Saturday, May 31

Sabrina Meets the Children

Sabrina's foster parents sent a lovely long update on Sabrina a few weeks ago. Here are parts of it, along with some photos of the very photogenic Sabrina:

"I took her to a friends' house today and had Sabrina meet their dog, a greyhound, and their children (ages six and eight/nine). She met the greyhound first, and was afraid of him and tried to avoid him. They took him upstairs so she could meet the kids without any distractions. When she met the kids (and the parents), she was nervous at first too; she didn't tremble but she stayed very close to me and acted like she wanted me to pick her up. So I gave the extremely well behaved kids a bag of Wellness venison treats and turned them into walking, talking treat dispensers. Sabrina fell in love in no time, and charmed her young audience immediately.

Now that we're three weeks in, we've just about seen the last of the submissive peeing. Hooray for no more piddles...not even at our friends' house today when she met four new people and one new dog! She is definitely a little bit shy when she meets new people out of the house, although she seems much more comfortable with new people in the house when we're home. So we're going to recommend that her new family take things slow with her. I do think she could go to a home with kids, but it would probably be ideal if they were 6+ and well behaved and respectful. Once she gets comfortable, she has a tendency to jump on people and at people's faces when they're kneeling(although she does it with love and has never so much as nipped, even in wild excitement).
She has pawed at our faces though, and for some people, this might be scary. Her only other bad habit is flying off the sofa- the arms, the back, and the front. She also seems to have some allergies and scratches her ears and licks her paws frequently. Our town is also covered in yellow pollen right now which is aggravating my allergies, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's a contributing factor. I may take her into the vet this week just to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection, but
quite honestly, her ears look great. They're clean and beautiful, she has just been scratching at them a bunch, which is what makes me suspect allergies. I just love the noise she makes when I rub's the deepest grunty sigh you've ever heard! She also has a strange habit of licking the sofa, licking the dog bed, and licking the comforter when we go to bed...anyone have a clue what that could be related to?

Fair Sabrina will be joining us on our road trip to FL. She'll definitely have a lot of new experiences there, from the road trip to meeting my family, including my six young cousins ranging in age from 2 yrs. to 15! She does beautifully in the car and likes to look out the window which is always closed, of course, so I have no worries on that front. All in all, she is still an absolute pleasure. I have full confidence in her housetraining, and she is going to make some family so, so lucky! Here are some pictures of Sabrina and our friends' children."

She's a beautiful girl, and we can plainly see that she has a great sense of humor.
Not unlike your own
Frog Princess

Friday, May 30

A Mighty Hunter

From Roma's foster mom: "Roma's new game is to play hide ans seek. She thinks if she can't see you then you can't see her. I will have to make a video of her playing. She is so funny to watch when she runs and stalks her toys."

The mighty hunter pauses, lifts her head to smell the wind, and takes a silent step-- another, one more, and--
she pounces!

Another insolent stuffie meets its doom.

No match for the mighty Roma's stuffy-seeking skills.

Thankfully, stuffies are not endangered in the mighty hunter's habitat, comments
The Frog Princess

Thursday, May 29


Here's the latest update from the Kansas foster parents who are looking after Holly:

"My husband has the funniest nickname for Holly and he doesn't even know where it came from. He started calling her "Little Chicken" and does it in a really high pitched voice and Holly immediately gets excited and starts running around in circles and jumping up and down. Now he just calls out "chicken" and she comes running!!!! It doesn't matter where in the house she is, she can always hear "Hello Chicken!" and you can hear her coming!

Although Holly is gray in the face, you would not be able to tell that she is older by her energy level. Holly leaps, wrestles, runs, and does the cutest little bunny hops when she is excited. She loves to play with her foster siblings. The funny thing is that she is usually still eager to play when my 15 month old puppy is ready to take a snooze! The old gal has ALOT of spark left in her.:-)"

These older gals who've given their all so that families can have sweet puppies to love--it's their turn for some of life's pastry and roses, don't you think? If you have room in your home and heart for an older dame with a dance or two to do, you can apply for her on our available page.

