Saturday, October 31

Ask Frog Princess: Boxers or Frogs?

Several months ago we put out the call for questions from the hoi polloi, and boy, did we get 'em!

Here's a post we received asking if a person who loves a boxer can learn to love a frog:

Taylor said...

Hello! I am new to the adoration of the Frogdog--a novice devotee, as it were. I am contentedly owned and serving my boxer girl, Rosie, currently but believe she pines away for someone who truly understands her passion for pulling out her stuffed baby's innards.

I hear frenchies have many of the personality traits I adore in boxers (goofy grins, great comic timing, eager to please, intelligence without OCD or herding types)without the size and strength that makes a young boxer so daunting. Your thoughts, Your Highness? Can a servant of a boxer make the transition to a Frenchie-supplicant?

The answer is, "Hot damn, you betcha!" Many of our volunteers have a variety of smoosh faced dogs, and some of the most popular amongst our multiple dog households are pugs and boxers.

We've been told many stories of people who loved boxers first and then learn to love Frenchies.

This person has something of a mania for boxers and Frenchies. Not too many people in the world can organize their dogs as she does:

"Here is the link to my sleeping dogs album. Tell them to check out the dogpile pics in it.
And here is the link to my yearly pics."

Here's a response about the similarities between boxers and Frenchies from one of our volunteers:

"Frenchies are like Boxers, but in a smaller package.

They have very similar play styles...they play hard and sleep harder!

They are a good match in temperament, activity level, easy to maintain short coats and similar health issues.

My female Boxer was very nurturing, even though she was spayed early, and she always enjoyed having a Frenchie or numerous Frenchies to dote upon and play with."

Ashley said about Boxers: "Let me start by saying that I have never had a foster that truly realized it was a Frenchie, they all thought they were Boxers! They can do zoomies around the yard together,

nibble on each other (but no one gets hurt because neither have big teeth), play with toys together, the Frenchies can hold court on the bed (b/c they always get up higher to make up for their size difference), and most of all CUDDLE together.

They all seem to think that they are each other's pillows.

Frenchies are enough fun for a boxer, and at the same time are never too dominant for a boxer.

Let's face it, Boxers may look mean and intimidating to some, but if you've ever loved

one you know that they're 60+ pound lap dogs with extremely gentle spirits.

You can't exactly explain why Boxers and Frenchies are such a good mix together, they just are. Maybe it's because they're both free-spirited clowns, or maybe Boxers are just big Frenchies with floppy ears : )"

And here's a brief description: "The Frenchie on the whole is a robust little dog with many of the same characteristics of the Boxer - in a smaller package.

They have big personalities, are tough and determined and as long as they are physically healthy, can play well with Boxers and the two breeds compliment one another very well."

And we'll end on a philosophical note: "I don't know what else to say except just this: All dogs are good dogs.
After consulting in good faith and really thinking it over, that is the opinion at Harvey Manor."

That is a philosophy entirely approved by

The Frog Princess

Friday, October 30

Abby Hallowe'en!

Our favorite Hallowe'en photo of all time: FBRN grad Abby as a dinosaur.

Have you seen our special Hallowe'en cover on the website? Artwork by Julie Farrell and animation by our webmaster, MB.

May all your visitors be good humored, with nary a trick among them!

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, October 28

Queenie Feeling a Bit More Bumpsadaisy

Here's a note to let you know that Queenie is feeling a bit better:

"Dear Frog Princess,
I'm very happy to say that things are getting back to normal and I'm feeling very much more like my old self: starchy, mostly grumpy with my subordinates and thoroughly superior! I'm a little disappointed to note that the hand feeding has stopped, but fine china will suffice I suppose. Please thank the people for asking about me, I've included an official photo taken of myself and my footman just a few days before I had to take to my bed, enjoying the autumn sunshine. I wonder if I got a damp chill from those fallen leaves? Huff, nature really isn't good for one at my age.


We are delighted to hear of Queenie's recovery. Re: hand feeding. Good help is SO hard to find, agrees

The Frog Princess

Don't Let the Dogs Out!

