Saturday, November 29

Handsome and athletic Houdini came to us when his family added a baby and they couldn't provide Houdini with the level of exercise he was accustomed to. He has moved from the desert of Nevada to the high desert of Oregon, and he's having to contend with chilly temperatures he hasn't encountered before. Here is a note from his foster mom:

"Houdini is a happy, energetic boy who loves to run and play. He needs a family with a high fence because he is an escape artist. He can jump a 4 foot fence with ease. He loves everyone and would make a great companion. He loves long walks and is very athletic. He would do well with children who have had experience with dogs. He doesn't do well with cats, but could possibly be introduced to another dog. He is a neat dog, full of personality. Excited whenever anyone is around to play. He is very healthy and happy with life. He does get cold easy so when we walk or play outside he has his coat on."

He has the kind of noble expression we like to see in a young frog, approves

The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 27

Froggy Went a Courtin'

A change in circumstance meant Froggy's owner had to give him up, and we are so glad he called us to take Froggy. He's a complete charmer, and no one would ever guess he's ten years old. The first week in foster care, he had panic attacks, but those seem to be diminishing. He's a bit underweight, but his foster family has been cooking for him, and he's a bit heftier now than he looks in the photos.

Here's an update from his foster mom, with some photos of the boy.

"I wanted to post an update on Froggy. He is such a pleasure to have around!

Froggy likes everyone! He is good with kids, cats, dogs, men, women and I am certain just about anything else that he can come in contact with. He was missing his "man" badly when he arrived but is starting to do much better. He also intially had panic attacks but we think that was from being uprooted at 10 years old. He was panic attack free for 1 week until we had a thunderstorm on Friday night. It was not nearly as bad as those first few days so we really think that Froggy is getting stronger emotionally as well as physically.

What else can I say? He is the sweetest and kindest soul imaginable and wants to be loved. He sleeps cuddling us, he is always with us, and he will do just about anything we ask. He plays silly a few times a day and prances about with a big smile. He likes walks as along as they are followed with time resting on the couch. He is eating like champ and has discovered that sardines may just be the most amazing thing that he has ever encountered.

More to come on this sweet little man as soon as I get more pictures. These were taken two weeks ago and he has put on weight since...he looks less worried too!"

Sounds like young Froggy has won the hearts of his foster family. Watch for him on the available page and see if maybe he'd fit in at your home.

The Frog Princess

Monday, November 24

Have You Checked Out the Holiday Raffle, Yet?

Frenchie themed tree!
Gorgeous Hannukah basket!
Stuffed Frenchie cookie jar!

Looky here!

You know you want that cookie jar. You know you do.

So does

The Frog Princess

FBRN Calendars are ready!

You can almost never have too much of a good thing. Buy both.

Friday, November 21

Frannie's Babies

Frannie is a breeder retiree who came to us when her breeding days, her owner thought, were over. She spent a week or two or three in foster care, learning to be a housedog and preparing to be adopted.

One day, her foster family noticed that she was very fat, though she wasn't being fed more than her body size required. They made an appointment to see what, if anything, might be wrong with her.

By the time the vet saw her, it was evident what the problem was. Looking at her tummy, the vet could plainly see a bunch of puppies squirming and wiggling and carrying on in there.

Apparently, Frannie wasn't done breeding.

We sent Frannie to a volunteer who is a breeder herself to wait for the puppies to be born. We know that there are many puppies in the world already, and there are plenty of grown dogs who need homes, but FBRN's Board of Directors could not bring themselves to put Frannie through a spay so late in her pregnancy. Because Frannie had not been given special food or vitamins during her pregnancy, there was a risk that some of the pups might not survive, and there was no guarantee that the pups would be French bulldogs. Still.

Frannie had five puppies. The first puppy was stillborn. Two other boys died in the weeks following. The two girls survived, but are still frail and very tiny. Their foster mom has lost a great deal of sleep caring for these girls, providing extra feedings, making sure they stayed warm, trying to put weight on them. Truly, her efforts to keep these girls alive were heroic. Many a breeder would have chosen to let nature take its course. Our volunteer was willing to fight just as long and as hard as Frannie's puppies were fighting.

Following their 8 week vaccinations, the girls had a setback, and we discovered they had giardia. They lost precious, hard-won weight, and we worried.

We think now, at 10 weeks, they may be out of the woods, but they are still very, very small, and they are quite frail. We haven't dared to name them, yet. Their foster mom called them Puppy and Baby.

Until this week.

Meet Cherub. Frannie's very littlest baby, who still weighs just 2 pounds, had a bath this week.

Her blonde sister's name is Cashmere. They are doing well this week.

