Sunday, September 17

A Visit to Key West

Roscoe the Elder has been adopted! And what a life he is bound for! It begins with a month-long visit to beautiful Key West, Florida, with his new family, which includes a new sister named Demi. Here's what his new Mom had to say about Roscoe's first few days in colorful, relaxed Key West:
"We arrived in KWF this past Tuesday evening, and have been getting settled in (and our boy used to the heat). He is doing famously. Only mild, and very rare, growling episodes -- either related to discomfort/pain or fear/guarding. We don't put up with it and generally ignore or redirect, so he's discovered it's a fairly useless exercise and is learning to ask for what he wants in other ways, or simply take time out.
Otherwise, he's just terrific. He's very popular with my pals, Demi loves him and eggs him on to play constantly, he loves wondering around the courtyard here, running and head-butting his ball at the dog park, getting excessive amounts of lovin', all things chewable, sleeping where he wants, and generally chillin'.
His energy is getting better everyday, too, and he's vocal, expressive and on a pretty good routine. He's a really easy dog, let me tell you.

I finally decided to go ahead and change his name -- to Beaudelaire. After the French poet. But, of course, we just call him "Beau/Bo." I figured since we were going to start dropping in on an obedience class, this (the class and the new name) might help him bond even more and realize that this is his last, final home.

Right now the Big B is lying on the cool tile, snoring like a freight train after a good deal of time and effort spent digging a hole almost to China at the beach."

We hope Beaudelaire is enjoying his days in the sun and continues to have fun playing with Demi. Let us know if you see any of those infamous 6-toed Hemingway kitties!
Congratulations to Beaudelaire's new family from
The Frog Princess

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