Yoda for wickedness watches, he will

Everybody loves Hallowe'en, but for many a doggie, it's no fun at all. Some Frenchies LOVE it! For some, an evening of doorbells and dimbulbs ranks right up there around a nice soak in the boiling blood of the seventh circle of Hell.

1. Think about it. Constant ringing and knocking at the door. Your dog gets overexcited when the neighbors boot up the barbecue, how's he gonna feel when your entire city drops by for NO GOOD REASON on one night? Put him in a back bedroom in a crate with some nice music on and the door shut. Check on him often. Anxious froggies can start panting and some even get diarrhea from the anxiety. That's no fun for anybody.

FBRN grad Brooke and friend, Reggie monkey around

2. Some dogs don't get your sister's, "Hey, it's me! I'm Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley!" joke. Bite now, figure it out later, that's their motto. For dogs, this is a matter of life and death. Don't count on your dog's "instincts" to help him figure out who is inside that box pretending to be a dishwasher. Your dog is overstimulated. That could mean somebody's gonna get perforated.

Don't let it be your father-in-law. Who'd have thought the old man could have so much blood in him?

FBRN grad Ollie as The Lobster Rollie

If you are having costumed people over, find a quiet place to crate your dog and play old videos of quiet times, like the births of your children, on the VCR. Don't make Buddy a part of the fun.

3. Do not allow your dog to be in the front room while the door is opening and closing twenty times an hour.

FBRN grad Little Lizzy does not want to be a jiraff

Many an ordinarily mellow frog has gone zipping out the door while people are oohing and aaahing over all the tiny dancers and little Presidents. If you MUST have your dog in the front of the house, leash him and tie him to a dining room table leg or some fixture that won't pull out. Put her behind a sturdy babygate she can't get over. We still promote the back room and a crate option, however.

4. Don't let the kids leave their candy out.

The Frog Princess in costume inspired by the song, "The Long Black Veil"

After the debauchery ends and the kids have gloated over their take, put the candy in a high place where neither toddler nor athletic pooch can get at it. We have friends who brag about how they've gotten on top of kitchen counters and dining room tables and chowed down on twenty dollar a pound cheeses set out for a party, so higher than the counter, please. It's not just the sound of the children's keening and wailing you want to avoid dealing with--it's the intestinal aftermath of a couple of pounds of sugar and the wrappers that you don't want to experience. Ask someone who knows. Ask your vet. Ask your carpet cleaner.

FBRN grad Tallulah as "Looliet"

5. If you choose to put your dog in a costume, never leave your dog unattended while he's in costume. Choking on the elastic is just one problem, but dogs can swallow whole elements of their costumes, like the pants or the cape, and then there is surgery and everybody feels bad. Except the vet, oddly enough, who will kindly and competently fix your dog for you. She sees a lot of that sort of thing at this time of the year.

In short, our best advice to you and your frog on Hallowe'en is this: you do your

Joey One Eye as Johnny Appleseed

thing and let your Frenchie hang out elsewhere, nice and quiet, where no one will frighten or annoy him past his tolerance zone or tempt him to run away or leave delicious and pernicious candy around for him to find.

Keep your Frenchie around until next Hallowe'en! That's all we're asking, pleads

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, October 27

God Save the Queenie!

Oh, no! FBRN grad and royal pain is under the weather! Please keep a good thought for Madame the Queenie!

Here's a note we got from Queen's mum:

"Queenie is officially off colour and suffering from a very bad chest infection. A temperature check on Saturday morning meant a rush to the vet and Xrays showed her lungs are full of yukk and she is cacking and spitting up all manner of nasty things. She's home wrapped in cosy comforters and taking antibiotics and being waited on... I know my place."