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, May 28


Here's the first message we received about little Cypress from his temporary foster mom. "I picked up the little guy from Mississippi earlier this evening from D. And I have to admit, I am in love. Really, head over heels in love. He is the cutest baby -- really not a baby -- he's 9 months old. But from what I understand, he weighs only 8 pounds (I don't know, I refuse to own a scale). D. suspects that he he has some mental deficiencies as well - he may, he's just a little off. But by far, his biggest issue is his hind legs. I don't know if it's his spine/hips or if it's neurological. I know that will be determined in time. His legs fly out from underneath him when he walks. He is better on a rough surface (carpet, concrete) but still very wobbly. However he gets around fine and is actually quite fast.

This tiny man will be going to Connecticut next week to be fostered. As much as I would like to keep him here, I know that I am probably not the most experienced person for a pup with his issues. So we will adore him during his time with us.

His name is Cypress -- I am assuming after the many swamp trees down here. But I felt like he needed a bigger, tougher name so we have given the nickname Truck Manworthy. A friend of mine used that moniker as his 'stage name' during his rock-n-roll days. It just seems so perfect for this little turkey - Truck it is!

I was able to get a few photos of him. They are not the best since it was getting dark, but they give you an idea of his preciousness. He is snoozing away in my lap right now."

If he's not the cutest thing to come wobbling down the pike since Roma rolled by, we don't know jam from jellyfish. Look at his sweet little face! Keep a good thought for this wee wobbler as he flies from NOLA to CT today. Our CT vol has a daughter who was planning a trip up from the area where she lives, so carrying an extra carry-on was no trouble at all.

We'll let you know when he arrives safe and sound!
The Frog Princess

Tuesday, May 27


Missy came to us an independent gal, happy to lie in the sunshine and gnaw on a nylabone. Today, she's growing more affectionate, she's interacting some with her foster siblings and she's acting more like a frog and less like a kitty. You can read her available page bio here. Surprisingly, this girl has had very few applications! Check her out--she's waiting to be recognized for the 14 pound
prima donna she is!

We got this note this weekend from Missy's foster mom:
"Missy is doing so much better than when she first came in. She is doing okay with small groups of dogs going outside to potty. I was home over the long weekend so I had opportunity to let her out often. She rarely used the papers. She has actually played a minute or two with my little frenchie mix Brie and my bully boy Hoss.
When with us she is giving us more attention than the toys which is great.

I am very happy with her progress!!!

I was so happy with her that I think I might have scared her (not really) but at one point I was rubbing her as she lay beside me. I stopped and she actually took her nose and put it under my hand so that I would start again. I grabbed her up and hugged her! She just looked at me like I was crazy!

It's little things that I get excited about :)"

It takes some of our frogs a little longer than others to reveal their true personality. Missy is nobody's fool, but she's not made of stone, either.

She's a good girl, and she's looking for someone to rub her ears and a family to love. Could be it's you and yours.

The Frog Princess

Saturday, May 24

Willy Nilly Silly Ol' Bear

This is Pooh Bear. He was surrendered because he is aggressive toward other dogs, and his family were at their wits' end. It took us a long time to get an opening for a dog-aggressive dog in our foster homes. Our homes for troubled dogs are full most of the time, so we were glad his family weren't in a hurry.
Pooh Bear made the trip from Southern California to Oregon in a two day transport with 4 other dogs. One of our volunteers drove from LA to San Jose with the Wild Bunch (Jubal, Cocoa and Graciella), Pooh Bear and Rodney. One of our volunteers drove down in her trailer and rig from central Oregon to Davis to pick them up. She slept over with them and then drove them up to their foster homes in the Pacific Northwest--another 12 hour drive.
We need more foster homes. And we need people who can transport. If you have the rig and the time, why not become a volunteer and help us move these dogs to foster families who can help them? If you have the time and the room, why not become a volunteer and help ease some of the foster home crowding around the country? You can volunteer by getting in touch with our volunteer coordinator Kathi.
We'd appreciate the help. And so would grumbly ol' Pooh Bear.
The Frog Princess

Thursday, May 22

Sigmund Frog Needs Help and Prayers

Sigmund Frog, an FBRN grad and school counselor at Patton Elementary School in Austin, TX, is very sick.

The local news station, KXAN,made a video about the children's efforts to save his life. You can read a transcript of the aired story here.

