Photos must be of FBRN or Outpost dogs only: no other critters or people, please.
Photos must be in highest possible resolution and taken in horizontal or landscape, not vertical or portrait, mode.
Only 3 entries per dog will be accepted.
Preference will be given to photos which could be said to reflect a seasonal or monthly theme.
Please help us make this year's calendar the best ever! We will be selecting 13 photos (12 months and a cover) from the submissions we receive over the next few weeks. Get out those digital cameras and your big box of dog treats and costumes, and have some fun with your Frenchie! For photo tips, see the link to the rules page on the FBRN website homepage. The complete rules will be available very soon, so watch the front page!
Selections of the photos will be made by 9 incorruptible cohorts in the retinue of the Court of the
Frog Princess

Wednesday, September 20

Emma Flies Away Home

Last month, Emma made the trip from Vermont, where she'd been staying with her foster family, to Colorado, where she met her FBRN graduate brother and sister, Vinny da Patch and Mea.

Emma's flight was very interesting, and she enjoyed the views from the windows and had a chance to make some friends in high places.

When she got to her new digs, she didn't take much time getting acquainted with her new people, and, in the heartless way of foster dogs everywhere, seemed to recognize her people as her new family, and settled right down with nary a backward glance as her foster mom left.

We expect plenty of updates from Emma and lots and lots of photos of these furkids. Emma's a real character, and we'd love to hear all about her Rocky Mountain adventures with her new family.

Hiking, mountain biking, fishing, snowshoeing...the possibilities for an active young Frenchie boggle the mind of
The Frog Princess

Pixie Puts Us in Stitches

We know many of our readers have been on pins and needles waiting for an update on the tiny Frenchie from Texas, Pixie. Turns out this wee wanderer is a pint-sized pill! Her foster mom had the nerve to go out to dinner with her husband, and upon their return they discovered that Pixie had torn out her spay stitches and turned herself inside out! Heavens above! Thank Providence that Pixie's foster mom is a vet assistant and she was able to scoop up Pixie, whisk her to the vet's and even assist in the surgery to get all her innards back in! The vet used grocery twine to zip her up--ok, no. The sutures were the kind they use on Mastiffs--and Pixie has been wearing a fashionable Elizabethan collar in her crate ever since. Her foster mom looks great in her prematurely whitened 'do, but has handed off young Pixie to another foster home, where someone can keep an eye on her and where her family has time to give her some training.
So far, Pixie is growing accustomed to being in a crate--but she cries in the most piteous way to be released from her puppy prison. She's also entered a strict potty-training regimen, and she is not allowed to fail. That means a lot of standing and waiting for her foster mom, but hey! this peanut has got to be persuaded that, cute as she is, she is no Eva Peron! The dictators in her foster home walk on only 2 legs.
Pixie and her foster sister are just getting on like ham and cheese. These two are inseparable. You can see for yourself how really itsy Pixie is, compared to an ordinary sized Frenchie.
Last week, as her new foster mom was getting ready to go to church, probably to pray for patience, but I'm not sure, she was startled to see Pixie saunter into the room with a great big smile on her wicked little face! After charging into the puppy rooom to see who had let Pixie loose, she discovered that Pixie had released herself from the exercise pen, either by going over or going under. No more exercise pen for Pixie. She's now either tethered to her foster mom or in her crate.
It sure seems to us that this gal is a pistol! She simply will not be denied! Good thing this tiny package is so cute. Who could be angry with a face like that? She's so full of herself, so delighted with her own ingenuity. Thank heaven this dog is operating on her own. Can you imagine an army of her ilk? World domination would be assured. Resistance? Pfff.
Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage, but even if they did, we are pretty sure Pixie would be picking the locks and walking away, stepping high, wide and handsome down the freedom road. We send her our admiration and, to her foster family, a sincere hope for mental health, a sense of humor, patience and a really good headache remedy. Snatch up that teeny terror and give her a flurry of kisses from
The Frog Princess