Poor Queenie. Send a good thought if you can spare it to a member of the family of

The Frog Princess

Monday, October 26

Zee is Last but Not Least

Zee may be the last letter in the alphabet, but she came first when the family learned they'd been selected to adopt her! Here's what her foster mom wrote:

"Zee left for her home, where she will join a family of 2 2-legged sibs and 1 4-legged sib named Sake. They were so excited to have been chosen,

and they rushed right over

after finding out they had been approved to pick her up. As you will see in the pictures they have already welcomed her into the family with open arms.

All they could do was kiss her.

Zee’s new family is missing a member as her new Dad has been deployed and will not be

returning to the US until September of 2010.

I’ve been told that he is very excited to meet his new family member, and he can't wait to get home to complete the pack."

If you know of a blog with any cuter children on it, we'd certainly like to see it, boasts

The Frog Princess

Sunday, October 25

Happy Days for Chachi!

We got a great set of photos from the adopter of Jaques Bo (now Chachi). Easy to see who is in charge in THIS organization. There is bully wrasslin in the hallways in the morning, noon, and night! What an athlete!

Playin in the hallway..... Chachi's mom sent some captions for us to go with the pics.

Still a playin.....

Whatcha doin he says

Here comes big brother...

Ha, I took Fonzie's bone now Fonzie has a sad face...

Uh oh here comes big sister...She is going for the bone!

Yup, she got it...

Now they both have sad faces...

But Pinky is happy with herself!

We would like to point out that this photo montage includes an excellent parable on the question, "Does might make right?" We think all the little Frenchies learned something here today, don't you? Of course, everyone knows the English can't be taught a thing! huffs

The Frog Princess

Saturday, October 24

Oh, Do You Know the Muffin Frog?

Sadly, we've come to know all too many dogs like Muffin over the years. Fortunately, a wonderful shelter worker was willing to put her into our hands, and Muffin is doing better now, after only two days on medicine and a day at the vet's in an oxygen tent. Here's her foster mom's story:
"Shelterdog Muffin... made it home with me. It is shocking!!!!!!!!
She is tiny, so skinny, has a bad cold, nasty eyes, no front teeth, many C-section
scars, funny looking feet, etc. Not sure about her disposition yet, when meeting good ole Vinnie she seemed a little on guard? But he is 33 lbs and she must weigh in at a hefty 10 lbs or so?
Here are some pictures, I am going to give her a bath. The Shelter said she has not eaten all week but I made her some chicken and green beans and she ate it! More later. The strange thing is: her body looks so old but her eyes look young? I wonder how old she is, my guess is 8 or 9? She looks sick to me! ...I can tell that at one time she must have been a real looker, she is one of the tiniest Frenchies!"

That night, Muffin met her foster dad like he was Santa Claus and spent the whole evening, after a much needed bath, scootched up next to him watching the tv. The next day, Muffin went to see the vet. It was very bad news for a dog already so sick. Very bad heartworm. Her breathing difficulties when Muffin lay down came from the heartworm. She stayed at the vet's overnight. Here's what her foster mom said when she picked her up:

"What a difference a day makes! My Vet had started Muffin on an aggressive heartworm-treatment that I was unaware of. I guess we misunderstood each other?
Anyway, I was shocked and scared. Let me tell you, the Muffin I picked up an hour ago is not the same dog! She is on Crate-rest for a month and is hooting and hollering to get out. She charged every dog in the waitingroom. She is feisty and breathing so much better, all in 1 day! Amazing! She has pills for her heart and pills for her lungs, other than that she does not go back for a month! She is not well by any means but not half dead anymore, either. She sure does not care for Vinnie at all! Poor Vinnie, he wants to play.
It will be a long road of recovery for Muffin (I call her Peanut) but now there is hope. She weighs more than she looks, she is 16 lbs with all her ribs showing! Her terrible teeth, her shots etc., will be addressed much later.
I have been a wreck over this little dog, it was so scary to watch her struggle for every breath.
Now she is wearing herself out crying and barking to get out of her kennel. This picture I took just now."

Muffin will need plenty of time to feel better, and a whole month in the life of a dog is a very long time! One of our volunteers is knitting her a sweater, while others are sending toys to keep her occupied while she endures the deprivations of The Crate.