Keep a good thought for these girls. They are fighters, and they are survivors, but everyone can use a little help. We know our friends will send good vibes and so does

The Frog Princess

Friday, November 14

JR. Volunteers Raise Money for FBRN!

We were simply delighted to learn that two of FBRN's Jr. Volunteers and their mom spent most of a recent Sunday raising funds and educating the public about FBRN. This wonderful family did a great job of showing the way to creatively and effectively put local opportunities for fund-raising to good use! Here's the note we received from guest bloggers and Junior volunteers Nina and Henry:

"Hiya! My name is Nina. I am 10 and I am a French Bulldog Rescue Network Junior Volunteer. My brother Henry, 12, and I sold newspapers outside a Wal-Mart on a Sunday to raise money for the French Bulldog Rescue Network. It was a hard day, but it was worth it to help the Frenchies.

At 7:45 in the morning, we (my mom, dad, brother, and I) had to go stuff 345 papers at the newspaper’s headquarters. When we were finally done, we loaded them into the truck we had borrowed from my grandfather, and drove to the Wal-Mart we were selling them at. When we got there, even before we officially started selling them, people who had their dollars ready and wanted to buy a paper, mobbed us.

We worked from 9 to 1, and finished the day making $ 143.05. It felt very good to help the Frenchies. Though it will be hard, I believe that most French Bulldogs can get a home if we all give a little. I hope our experience inspired some people. It was easy, and very fun!"

"Hi. Now it’s Nina’s bro Henry’s turn in the spotlight. I thought that selling papers for the Frenchies was fun. It was hard to believe we started out with ten carts of newspapers but ended up finishing with one. All the money we raised was for those cute homeless French bulldogs-- I mean, how could people not adopt those dogs?

I learned that a Wal-Mart parking lot has its share of just plain weird things, like a guy almost running over my sister and a lady hitting a pole. And numerous people parked in the non-parking zone. Some people gave us money just because of how cute the Frenchies looked in their pictures. Plus we got a new volunteer, and we can always welcome a new one to the family, right?

I am really glad I am a Junior Volunteer because I always want to help those cute dogs. Henry out."

Thanks to everyone who participated in this fundraising event! We love our Junior Volunteers! Can you see that the sign Nina's holding has all the photos of our current fosters on it? These kids are bringing new hope for the future to

The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 13

Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn was collected from a shelter a week or two ago after five different families had come by to take a look at him and decided he wouldn't be a good fit.

He's too skinny and sickly! they said. He's too nervous! they judged. He's just not right for our family! they decided.

So the shelter was considering euthanasia for this poor guy who was so shy and skinny and unhappy.

Not so fast! we said. He just needs a little good food! we cried. We know people who would love to adopt him! we shouted.

And even though he was very thin, and he was seeping blood from his neuter incision, and he had a suspicious lump on his jaw, and a patchy coat, and even though he was very, very shy, he came to live in a foster home with an experienced foster family who let him hide for a little while and come to his senses in a quiet, ordered home. They fed him many small meals a day and spoke quietly around him and gave him a structured schedule.

And guess what? Huckleberry Finn came around. He started to explore the yard and he began to look forward to his foster family's homecoming, and he even put on some flesh! His incision healed, the vet took a look at the lump and saw nothing to worry about, and Huckleberry Finn has shown signs that he does know how to play like a real dog!

We can't wait to see what kind of frog lies beneath the quivering, sad and unwell pup we first met. The first chapter of his book is over. A new adventure is waiting just down beyond the river's bend.

The Frog Princess

PS The lump on his neck is being treated with antibiotics. Looks better already!

Tuesday, November 11

Tobias Toad Pushes On!

FBRN grad Tobias Toad has been diagnosed with a tough kind of cancer, and his adoptive mom is doing all she can for him. He's undergoing chemotherapy and getting lots of love and rest. Here's a photo and an update from his mom:

"Tobias is feeling well, but the weekly appointments with the oncologist etc., keep us quite busy.
Today Tobias actually turns 10.5 years old. Another milestone for Tobias as will Thanksgiving and Christmas be. Luckily, there haven't been any additional growths, he has a hearty appetite, he is enjoying life, and we are grateful for each bonus day."

Please do us a favor and keep a good thought for Tobias. Dollars to donuts, he'd love to hear your happy half birthday wishes in the comments section, wagers

The Frog Princess

Saturday, November 8


The handsome new boy, Artie, came to us when a new puppy arrived and Artie couldn't wrap his head around the fact that the puppy was there to stay. Poor puppy first got the Frenchie equivalent of short-sheeted, then he suffered surreptitious pinches, and ugly graffiti even appeared around the neighborhood with scandalous accusations directed at the poor puppy. But when Artie started protecting their mom from the puppy's affection, mom sadly made a decision to rehome Artie where he can be happier. Artie's foster mom says rehoming this good-looking blond will be no sweat at all!