Please keep a good thought for the hard-working and beloved Sig and for his loving friends and patients.

The Frog Princess
PS One of our Austin volunteers is calling the school today to find out if there is a way to donate to Siggy's care! We'll post it as soon as we have the info.

When we asked Sig's mom, Kathy, how to make out the checks if we wanted to donate, this was her reply:
"As I am sitting here contemplating my blessings, I couldn't ask for a more supportive network than you've provided. I've got to tell you, I just appreciate the emotional support for Sig. I wish he didn't have to go through this but he is handling it well.
I believe it would benefit the network if they donated in Sig's name to FBRN. It is obviously an organization dear to my heart. O.K. tears are actually happening here. That's frequent at this point.
They played Sig's TV video at the school assembly this morning. I smiled on the outside but this is difficult to say the least. He did a beautiful job on his 2nd chemo treatment yesterday. I stayed with him to monitor the side effects when we got home. His oncologist and team have fallen for him too. He wore a bandana that said Doggie Oncologists have Good Bones. Now, they want T Shirts. Oh, he also made his famous almond bark popcorn mix for them.
Thanks again."
So that's the story. Sigmund's family is able to afford the cost of his treatment, and they'd prefer that donations be made to FBRN in his name. You can do that by clicking here.
If you'd like to leave a message of support for Sig and his family, you can do so by clicking on the word "comments" below and filling out the comment box.

We are sending Sig our love and positive vibrations. We'll keep readers posted on Sig's progress and condition,
The Frog Princess

Sunday, May 18

Joba: Flying Frogdog!

We got a newsy little update about our handsome and charming foster Joba recently. The description of his airborn antics prompted one of our volunteers to create a little image of this feathered frog:

"Just thought I'd send a quick Joba update. He's still doing great. He had his vet checkup last night and passed with mostly flying colors! He's 31.8lb of lovin' (and could probably stand to gain a pound or two)!! He's been going at his paws lately, but doesn't show any signs of allergies elsewhere and benedryl doesn't help. So the vet thinks it's most likely a contact allergy and gave us a topical spray to use on his paws. We made the appt to have this guy neutered (hallelujah!) and hopefully get his little nosey done too.
He was a HUGE hit at the office - everyone loved him, and he loved everyone!
I had family up this weekend, too, with their 2 (neutered) males dogs and Joba was great with them. He tried to get the little guy (shih tzu) to play with him, but he'd have none of it, unfortunately. The golden he pretty much left alone . Did I mention he's getting neutered on Wednesday? His marking has subsided substantially - so much so we let him around without his belly band on now. He did mark a few times over the weekend when the other dogs were at the house.
Otherwise he's still a great little man. He's playful, but not overly energetic and I have yet to meet a person he doesn't immediately love - or a person who doesn't love him!
He's starting manners classes this weekend (I want to see how he does with a group of dogs), but he's such a quick learner it'll be no problem for him, I'm sure. He even doesn't try to jump the babygate anymore. He can clear it no problem, but I spent 10 min. that first night catching him mid-air and putting him back, and since then, he hasn't tried to jump it once. Again, a great little dog. There is going to be one super-lucky family at the end of this!!"

I'd rather catch a Frenchie than a fish! declares
The Frog Princess

Roma Visits Her Doctors

Roma had a vet visit this week! Look how handsome and good-looking her doctors and the staff are at Roma's doctor's office. If you look very closely, you might be able to see Roma waving to you.

Here's the report:

"Well, we are home and everything went well.

Dr. Goring is very pleased with her progress. He proclaimed her very healthy. He believes that the soonest she could be ready for surgery is 6 more weeks but feels the bigger she gets, the better.

Good news is, he feels like we might not have to do anything with the hard palate. He said as she has grown, the cleft has remained the same or even smaller and it might not need any surgical intervention. He will keep an eye on it and of course we will know for sure as she gets older.

He checked her legs and said that at this time she does not have any luxating patellas and the legs were fine. The way he described it to me was this: She is like a neonate baby. Small for her age, so her bone structure is not fully developed. He said she will catch up in time but she will be slower in doing this. He said not to worry and her legs will be fine.

