Wednesday, September 20

Pixie Puts Us in Stitches

We know many of our readers have been on pins and needles waiting for an update on the tiny Frenchie from Texas, Pixie. Turns out this wee wanderer is a pint-sized pill! Her foster mom had the nerve to go out to dinner with her husband, and upon their return they discovered that Pixie had torn out her spay stitches and turned herself inside out! Heavens above! Thank Providence that Pixie's foster mom is a vet assistant and she was able to scoop up Pixie, whisk her to the vet's and even assist in the surgery to get all her innards back in! The vet used grocery twine to zip her up--ok, no. The sutures were the kind they use on Mastiffs--and Pixie has been wearing a fashionable Elizabethan collar in her crate ever since. Her foster mom looks great in her prematurely whitened 'do, but has handed off young Pixie to another foster home, where someone can keep an eye on her and where her family has time to give her some training.
So far, Pixie is growing accustomed to being in a crate--but she cries in the most piteous way to be released from her puppy prison. She's also entered a strict potty-training regimen, and she is not allowed to fail. That means a lot of standing and waiting for her foster mom, but hey! this peanut has got to be persuaded that, cute as she is, she is no Eva Peron! The dictators in her foster home walk on only 2 legs.
Pixie and her foster sister are just getting on like ham and cheese. These two are inseparable. You can see for yourself how really itsy Pixie is, compared to an ordinary sized Frenchie.
Last week, as her new foster mom was getting ready to go to church, probably to pray for patience, but I'm not sure, she was startled to see Pixie saunter into the room with a great big smile on her wicked little face! After charging into the puppy rooom to see who had let Pixie loose, she discovered that Pixie had released herself from the exercise pen, either by going over or going under. No more exercise pen for Pixie. She's now either tethered to her foster mom or in her crate.
It sure seems to us that this gal is a pistol! She simply will not be denied! Good thing this tiny package is so cute. Who could be angry with a face like that? She's so full of herself, so delighted with her own ingenuity. Thank heaven this dog is operating on her own. Can you imagine an army of her ilk? World domination would be assured. Resistance? Pfff.
Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage, but even if they did, we are pretty sure Pixie would be picking the locks and walking away, stepping high, wide and handsome down the freedom road. We send her our admiration and, to her foster family, a sincere hope for mental health, a sense of humor, patience and a really good headache remedy. Snatch up that teeny terror and give her a flurry of kisses from
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Hi! I read your blog everyday. Your update about Pixie freaked me out, I have to say -- good lord (having to put her internal organs back inside). But I am one of the many who have a long distance crush on Pixie because of your blog and I'm glad she's better.

Thanks for doing what you do, love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Pixie: Slow down & smell the flowers girl. So glad that you are better after your second surgery. I know that you have lots of time to make up for, but it is better dealt with at a slightly slower pace. I promise the world won't pass you by again little Pixie.

Anonymous said...

Oh Pixie! Slow down sweetie! No need for more stitches! Yikes!!!