Monday, September 11

Louis, Louis

Have you seen our new foster, Louis?(we use the french pronunciation..Loueee). He has a bit of the "l'enfant terrible" in him (just where are those french accent keys anyway?) but saints preserve us, just look at that face.

Louis is four months old, and had a very rough start. He was purchased from a puppy mill, and shortly after going to his new home, he came down with mange. Louis has spent nearly half his life crated in isolation for this condition. When he finally went home, he bit someone for trying to take his toy away. Lucky for Louee, the his owners turned him over to Adopt A Boxer Rescue at Lisa, who fosters and trains boxers contacted FBRN to see if someone could take him, and volunteered to keep him for a few days and evaluate his behavior. Thanks to Jan and Lisa and Jamie for helping Louis out! His foster family is working on his guarding issues and he is learning his good puppy manners.

Louis hates the frenchie that lives in the oven. He barks at his reflection everytime he passes it. Shorty, (adopted through FBRN's "Frenchie Outpost")was less than thrilled with Louis' presence, but has been getting better. He and Louis are united in their hatred of the dryer buzzer. Whenever it goes off they both bark and run around like lunatics.

Louis has no problems with dogs, but he is a cat humper. The cats asked us not to elaborate.

Louis is a very sweet pup. He has become very attached to his foster kid. He follows him everywhere, and sits and stares at the front door when he leaves. For some reason, he sticks his tongue out when you pick him up and when he sleeps. He is a snuggle bug, and loves to sleep with the people. Like all good frenchies, he hogs the middle.

Keep an eye on Louis on the FBRN website. Once he learns to control his mouthy behavior and stop guarding his toys and food he will be posted on the "available" page and it's gonna be wilder than a shoe sale at Barney's. You just watch.

So says the substitute blogger (just till Wednesday and thanks for your patience while the Frog Princess is off plundering, or whatever it is she does on her days off),


Anonymous said...

he is too cute! just want to pick him up and give him hugs.

"it's gonna be wilder than a shoe sale at Barney's"- LOL!!!!! That may be a HUGE understatement. :)

Love to Louis!

Anonymous said...

You're doing a wonderful job!

Karol D. & Pixie :)

Anonymous said...

This blog is great! Big hugs and kisses to Louis. ~Lola an Eddie

Anonymous said...

Is this sweet babe adopted???I love him please post if he is avaiable to me maybe