He has removed her from her antibiotics. He said that since she is doing so well he feels like she doesn't need them daily. He said for us to watch her and if she develops any snuffles to start her back on them. He was very pleased with her weight gain. I am unable to tell you what her weight is because of a very top secret surprise that will be coming soon. I was informed by the Frog Princess that if anybody ask I was to say "I could tell you. But if I tell you, I will have to kill you." Well that is a lot of bullets and driving. So with the price of gas, and the possibility of not making it back in time for the next feeding, I will just super glue my mouth shut to save a lot of lives.

The doctors will see her again in 2 weeks. Once again the fee to FBRN from these wonderful vets was a NO CHARGE for today's visit. I have attached the pictures of them. The dark haired doctor is Dr. Neihaus and the doctor in green is Dr. Goring. I will leave it to all of you to decide which one is the cutest. Of course, you can't include Roma in the who is cutest contest, because we all know she'd win."

Each is more adorable than the last, but when it comes to cuteness, Roma beats them all to splinters! pronounces
The Frog Princess

Thursday, May 15

Brie's Story

Brie came limping into a woman's yard one day last winter, emaciated and filthy, with cauliflowerd ears. The woman took Brie in and vetted her to the tune of several hundred dollars. Then she called FBRN. On Brie's first night in FBRN's foster care, she spent the evening in her foster mom's lap. The instant she was taken up she curled into a ball, gave an enormous sigh, and fell soundly asleep. She was exhausted, and we mean that literally: She was used up, empty, all gone.

Brie had obviously been used extensively as a breeder; the condition of her nipples told us that. However, there was worse news. Here's the second report from Brie's foster mom: "Brie went to my vet yesterday and she has some definite issues. They believe that her ears are bad enough that she may need to be sedated and have them flushed. They don't think any of the drops can even get into her canal. She also has neurosclerosis. This apparently is mainly seen in old dogs. Her eyes are cloudy and I thought maybe she had the beginnings of cataracts. Not so, and this neurosclerosis is not as severe as cataracts. She also says that she thinks (after seeing her eyes) that she is 10. I immediately started crying thinking about spending 10 years in a puppy mill. She is gaining about a pound every three or four days. She is sweet as pie (even my husband loves her). She played with my frenchies today for the first time. Too cute.
Because she is so skinny, she is no shape for spaying. She may be coming into season right now. My little fertility checker (15 mos old, Fame) is all kinds of excited. Anyway, that is my little Brie. I adore her and can't wait until she feels better so she can enjoy her life."

The very next day we received this report:
"I need some guidance, oh wise ones......Brie went in to have her ears flushed while under anesthesia this morning and it was WAY worse than I thought. In her right ear, she has calcification and extreme inflammation. This goes all the way down her ear canal. Her left ear is a bit better but not much. He basically said that there is no way to "cure" this without taking out her entire canal. Of course that means she will be deaf. She may have some limited hearing in the other ear. Her teeth are also horrendous. While under this morning they extracted a tooth that was so decayed it basically fell out. She will need a complete dental and probably a few more teeth extracted. Of course, let us not forget that she is emaciated. Should she have this surgery to take out her canal (which is costly)? She has had to be in such pain for years and years." Careful and consistent application of medicine has improved the canals to the point where we don't think she'll have to have the ear canal surgery, thank goodness!
The week following the ear cleaning, this is what we heard: "Things are so much better in Brie's world these last few days. I am seeing a lot more energy and not as much sleeping!!! When I get home, or even if I have just been in the bathroom, she will hop on her back legs in excitement. It is so cute! She suffers through her ear cleanings and then gives me a sweet little kiss. There is actual meat on her bones as well. My kids even noticed that she was looking better. This girl is so dang sweet. She will make such a wonderful family friend."

Most recently, 2 weeks ago, Brie underwent spay surgery. The surgery was successful, but extremely difficult: "Brie had her spay yesterday and I have to say, I was a little nervous.
The vet called me after the surgery to let me know that it was a bit more difficult than she had expected. Her abdomen was FULL of scar tissue. Undoubtedly due to the do it yourself c sections that the millers do. There was so much that it made it difficult to tell which organ was which. She also said that she had cysts all over her ovaries and fallopian tubes. She described her ovaries as all but shriveled up. She had a difficult night but was hungry this morning and her eyes were clear. Oh this sweet, sweet girl."