We are so happy that this little stray, lost or stolen or dumped after who knows how many litters, is safe and undergoing treatment. We also have a lot of empathy for poor ol' Vinnie, who seems to have missed the boat this time when it comes to friendly foster dogs. We'll keep you posted as we learn more about Muffin, promises

The Frog Princess

Friday, October 23

Momi Comes Out of Her Shell

Here's an update on Momi, whose name is the Hawai'ian word for pearl.

"I was absolutely thrilled last night and then again this morning...

Shy little Momi, who normally peels out when she sees my young boys,
was a warm, loving, cuddle bug with them over the weekend. Last
night, I walked into the living room to see her snuggled up next to
Caleb (my 10 year old). Parker (my 4 year old) decided to join them
and again, she let him - and even seemed to welcome the extra lovin'.
Then, this morning, she followed Caleb around the house as he was
getting ready for school and - get this - even pawed at his leg for
extra scritches when she thought he wasn't paying enough attention to
her. I was blown away!

This is a huge victory for her. I am so proud of Momi for being so
brave - and my boys for being so patient with her!"

Momi has come a long way, and her life has had many incarnations. Once a breeder, then a pet, and following the death of her owner, a dog who was thrown into the yard and neglected.

Stories of recovery from neglect and abuse tend to cause a bit of teariness for

The Frog Princess

Thursday, October 22

Gratuitous Smeagol.

A frog who needs no introduction


Wednesday, October 21

Home on the Ranch

Billy the Kid's foster mom heard from his adopters and sent us some photos of Billy's new life on a ranch. His family has miniature donkeys and a Frenchie called Susie. We know Billy is smart enough to avoid the back end of those tiny, wee donkeys!

All Frenchies come with that much sense! Even so, we are relieved to see the fence that comes between the dogs and the donkeys. Here are the photos and his foster mom's note:

"Billy the Kid is right at home on his ranch. His mom tells me that he loves to visit A.J. the miniature donkey, and they like to run with each other. They have renamed him "Twinkie" because when his mom got home with him and he got out of the truck, his new dad said he looked like a Twinkie!

His dad is quite smitten with him, and he is getting along great with his new sister, Susie. I have attached some pictures of him with Susie, A.J. the miniature donkey, their "pack" of donkeys, and one of Billy with his dad.

It warms my heart to see how great he is doing!"

Twinkie is another wonderful example of all the good our supporters and volunteers do. Twinkie's horizons have expanded so much because our volunteers were there to give him a foster home and our supporters were there to take care of his veterinary bills.

He's a good dog and a lucky dog, declares

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, October 20

Nite Nite

We feel very happy when one of our foster families chooses to adopt an elderly or disabled foster. Here is a letter from Nite's foster family, describing how well Nite has fit in at their home. At 12 years old, we felt the old boy should not be moved again, so when his foster family asked to adopt him, we said, "You bet!"

Here's the note:

"M. and I were very fortunate to be approved to adopt FBRN foster Nite. Just before his 12th birthday, Nite was dropped off at a vet clinic by his owners for euthanasia because he was urinating in the house. The vets examined him and felt he had a few good years left, so they called FBRN. The urinating in the house was due to a UTI which quickly cleared up. Nite has limited mobility in his hind legs because of severe hip dysplasia and disc disease involving nerve impingement.

Nite gets along fabulously with our pack and seems like he has been here from day one. He recently traveled to a dog show with us, and all the breeders and handlers just loved him and thought he was quite handsome.

Nite loves to play with our two Frenchie boys and our mixed breed girl. He loves to scratch his back in the grass and mow the lawn. He loves toys, long hard naps and lap and floor cuddles. And we love him very much."

These photos show pied Nite, fawn Louie and brindle Ozzie enjoying some cool autumn weather. We hate to think what might happen to an old boy like Nite without caring vets, FBRN volunteers, and sponsors and supporters who make it all possible.

Many, many wishes for a long and happy life with your family are coming your way from

The Frog Princess