Tuesday, September 19

Bolla Bops By

Meet bootiful Bolla. It's pronounced "boola," but as long as you don't call her late to dinner, ha ha! we don't think she minds if you mispronounce it. In our mind, we call her Beulah, and we call it a day. Boola's story is much too sad to be told, as the old song goes, but we're going to tell it anyway. Adopted by a family from a breeder, Bolla was to be a companion to the family's resident older girl. Alas, the fair maiden Bolla was regarded with jealousy and deep distrust by the family's aging beauty, and with a two year old toddler to worry about, the family just couldn't keep track of two feudin' Frenchies. A tearful and sad decision was made to give Bolla up before she found herself keeping house for seven wee little miners off deep in the forest somewhere.
It's an ugly thing, this jealousy between Frenchie girls. We hate to see it. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does happen, hoo boy! Stand back, and as a friend of ours says, "Keep your hands away from their mouths, people!" Bolla was advertised by her seller as being housetrained, but it turns out that was not so much true as not true at all, and it's another reason she was surrendered. Housebreaking a toddler is hard enough, imagine trying to housebreak a toddler and a baby Frenchie!
We expect our foster home will have her shaped up in that area right quick, and she should be fit for indoor freedom before she arrives on her adopters' doorstep. Bolla doesn't have any obedience training, but we expect she will know at least sit by the time she's ready to go to her home. That will be following spay surgery. You can see how enthusiastic about that young Bolla is.

This petite gal is just about 18 pounds. But don't let her size fool you, she's been seen nipping at the heels of the resident Frenchies and even stands up to the 150 pound Rottweiler in her foster home! We're not sure if we'd call her courageous or cuckoo, but she's a sassy little miss.
She likes to stroll around on a lead surveying the neighborhood doings and receiving tributes from the populace. Bolla's great with children, but her favorite activity is lying on the divan and watching her minions mingle in the parlor. If she can entice one of her people to sit beside her and skritch her head, that's even better. From time to time she rouses herself to bedevil the kitty, but that's just for fun. What Frenchie can resist chasing a fleeing feline? Not too many Frenchies in the wide acquaintance of
The Frog Princess

Monday, September 18

It's Kismet!

Kismet was surrendered when she started guarding her pregnant owner and attacking the elderly husky in residence at her former home.

Some dogs develop odd behaviors when children join the family or someone in the home gets pregnant. Clingy dogs may get clingier, aloof dogs may grow more aloof or become velcro-like. Dogs in a pregnant home may become confused or anxious with changing routines. Laps that were once welcoming places may slowly disappear. Fatigue or morning sickness may mean forgotten walks or late breakfasts.
Creation of a nursery or the addition of new furniture, and changes in hormones may provoke concern in dogs. Children in the home may also become excited by the prospect of a new brother or sister or act out with a dog. We learned that Kismet had been snarky with a 3 year-old in her family, but she seemed fine with a 16 year-old boy.
If you are considering adding a member or two to your family, here's a link to some suggestions from the San Francisco SPCA.
We want to add that Kismet was evaluated by a local group and found to be not at all dangerous. But like some men who develop a sympathetic pregnancy, she had an unexpected reaction to an incipient addition to the family. Experts we read would probably say she was sensing changes in the air and perhaps felt a misguided urge to protect and defend the pregnant mom. Kismet will make someone a wonderful companion, and we hope she'll be placed shortly and live happily ever after! With a name like Kismet, we believe she's destined for wonderful things. It's practically written in the stars above the head of
The Frog Princess

Sunday, September 17

A Visit to Key West

Roscoe the Elder has been adopted! And what a life he is bound for! It begins with a month-long visit to beautiful Key West, Florida, with his new family, which includes a new sister named Demi. Here's what his new Mom had to say about Roscoe's first few days in colorful, relaxed Key West:
"We arrived in KWF this past Tuesday evening, and have been getting settled in (and our boy used to the heat). He is doing famously. Only mild, and very rare, growling episodes -- either related to discomfort/pain or fear/guarding. We don't put up with it and generally ignore or redirect, so he's discovered it's a fairly useless exercise and is learning to ask for what he wants in other ways, or simply take time out.
Otherwise, he's just terrific. He's very popular with my pals, Demi loves him and eggs him on to play constantly, he loves wondering around the courtyard here, running and head-butting his ball at the dog park, getting excessive amounts of lovin', all things chewable, sleeping where he wants, and generally chillin'.
His energy is getting better everyday, too, and he's vocal, expressive and on a pretty good routine. He's a really easy dog, let me tell you.

I finally decided to go ahead and change his name -- to Beaudelaire. After the French poet. But, of course, we just call him "Beau/Bo." I figured since we were going to start dropping in on an obedience class, this (the class and the new name) might help him bond even more and realize that this is his last, final home.

Right now the Big B is lying on the cool tile, snoring like a freight train after a good deal of time and effort spent digging a hole almost to China at the beach."

We hope Beaudelaire is enjoying his days in the sun and continues to have fun playing with Demi. Let us know if you see any of those infamous 6-toed Hemingway kitties!
Congratulations to Beaudelaire's new family from
The Frog Princess

Saturday, September 16

Hope and Faith Are Waiting!