Why do we despise and loathe puppymillers so deeply? Consider Brie. Bred and bred and bred until her ovaries shriveled up and her insides were too scarified to bear any more puppies and then dumped on the wintery Kansas prairie to starve to death. That's the kind of person a puppymiller is. Ungrateful, uncaring, irresponsible and interested only in the money the puppies will bring. The next time you pass a petstore in a mall, think of Brie and the years of suffering and neglect she endured in order to provide consumers with that adorable 3,000 dollar impulse purchase.

Brie is on our foster page. If you'd like to sponsor her, you can do that by clicking here.

We can scarcely wait to hear all the wonderful, triumphant reports we'll receive from Brie's forever family someday. It may seem like a small thing, to save one old dog's life, but it really does lift the spirits and give joy to the members of FBRN and to
The Frog Princess

Bunker's Family Checks in!

Bunker's family has sent an update on this charismatic wunderhund!

"Bunker is doing great. What an absolute joy he is. I can't image us having found a dog with a better temperment. He has the perfect mix of affection and adorable enthusiam. The way he gets excited is absolutely precious but instead of a long tail
to wag he shakes his whole hind quarters. Bunker appears to have 3 favorite past times: 1) Playing with his big brother Logan (our soon to be 7-year-old son); 2) sitting on my lap at night in our recliner while I brush him and clean his eyes; 3) and of course, sleeping. He learning why he goes out for walks now and actually looks forward to them. His housebreaking is progressing as his wee-wee pad is moving progressively closer to the front door.

The whole family has been by to visit at least once since we brought him home including all four grandparents, two uncles, two aunts, and his nearly 1-year-old cousin. He is also the star of our neighborhood. The children in our neighborhood can't get enough of him. It seems everyone he meets fall in love with him

This week coming up Bunker will be visiting our vet and groomers for a first-time introduction. Also, Bunker and I will be registering for our 8-week doggie training class.

Let me say we just can't thank you and the FBRN enough for finding and taking care of Bunker and of course, allowing us to adopt him. It feels like he has always been with us. He has become fixture in our home that we don't know how we ever lived without.

So thank you again.

Bunker's family"

What a wonderful placement for Bunker! Bunker is a puppy mill survivor. The shelter staff at the shelter where he taken for treatment and assessment after the raid really wanted to keep this delightful, silly boy as a shelter mascot. Instead, they generously decided to offer him up to a forever family. We hope the staff will see this post, and know their decision was a good one. We are so pleased and proud to have played a part in this happy placement!

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, May 14

Journey Home

As the second blogiversary of FBRNetwork News approaches, we bring you an update on one of the PA8, adopted a year ago this month!

Dear Frog Princess,

Last May we were lucky enough to bring home Journey, one of the PA-8. When I saw your plea for updates on the blog, I knew it was time to sort through our photos and send in some good news about our beautiful girl. She did have a few seizures shortly after we got her, but a low dose of phenobarbitol has them under control.

We renamed her Dobby (from Harry Potter) because she really is like a house-elf -- showing up in unexpected places and getting into trouble when she doesn't really mean to. She is loving, gentle, low-key, and just a little bit silly (especially if she thinks she should have more attention than she is getting).

She couldn't be more perfect for our family.

Dobby's days are filled with walking to and from our kindergartner's bus stop,
where she gets to say hello to all the kids and the other neighborhood dogs. In
the afternoons, she loves to ride along in our older daughter's jump rope carpool. In fact, Dobby can hardly contain herself when she sees the jump rope bag being carried to the door.

After dinner, she waits patiently for someone to sit on the couch so she can get a snuggle. We never imagined she would be a lap dog, but once the weather turned cool, she started draping herself across whoever would sit on the couch. She loves to have some part of her body touching a person, especially in our bed at night.

There are 2 photos attached. I laughed so hard at the one of her sitting at the table. I was busy clearing away the dinner dishes and when I turned around, there she sat in the chair. She had hopped up there so quietly and sat right down like this was her chair of honor. She seemed a little sheepish, but proud of herself at the same time.