"Artie is a beautiful, honey-pied, robust boy. He has a large frame and maybe an extra pound or two. He has some allergy bumps but they do not seem to be causing him any discomfort. He's very loving with a laid back personality. He approaches our cats with a mild interest and has ignores neighborhood dogs when on walks. He seems to enjoy his walks and is very energetic. His leash manners are amazing. Hopefully, he'll walk off some of the extra pounds.

He is housebroken and yet to have single accident. Since coming to stay with us his two favorite activities have been sleeping on the couch and "shadowing" us around the house. He loves nothing more than being around people and receiving pats. If we're busy around the house he simply stands out of the way and watches what we're doing. He suffers from a little separation anxiety when we leave the house. But that's understandable since he's been moved around a lot lately. His great looks, good health, and loving but not overbearing personality make him a great family pet."

Artie is new on our foster page, but keep an eye out for him if you are in the market for an adorable, well-behaved, loving only dog. Artie is your guy!

What? No sponsors? shrieks
The Frog Princess

Friday, November 7

Darcy, A Toiler in the Fields

Foster girl Darcy was having a hard time with giardia last month, but she is feeling much better now!

She's feeling so much better that she has been able to go to work in her foster mom's store with her foster brother, Bucky.

She's modeling a hoodie in this photo.

And here Bucky and Darcy are performing excellently as official shop greeters, patiently waiting for the shop to open and a chance to do some shmoozing!

"Each morning sees a task begun, each evening sees a close
Something attempted, something done, has earned a night's repose."

Sweet dreams, whispers

The Frog Princess

Thursday, November 6

Qbert Quomes to Quall

Qbert was acquired from a woman who was unable to consistently and successfully treat Qbert's demodex. Treatment for demodex can be lengthy, but it is not hard. It simply requires regular attention and commitment. He came to us with filthy ears and skin, a nasty hotspot on the back of his neck and untrimmed nails, with dewclaws on the verge of curling into his flesh.

Poor Qbert is 9 months old and he's been hot and itchy all his life. His coat should be a beautiful fawn and his face should be a black mask of mischief and curiosity. We are looking forward to the day when his natural puppy energy asserts itself and he starts making a pest and a nuisance of himself, as ordinary puppies do!

In the meanwhile, he is eating wonderful food, getting excellent care and hanging out with some frenchie foster siblings who are teaching him about life in the house and what toys are for. We'll post updates on his condition as he continues to get better and grow hair and get very, very naughty, as is his birthright and his duty.

Qbert! We hear our President elect is in the market for a puppy. Once you are cleaned up and healthy, maybe you'll be a candidate for First Frenchie!

A frog can dream, can't she? asks

The Frog Princess

PS We got a photo of Qbert hanging out at home with a certain someone keen-eyed folk should recognize!

Wednesday, November 5


Titan was surrendered with Flower a couple of weeks ago. He has made his way to a foster home occupied by the infamous Roma, and they are getting along like old friends.

Titan has never been a house dog before, so there is a lot to get used to. He's a titanic hunk of silly lunk, and he had his pockets picked yesterday, so he'll be ready for the available page very soon. Keep an eye out for him, he's a real sweetheart!

Here's what his foster mom had to say about him on his first day:

He is a big boy. Not really tall but wide as can be. He is sweet but nervous with new things. He was in the bathroom and afraid of the porcelain god. He is good with Roma
and Emma.

He loves to play with the dogs but is some what shy with people. He did come right up to me and greeted me, but when I reached down to pet him I could see he was shy. I think with a little time and socialization he will do great. He is 19 months old and I would guess his weight at 34 lbs. Since he is healthy and up to date I am going to give him a few days and then will take him to my vet and schedule his neuter. His skin looks good and I think his weight is good for his frame. He doesn't look fat or skinny. I will let you know how he does as time passes."

And here's an update after a few days of life in a house:

"Well Titan was allowed to meet G. today. They wrestled and played for hours. They did zoomies in the yard until both were exhausted.

Titan is not housebroken and proved it to me twice today. I also believe he is part Mississippi leg hound. We started calling him Humper today because every time he got a chance he humped: Beaux's head, the stuffie, you name it, he humped it.

He is real sweet and comes to both Tim and me for cuddles and loving. He is afraid to lie on his back for tummy rubs but will lie on his side. He politely objects with a whine and howl about going in his crate. We place him in it and he turns around, trying to run out before we close the door. We are giving him treats and feeding him in the crate to make it a positive thing for him.

