Tuesday, February 26

Waiting for the bus

Seven Apples has a very busy schedule! See the impatience on her face as she waits with one of the children in her foster family for the bus to show up?

Her foster mom says Seven Apples' daily agenda includes treats snarfling, cat-chasing, nap-taking and amping up the neighborhood cute quotient, in addition to sending the children off in the morning, meeting the bus every afternoon and helping with homework. All the while being treated for Addison's disease! Check out Seven Apples' foster page, here.

So much to do, so little time, sympathizes
The Frog Princess

Friday, February 22

One year ago, today!

The PA8 were freed from a puppymiller in beautiful Lancaster County, PA. Here they are on the day of their release from hell.
The puppymiller cretin who sold them to FBRN's representative waited until the pups were out of the barn and had been paraded before us in the arms of his grandchildren before informing us that the price had increased. Did he see us coming? Yes. Fortunately, our volunteer had the means in his checking account to bring every one of them to a safe place. They were vetted, inoculated, treated for their various ailments and, ultimately, adopted by loving families.
If you were one of the families to adopt one of the PA8, we'd love an update! Write to fp-fbrn at comcast dot net and include a photo and some news.
We miss our babies, and it would be fun to do a "then and now" update, thinks
The Frog Princess

Wednesday, February 20

A Veterinary Mystery--Wasabi

Wasabi has been in foster care for some months, now, and though we have taken him to a number of specialists, we remain completely stumped about the cause of his urinary incontinence, desperate and constant thirst and frequent bowel movements.
His foster mom is a vet tech and explains below the range and clinical findings on Wasabi. If any vet or reader can make suggestions of areas we have failed to explore, we would be truly grateful for the help. Here's Wasabi's foster mom, updating the volunteers on Wasabi's condition last month:

"Wasabi is a sweetie that just loves everyone and everything, he is an extremely easy foster that just seamlessly fits into the groove of things around here. That is other than he does a lot of odd little quirky things! Those things do not bother us, but we definitely need to pinpoint what is going on so that we are able to correct it and get him placed!

He has been in foster care for a couple of months now and we are really no further than we were when he came in. For those of you who do not remember, Wasabi was surrendered due to the fact the owner did not have the monetary means to take care of him and her vet thought that he had diabetes insipidus.

I will tell you what is strange about him and what we have done:

He urinates on average once every 30 minutes or so, has 4-5 bowel movements a day, drinks a TON of water like there will never be any more on earth. Then, a month after getting him, his toenails started to get white stripes down them. Also, he does this funny thing with his eyes when he is focused on a bone, looks almost like nystagmus.

Suddenly, the week of Christmas, he had a hematoma on his left ear and needed to have surgery to repair it. It started as a bruise on the ear about two days prior and then gradually filled with fluid. He was not bitten, and he didn't, get into anything, so I was stumped. He bled too much during surgery so we ran a blood clotting panel and he was normal.

Then while he was living in complete confinement in the other half of the house (where my own dogs are not allowed) because he still had sutures, I noticed a similar looking bruise on the right ear and within days it, too, filled and he needed it repaired. Now we have a double scarred Wasabi :( But hey the ears still stand...lol.
With all that being said, now onto what testing has been done.

We have run every blood test known to canine and nothing!!!!

Wasabi has been tested for Cushings and Addisons, ruled out diabetes, he has had a urinalysis, urine culture and specific gravity all within normal limits, brucellosis test negative, heartworm negative, all platelet, white and red blood cells normal. ALL NORMAL?

He has been seen by a general practice, and internal specialist and last week a neurologist. The internist did radiographs and they seemed to see some issues with his spine, so they referred me to neuro. The neurologist does indeed see the same thing. He has some bone lysing or lesions along the L-7 and S1 areas. They are calling it diskospondylitis (http://www.rottweilerhealth.org/pdfs/sept_disko_betbeze_02.pdf) basically a bacteria is eating away at the bone and it can sometimes be caused by brucellosis which is why he was tested for it. His body is not strong enough for them to go in and find out exactly which bacteria is causing it so we are using a broad spectrum antibiotic.