The other photo is of her on the back of our "good" sofa. It is the perfect place for her to look out the window and see out the front of the house. She has put quite a dent in the top of the cushion, but we are glad that she is making use of the furniture that no one else sits on. Every now and then when we come home from being out, we find the sofa pillows thrown on the floor -- she seems to like to have some good old-fashioned fun, especially when no one is looking.

Dobby has been a great addition to our family and has brought us endless hours of laughs, snuggles, and love.

Thank you for all you do to rescue and place Frenchies. We continue to be in awe of FBRN and are thankful that Dobby is a part of our lives.

Dobby's Family

We wish Dobby and her family many years of happiness, cushy cushions, and walks to the bus together!

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, May 13

A Single Lovely Action

"All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action."
--James Russell Lowell

Some people might disagree that sentencing a remorseless puppy miller to nearly the fullest extent of the law is a lovely action. However, we believe that Judge Sirois of Quebec has indeed made a portentous move. His sentence of the puppy miller Marc-Andre LaPorte to the fullest fine and nearly the fullest number of community service hours he can, as well as barring LaPorte from animal ownership for three years--with monitoring to follow so that he can not begin to breed dogs again--is music to our ears. Most importantly, Judge Sirois refused to return any of the 97 dogs who were taken from the home where they had lived in squalid conditions, many of them with horrifying injuries, missing ears, broken jaws, and horrid wounds. The home in which the dogs were kept was condemned and bulldozed, so unhealthy was it. (For a full description of the conditions and photos from the SPCA that cared for the dogs, click here. This is graphic, and difficult to view. We cannot bring ourselves to post the photos here.)

Too often, it seems that truly "the law is a ass," but today we offer our grateful praise to Judge Sirois of Quebec for his willingness to fully punish a man who really needs punishment. This sentence sets the precedent for other judges to hand down sentences that likewise recognize and condemn animal abusers for their cruelty and inhumanity.

Coming on the heels of the sad news from Pennsylvania last month that Judge Louis Farina had blithely ignored the prosecutor's (and many hundred letter writers') recommendation and breezily ordered French bulldog Sally Jane to be returned to her owner*, the oft-convicted animal abuser and puppy miller Elvin High, this exemplary sentence gives hope to North American animal welfare and shelter workers, to pet owners and prosecutors. Judge Sirois' sentence gives hope that our foot-dragging legislators and the judges who wink and smile at animal abuse, who dismiss the concerns of decent citizens with sneering jibes at those "crazy dog people", can be brought to see that a person who will cause any animal such suffering should be punished for these malicious, inhuman, criminal acts.

This sentence gives us hope that even those legislators and judges whose campaign coffers ring with the deposits of bloody money from agricultural and corporate interests which benefit from the continued, deliberate underfunding of those agencies charged with upholding the measly standards required by the state, yes, even politicians,are capable of doing the right thing. That they are capable of writing improved standards of care, and rewriting the laws so those people found guilty of failing to provide a truly decent standard of care can receive a punishment that fits the crime.

We hope that it will not be very long before the laws against animal cruelty will permit judges to consign these criminals to a considerable period of their lives in prison, where they will receive just a taste of the loss of freedom, the danger inherent in living in tight quarters with desperate fellows, and the loss of dignity they visited on their own charges, who, unlike themselves, were imprisoned without guilt or wrongdoing.

We find Judge Sirois' sentencing to be a lovely act and a weighty and commendable one. You can write to him and thank him, and we hope you will.

Judge Sirois
c/o Elizabeth Pierce
119 16th Street
Roxboro, Qu├ębec
H8Y 1P1

Thank you, Judge Sirois! And many thanks to FBRN grad Uno's adoptive mom for sharing the story with us!

The raffish Bruno (formerly Uno) in a quiet moment.

The Frog Princess, who believes it's as important to praise good deeds as it is to condemn evil ones.

*Happily, the foster family who cared for Sally Jane was able to raise funds to buy her, at an exorbitant, prohibitive cost, from puppy miller and convicted criminal, Elvin High. She remains a beloved pet, and is in no danger of returning to his so-called care.

Famous in New York State!

We wish to thank Nancy Fasoldt, author of this piece, which appeared today in The Pet Dish on!

