Friday, November 29

Magnolia's Secret Santa Gifts Arrived!

A few years ago, a volunteer suggested that we might like to do a Secret Santa program for our foster dogs, just among us volunteers, to spread some of the joy of the season.  Just in time for the first night of Hannukah, Magnolia--a long-time FBRN favorite--brought in the season with a package of goodies!

Here's the note we got from Mags's foster mom and some photos of Mags and her loot!

"So, Magnolia was acting funny by the front door. I thought maybe she had to go outside. It was raining, and Magz never wants to go outside in the rain. I open the door, and there is a box for Magnolia! My mailman is terrified of Magz, so he must have done a stealth mission and left it on my porch without setting Magz off...or did he?

 "So, I bring in the package and Magz is jumping around – how does she know it’s for her? Magz knows. I put it on the counter so I can set up my photo shoot and now she’s whining at it. So, we open it, and she goes crazy for all the balls in the box. She got some balls, and treats, box of chocolate for me, and a beautiful ornament. A big thank you too her secret santa - T.H. and pups! I am afraid that Magz is now a super spoiled monster, and loves receiving presents! See for yourself."

We will leave you with a photo from last year of the unsinkable Magnolia in a set of her signature holiday deely-bobbers, in the hopes that your Thanksgiving was warm and aroma-filled, and the rest of your weekend is relaxed and rejuvenating.

May the season be merry and bright! exclaims

The Frog Princess

Friday, November 15

In Case You've Been Worried

The kids are all right!

One of our volunteers has a daughter named Maddie, an FBRN junior volunteer, who celebrated her ninth birthday last week with a party.  Children who attended the party were asked to bring presents for 3 of our fosters: Magnolia, Locksley, and Jessie.  Children received FBRN-themed party favors like Super Lentil prints and Frenchie buttons, and one of the activities they enjoyed was making cards to send along to the fosters with the gifts they brought.
Look at that mound of treasure!

In the end, there was SO MUCH bounty that Maddie's mom asked for the address of another needy foster to share the wealth still further!

It's very heartwarming to know that the youngest generation is already being taught to think of others and that their hearts are so big and kind.   We know Mags, Jessie, and Locksley are going to love their goody bags!  And by all reports the party was a lot of fun and a big success!  We hope the attendees will be inspired to host their own benefit parties. 
Maddy and the goody bags!

This is a very nice story to start the weekend with, in the opinion of

The Frog Princess