He will make someone a very special pet. I don't think he has a mean bone in his body. He has gotten along well with all the dogs we have introduced him to and was curious about the horses but not snapping,barking or lunging at them. Here are some pictures from today."

Such a lot of energy! Just looking at these photos is enough to create a strong desire for a nap in

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, November 4

Smeagol Just Heard!

"What's that you say?!


I'm on my way!!!"

We just love political animals, sighs

The Frog Princess

Monday, November 3

Cheerio, chaps!

Cheerio's mom wrote us an update about one of the very cutest boys in school:

"Hi all. Mr. Cheerio could well be called Mr. Cheery. He is always happy and ready for a tug of war with a stuffy. I have a long hallway/straightaway between the kitchen and living room and all three frenchies sharing one stuffed animal run back and forth between rooms holding onto a toy. Cheerio's favorite is a stuffed snowman. He also likes the monster chicken. Today I got everybody a fleecy sheep that says "baaaaaaaaaaaaa" when you bite it.

Meanwhile, I have been working on getting this young man on a schedule. He is doing much better in his crate at night. He eats two good sized meals a day and eats his antibiotic if it is wrapped in Cabot cheddar. He plays well with Sparky and Grommet and walks pretty well on the leash. I have him on a double lead with Sparky because I walk all three frenchies together. He likes to meet neighbors and all the other dogs in the neighborhood. He seems very attracted to other dogs. He often wants to follow them instead of me.

Cheery is also doing great with training. He now scratches at his crate in the morning to go out. Not a single crate accident in two weeks! He plays like a champ with one bad habit. He grabs the other frenchies by their collars and tows them across the floor. He also does the same thing to my plants on the patio. Not bad. He can run up and down the stairs. He ignores the cats (once slapped twice shy), and is insanely fond of toys of all kinds. If there is no toy present, he makes one. I heard some banging the other day and found him playing with the broom."

The first week in October, Cheerio had knee surgery to fix an ugly luxating patella. A week later his foster mom posted this:

"As promised, though somewhat later than optimal, I am posting Cheerio photos. Warning: Content may produce pity, desire to hug said frenchie tot, and hopefully, a loosening of purse-strings to help this poor poor convalescent pay for his recent knee surgery and neuter. Imagine having to spend 8 weeks on crate rest without a romp, a game of bitey face, or a couple of leaps onto the kitchen table to gobble Stoeffer's Mac n cheese? Please, oh please, won't you send good wishes his way. He is one bored puppy!

Cheery goes back to Dr. McNamara next Wednesday for his post-surgical check. I am impressed with his recovery so far. His leg is not hot anymore. He is starting to put weight on it. His overall energy level is off the wall. He is so happy in his crate with his ball and plastic chewy. I had him out today on the patio in the sun and he was partway in my lap. I just massaged his shoulders and talked to him about what a great life he is going to have with his new family soon. Someone is going to get a very sweet and special little dog. He is beautiful too. What a gorgeous coat and excellent sweet heart."

We were shocked and surprised to see that a puppy as cute as Cheerio has but one sponsor on his foster page. If you have a thing for the pretty red pieds or your heart goes out to a puppy with another 4 whole weeks of crate rest, maybe you could drop a couple of coins in his bowl
The Frog Princess

Sunday, November 2

Richard, Lionheart!

So you are a Princess and you are looking for a swain, a consort, a suitor, do we have that right? Or you are a man looking for a sidekick to ride shotgun on those long rides into the prairie. Hold onto your hats, people! Have we got the answer to a maiden's (or a man's) prayer!

It's Richard
! He's the goofiest goofball you ever did see and he's available. He's also totally devoted to you and without need of any other competition. Doesn't want to play with another pooch, doesn't want to cuddle with a kitty.
All he wants is to be yours and yours alone.

Richard is a lovable lug with a smoochable mug, and he's currently rolling around on the bed in his foster home, scratching his back and rumpling the covers. It's his
favorite thing to do. Can't you imagine Sunday mornings in bed, you with a pot of coffee and the New York Times and there is Richard at the foot, rootling and grunting and snorting in comfortable companionship?

So maybe he sometimes likes getting up on the desk and slobbering over the stuffed frog his foster mom keeps up there, but who minds a little naughtiness now and then? One look at those pretty dark eyes and all is forgiven, no?

What in the world is the world waiting for? Giddyup, gavotte, or glide over to his page and check him out.

Pining and sighing for a red headed roommate,

The Frog Princess

Saturday, November 1

Toulouse Says Boo to Youse

Toulouse and his drunken punkin pal are wishing you all a revolting and hideous Hallowe'en weekend.

And a Boo! to you, too, from

The Frog Princess