The dogs in question: Meredith, Kirby and Brook

Kirby, navigator extraordinaire!

Brook, enjoying the passing scenes of bucolic NY state!

Thanks to all the dedicated FBRN volunteers who gave up hours of their Saturday to chauffeur these happy hounds over the border and through the woods to their foster homes in O! Canada!

And many thanks to Nancy, tireless laborer for the 4th Estate, in consideration of her help in getting the word out about our homeless Frenchies--many of whom are definitely members of the 5th Estate--from

The Frog Princess

The Bark Heard Round the World!

Bertha, Oklahoma 10

Interested in joining the growing numbers of Americans appalled by and working to change the conditions of commercial breeding kennels, aka puppymills?
If you are in the neighborhood, or even if you have to make a special trip, here's something worth doing on a lovely May evening:

Smeagol, NC10, and Bumble, PA8

The Bark Heard Around the World

What: Puppymill Rescue & Beverly Animal Shelter - Awareness Day
When: May 17, 2008 10am - 4 pm
Where: Yates County Fairgrounds, Penn Yan, NY
Info: Candlelight Vigil Friday, May 16 @ 8pm next to Yates Chamber of Commerce in Geneva NY on Rts 5 & 20. Remembering all the ones who never knew freedom and the ones still held captive.

Yaya, Georgia puppymill survivor

Print out some photos to carry of the Oklahoma 10, the PA 8, the NC10, or any of the other puppymill refugees FBRN has brought out of the darkness.

Twiggy,NC10, and friend, Ted E 1 Toof, a survivor of the Woodley case

Go if you can, meet like-minded folk and learn more about how to stamp out the pernicious evil that leaves dogs blind, lame, emotionally and physically scarred for the sake of a buck.

Wishing the realm of the Frog Princess weren't so far away from the magical sounding Penn Yan,
The Frog Princess
PS Read more about the infamous Woodley case.

Monday, May 12

Oooo! A challenge has been posted!

We see that Abilene's foster page is the site of a thrown gauntlet! A challenge, no less.

Texans! Will you stand idly by and allow some upstart Tennessee gal to call you out? Are you chicken or can you say with brash Texas confidence that the infamous yellow rose of Texas is the only yellow anyone will find in the state?

Here's what it says: "Tennessee Volunteer Frogs are challenging the Texas Longhorn Frogs on this one - GO VOLS - The REAL UT!!!"

Now, don't shoot the messenger, wheedles
The Frog Princess

Roma Meets the Family

Young Roma is old enough to get out and about, and she is being introduced to some more family members. Here she is meeting Brutus, Brutty to his friends. He seems a bit confused, doesn't he?

"What the hey is that thing?"

"Good heavens, woman! Don't wave that thing around! Who knows where it's been!"

"Looks dangerous to me."

"Does it bite?"

We think Brutty is right to be suspicious. Anyone who has seen a puppy in action, yanking his elders' ears, pulling them around by their legs, bouncing on them while they are trying to get some rest...oh, it is exhausting! And those puppy teeth are sharp!

Would you like to see this cute little cleft palate puppy being tube-fed? Check out this video.

Wonderful little sounds she makes, aren't they? moons
The Frog Princess

Happy Tears

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Made with love, and offered with gratitude to our adopting families, by an FBRN volunteer.

The Frog Princess

Sunday, May 11

New England Frenchie Social: BIG success!

The New England Frenchie Social was an enormous success this year, nearly doubling the attendees of last year, both human and Frenchie!

We were pleased to welcome about 110 two-legged attendees and over 70 four-legged ones!

Attendees enjoyed games, socializing, refreshments, a portrait artist, a costume competition, a chance to do agility with their dogs and opportunities to win and purchase FBRN themed swag!

If you are in the neighborhood next Spring, make plans to join the FBRN volunteers and friendly Frenchie fanatics for an afternoon of frivolity! Attendees donated, bought or otherwise ponied up over 3,000 dollars for the French bulldogs in FBRN's care. Mighty generous!

Mighty generous, indeed! marvels
The Frog Princess

PS We hear folks were so jealous of all the fun to be had in Connecticut that there are plans in the works for an Atlanta-area social coming up sometime, soon! Probably in October or March. Y'all watch this space for further info, hear?