Faith and Hope, our two girls retired from a breeding operation, are making great strides towards health. We got a message about their progress recently, and we'd like to share it with you. Here's their foster mom, discussing some of the girls' favorite things.
"The girls are doing GREAT!!! They are so sweet and love to play! Faith enjoys tearing up stuffies so I have to be careful about what I give her.
Hope is a little more timid but still very friendly. I am going to post
them together because they complement each other so well.
Both girls have
medical issues that they will always have. Hope has ear issues and Faith
has eye issues. Other than that they are healthy. They are slowly but surely trimming down a bit.
Last time I had
them to the vet, they were both around 29 pounds (down from 30-31 pounds)
and that was two or three weeks ago. They run around like they are little
kids!! They will make someone wonderful companions." If you're interested in adopting a couple of pied beauties, see their available post. Hope and Faith will bless your home, guarantees
The Frog Princess

Friday, September 15

Carlin and Dutch

We were very happy to receive a note from Carlin's foster mom about his progress recently.
Turns out young Carlin is a whiz at potty training (hee!), and though he gets a bit testy around unneutered males, he is not red-line aggressive. We think that means he doesn't blow his stack completely.
Carlin's ears are looking much better following his treatments, and he's even growing some hair back on his little nubby tail!
We just know Carlin is going to make a lucky someone a wonderful companion. You can check out his details on our website, and watch for him to become available next week.
A big thank you to Patti's mom for so ably (wo)manning the blog during our vacation! We are home safe and sound and very well-rested after a week at the coast in the land of
The Frog Princess

Monday, September 11

Louis, Louis

Have you seen our new foster, Louis?(we use the french pronunciation..Loueee). He has a bit of the "l'enfant terrible" in him (just where are those french accent keys anyway?) but saints preserve us, just look at that face.

Louis is four months old, and had a very rough start. He was purchased from a puppy mill, and shortly after going to his new home, he came down with mange. Louis has spent nearly half his life crated in isolation for this condition. When he finally went home, he bit someone for trying to take his toy away. Lucky for Louee, the his owners turned him over to Adopt A Boxer Rescue at Lisa, who fosters and trains boxers contacted FBRN to see if someone could take him, and volunteered to keep him for a few days and evaluate his behavior. Thanks to Jan and Lisa and Jamie for helping Louis out! His foster family is working on his guarding issues and he is learning his good puppy manners.

Louis hates the frenchie that lives in the oven. He barks at his reflection everytime he passes it. Shorty, (adopted through FBRN's "Frenchie Outpost")was less than thrilled with Louis' presence, but has been getting better. He and Louis are united in their hatred of the dryer buzzer. Whenever it goes off they both bark and run around like lunatics.

Louis has no problems with dogs, but he is a cat humper. The cats asked us not to elaborate.

Louis is a very sweet pup. He has become very attached to his foster kid. He follows him everywhere, and sits and stares at the front door when he leaves. For some reason, he sticks his tongue out when you pick him up and when he sleeps. He is a snuggle bug, and loves to sleep with the people. Like all good frenchies, he hogs the middle.

Keep an eye on Louis on the FBRN website. Once he learns to control his mouthy behavior and stop guarding his toys and food he will be posted on the "available" page and it's gonna be wilder than a shoe sale at Barney's. You just watch.

So says the substitute blogger (just till Wednesday and thanks for your patience while the Frog Princess is off plundering, or whatever it is she does on her days off),

Saturday, September 9

Flying Simon Crouching Penny

As you know, some frenchies are born with a real party engine inside. Simon's is supersized. He's wiry. In foster care he played so hard he sprained poor Rosey's ankle, and Rosey is no slouch. In securing a forever home for Simee, it was clear that he needed a playmate who could hold her own with a guy who has springs in his knees. He needed a roller derby queen.

Enter Penny.

Penny is a pitbull mix with high butane goofball fuel built right in. She doesn't like all dogs - and she could easily overpower a small dog like Simon, so extra care and play dates were required before this adoption was approved.

But oh man. You can't argue with chemistry. Or a slobber slicked bully ball of a Saturday night wrasslin' match.

Obviously, their play is monitored lest it escalate into something beyond fun. After about a half hour, somebody (no one will say who) cries Uncle and they retreat to opposite sides of the ring, er, bed, for a rest.

Oh to be young and in love with a girl twice your size. It's better than all the pig ears in the world wrapped up in a pound of prosciutto. At least that's what Simon says.