The neurologist says his neuro exam itself was completely normal. All reflexes normal and no pain noted. She does not think that the diskospondylitis is all of his problems and thinks that the urination could possibly be behavioral.

So with all that said, it does not seem that Wasabi will be finding a forever home in time for Valentine's day, but keep him in your thoughts and if anyone else has any ideas I am up for anything at this point."

He's a frog of mystery! He's Wasabi! If you can help, please drop us a note in the comments section. Wasabi is being fostered in Texas.

We do enjoy a mystery, but this is getting ridiculous! frets
The Frog Princess

Tuesday, February 19


Skeeter is available for adoption. After many months of rehabilitation and re-education, he is fit to live with a family of people who are willing to let him get away with nothing!
He's a fine boy, and he's a good boy, but he's a boy who has a bit of the Huckleberry Finn in him. He has a tendency to check and see if you are really on your game in terms of being the boss--he gets very anxious if he feels there is a possibility that the world could come sneaking around the edges of his safe home. If your family can keep Skeetie Mo on the straight and narrow, if you have experience being a strong and capable leader, and you are in the market for a fine figure of a frog, check out Skeeter's bio.

Thursday, February 14

What our frogs need now is love, sweet love

No, not just for some, but for every one!

Smeagol sends his love to all our friends on St. Valentine's Day!

You can check out all our new foster babies on the foster roster. Maybe you can find one who hasn't been sponsored yet and send him or her some love, sweet love and a little green support? suggests
The Frog Princess

Thursday, February 7

PNWTraining Seminar for Difficult Dogs

We are very proud to present the first of a series of regional training seminars for FBRN foster families, other rescue organizations, shelter workers and the public. For some time, FBRN has seen a rise in the numbers of dogs surrendered to us for behavioral problems. These range from anxiety disorder to resource guarding to OCD to dog aggression and even people aggression. Many of our foster homes don't feel competent or equipped to handle special cases.

Does your darling dog sometimes seem possessed by demons neither of you can control?

Rather than turn these dogs away, as many rescue organizations have been forced to do, FBRN is taking proactive measures to provide training to our foster families to increase the numbers of available homes with some familiarity and confidence in the cause and training of difficult dogs. Moreover, we'd be delighted to prevent a dog from coming into rescue in the first place by providing information, education and training for the dog's family.

If you are in or near the Portland, OR, area, please consider joining us for a two-part seminar presented Sat and Sun, Feb 16 and 17 at the Portland Airport La Quinta hotel from 11-3.

Our presenter is the wonderful Kim Barnett of Follow My Lead UK, a trainer with many years of experience working with Boxer rescue and others in the US Northeast region. She has been invaluable to us in working with some of our most difficult cases, including Pippin, Queenie, Zoe and Junior. She offers training advice to our foster families via the French Bulldog Rescue Network's closed email list, and now she is bringing her expertise and advice to the public and to rescue volunteers in person! Kim is an energetic presenter with a lovely British accent and a devilish British sense of humor. She recommends that participants attend both days in order to benefit fully from her seminar.

Is your dog running with an unruly pack of friends?

Day One: "Alpha to Omega: Where Do We All Fit in?" A seminar based on understanding pack dynamics and how this can help our dogs feel truly at home in a human family.

Day Two: "Following in Our Footsteps: Walking the Walk" A practical seminar demonstrating simple techniques and applying theory learned on Day One to address common issues.

The La Quinta is pet friendly, so if you'd like to stay with your pets, feel free to bring them. Please don't bring them to the seminar, however. We'll provide coffee and nibbles.

There will be plenty of time for questions and we'll have a get-together after Saturday's seminar to socialize among participants, ask questions informally, and to make friends and network across other rescues.

Does your dog have a few little dominance issues?

