Friday, October 26

Monster Mash!

 Cookie, Oatmeal, and Raisin on the town for tricks and treats!

Sooper Gui is SOOPER!

And also, dooper.

Angel Melody dreams of treats.

Adminsters stinkeye to foster mom for cheaping out on bite-size ones instead of full-size.

FBRN grad Remy has plans for planking people who offer pats, not pig ears.

Beelzebub could make things hot for stingy householders.

Go ahead, swoon.  Geronimo is used to it.

Pistachio makes any event a formal occasion.

We aren't sure Rossolyn is a convincing devil dog.  We know a sweetheart when we see one.

Pull the other one, Gris Gris and Eva. Them dawgs won't hunt.

Maeve is disgruntled.  Has to be a turtle instead of a frog.
Cleopatra visits grave of Bob, resting in pieces.  
  Decides to take a bit of Bob home with her.

Happy Hallowe'en to all our grads and ghouls!  
Be safe and scary like
The Frog Princess

Thursday, October 18

Let Us All Praise Patient Frogs

Unlike Pistachio, who is NOT nice to kitties and likes to chase them into corners and bark at them and make their whiskery lives miserable, Cleaona is great with cats.  

"Please don't let that cat take me for a walk."

In fact, as you can plainly see, she lets them walk all over her.  And in front of her.  And whip their nasty tails all under her chin and across her eyes. Cleaona is a good, kind Frenchie.

Here's a photo of Cleaona in the car returning from a gathering at a local pet store.  She got to meet lots of other bullies and plenty of people at "The Bulldog Bash!"  She was very alert on the drive home, as you can see, and helped to keep the car on the road by sheer force of will:

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, Cleaona is hurtling through space and time to rescue lonely people from their benighted, frogless lives.

She had a wonderful time with all the people at the Bulldog Bash, but Cleaona is also great with kids.  Look how this noble beast is not jumping up and taking back her bone from this thieving child.

"Pardon me, but I believe that is my bone."

In short, Cleaona is the essence of gracious forebearance. 

We wish we could say the same for

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, October 16


Nutritious AND delicious, and just a little bit salty, that's our new frogman, Pistachio.  His foster mom sent us some photos and a little information about him.

1. He rarely sits still and he is FAST! I have lots of blurry pics!

 Does this dog need a smaller tennis ball? 

 2. I have had to keep him separated from my dogs inside the home. Walks are okay.

He's looking pretty vigilant, here.  No October surprises for Mr. P!

3. I have had to spend my extra time exercising this guy to tire him out! Lots of walking!

4. I have to keep him away from my two cats which is a full time job. Those darn cats!

Pistachio plays "Hide and Seek" with the kitties.  He cheats.

 His foster mom tells us he is a very friendly boy, and he bestows his kisses freely and without regard to race, creed, gender, class, or national origin!

He is also a wonderful office dog, and he's been spending days in his foster mom's office, providing soothing background snores and grunts.  Too bad more workplaces don't allow dogs to attend.  Productivity would skyrocket!  Morale problems would be a thing of the past!

Pistachio is clearly a handful of Frenchie, and he'll be looking for a family with lots of energy and no other dogs and no kitties.  Pistachio is plenty of dog for any family!

 We'll leave you with this vision.

Pistachio and his teefs:

Resistance is futile, says

The Frog Princess

Friday, October 12

Zenobia Drains the Dregs of Summer

For those of us in the northern regions of the US, summer has officially faded into the colorful crisp days of autumn.  For dogs like Zenobia, who is fortunate enough to be fostering in the sunny south, October brings no cozy fleece coats or apple-scented walks.  Zenobia gets to lounge in the sunshine and model cruisewear.
Come February, we are going to kind of hate Zenobia, predicts

The Frog Princess

Sunday, October 7

Melody Makes a Friend

Melody has alienated the affections of FBRN grad's Remy's favorite garden statue.

Melody and The Squirrel are spending lots of time together, playing hide and seek

And begging for treats in tandem.

Here's a question for you:  If you are thinking of applying for Melody, will you provide statuary wildlife or will she have to abscond with Remy's?

Remy would also like to know.

Consider your answer carefully, that's the advice of

The Frog Princess

Saturday, October 6

Blessing of the Animals This Weekend

Many churches will be offering a service to bless parishioners and community members' companion animals this weekend, following the Feast of St. Francis this past week.  To learn if your town has any services available, check the newspaper's events pages. 

Everydoggy can use a little boost, believes

The Frog Princess