We have kept the cost low so as to be affordable to both the public and especially to rescue volunteers and shelter workers. Cost is $20/day to members of the public and $10/day to rescue volunteers and shelter workers. To register, go the FBRN homepage and click on the bone to donate. Select the "One time donation" button, fill in the blank with the amount, and leave a note in the comments box that you are registering for the seminar, with your name. You will receive confirmation shortly after completing the transaction. If you have any questions about the seminar or about non Paypal registration, please email us at: pdxseminar @ yahoo.com

If you are interested in volunteering for FBRN, if you are a past adopter from us, if you have a dog you'd like to figure out and work with or you do rescue or shelter work, we'd love to see you (and photos of your dogs!) at the seminar.

Does your puppy pick on other puppies? Don't put up with it!

Sat and Sun, Feb 16 and 17, PDX airport La Quinta, 11-3. Questions? Write: pdxseminar at yahoo dot com. (Spelling it that way to fool the evil spammers, but you should write it as a normal email address).

We can hardly wait! enthuses
The Frog Princess

Tuesday, February 5

Keep a Good Thought for Teddy

Our handsome and dashing and silly Teddy has gone to the vet to see about an injury he appears to have sustained to one of his rear legs.

Always willing to assist, Teddy supervises the wrapping of a gift!

Teddy has limited sensation in his back end, so he is not in pain, but something is not right.

Keep a good thought for Teddy, the kind of Frenchie who makes your heart melt with his soulful, sweet gaze.

Our soulful Teddy!

Soulful, certainly, but he's not above some clowning around if he can get a cookie out of the deal!

We'll let you know what the doctor says, promises
The Frog Princess

The Usual Suspects

Rounded up and out of trouble:

Skip, Lhasa Apso (sorta)
Butch, Boston Terrier
Lucien (now Tucker, FBRN grad)
Kerry, English Springer
Bijou (FBRN grad)

The kingdom is safe and quiet, once again. Maybe...too quiet? frets
The Frog Princess

Yogi Goes Home

Yogi found a new home before Christmastime, and his mom sent us his story. Here are some photos and a tale of a frog:

"Once upon a time there was the sweetest Pied Prince born in Virginia who came into FBRN's fold and was named 'Yogi.'

Yogi gets clean for his new family

His coat was sparse and rough, his collar a bit too tight, he was rather underweight, was clearly under a lot of stress and was crated 20 hours a day. However, in spite of it all, he continued to demonstrate his sweet demeanor. He loves to play, just absolutely loves to play, after all he is a puppy.

"While under FBRN's wing, he flourished and thrived. He learned some manners but most of all, he learned the meaning of love. He relished his time on the sofa, rolled over on his back for belly rubs, sat patiently for his treats and waited for his turn to get his teeth brushed.
Playtime was encouraged; zoomies were allowed; playmates were plentiful and long walks became a fun part of his day. One day he even got to go to work and soaked in all the attention given him.

Yogi with his bags all packed, watching for his people.

"All the while, he dreamed of finding his forever home. He checked out many, many applications. Some were "not quite right," some were "maybe's," some were even, "almost right." Then one day, he found the "just right" application. He was so excited! He found a brother, Hudson (an English bulldog) who is just about his age and who he can play with all day long; a Dad who works from home and a Mom who will be home during the summers.
Yogi and Hudson meet

When he finally got to meet them, he knew it was right. Hudson also had his dew claws, just like him. Yogi is now called LOUIE. Louie and Hudson played in the car all the way home and fell asleep on the couch when they arrived home.

His proud parents are so happy to have him as part of their family. Just check out the photos. Louie now knows that without FBRN his dream would not have been fulfilled. He promised to write, keep in touch and let us all know how he is doing."

Now that's the kind of fairy tale we like! approves
The Frog Princess

Monday, February 4


We got some funny photos of foster dog Monte recently and wanted to share them with you.

His family got a Wii for Christmas. Monte closes his eyes and really emotes when they do "High School Musical" karaoke!

And Monte has also grown from a young dog while in our care to a middle-aged frog. Check out the way he hogs the remote, even while he's sleeping!

Monte wanted to be sure to let you all know that your letters for Sarah Jane and your enthusiasm are appreciated! See how happy you've made him?Pretty sure if he grinned any wider, the whole top of his head would fall right off!

We are mighty thrilled our own dang self, exclaims
The Frog Princess