Thursday, August 19

A letter from camp

Well, camping, anyway.  FBRN grad Nicolette, now called Edie, got to go camping earlier this month.

Do you think this thing has any fleas in it?

After seeing these pictures, we are thinking a weekend by the river would be very nice.  Very nice.

Here's the note her mom sent:  ""We went camping with the pup this weekend... We had so much
fun—she was great! And adorable, as you can see by these photos :)"

The Pacific northwest is really a great place to be if you like the out of doors.  And Edie looks like she has taken to it like a true Duck!

Or Husky.  Or Beaver.  Or Cougar, or whatever the hey your team may be!

Fun in the beautiful woods can wear you out, but you certainly do sleep well at night!

It's been far too long since we've enjoyed a nice angel on horseback--or s'mores, as we've heard them called--around the campfire.  It's time to get out in the forest! resolves

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, August 18

Rooster Cogburn

We hesitate to show you these photos for fear of the resulting avalanche of inquiries about him.  He's not yet on the website, but he will be next week.  He only just arrived in foster care yesterday.  Here's what his foster mom had to say about him:
 "Meet Rooster Cogburn, the newest foster at our house.  He arrived yesterday, full of himself, barking his head off at any other dogs he could see and just as sweet as pie with me.
 He is a big boy, nearly 30 pounds and has some manners that need to be brushed up on.   He is slowly getting used to the idea that the other dogs live here and he is a guest and so he is calming down, although he has not been formally introduced to anyone else.  He is a brindle pied boy with a black patch on his eye – thus the Rooster Cogburn name from True Grit – is utd on shots, HW preventative, and flea meds but needs to lose the family jewels.  That will be happening tomorrow morning. 

Rooster is a sweet boy and we will be introducing him slowly to individual members of our pack after a few days.  For now he is enjoying some time in a crate usually reserved for my oldest son’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Gus, when he visits.  Rooster is going out with me on a leash, seems to have nice potty habits and has play time with me only right now – he LOVES the toy basket.  I’ll keep you posted on this doll."

Ladies and gentlemen, please try to contain yourselves.  We know that a face with this magnitude of mmm mmm Umm! is hard to look upon without doing that crazy stuff people do when something they want is due to be released.  We don't want to hear about anyone sitting in front of the computer in a lawn chair, getting food dropped off to them by friends and family, sleeping in a Sponge Bob Squarepants sleeping bag they swiped from their kids, just waiting for the moment they can apply for  Rooster Cogburn.  It's going to be just a little while, so you all can go on and go to work and be about your business and try not to think about him.

Meanwhile, we'll be foraging in the storage room looking for that Cinderella sleeping bag from a few years ago.  Yes, and a little cooler would be very useful, mutters

The Frog Princess

Friday, August 13

Shoeless Joe is Fine and Dandy!

We just got an email from Shoeless Joe's family!  The volunteer who received the email said:

" R and his wife adopted Shoeless Joe in Weston, MA earlier this summer. I'm happy to report that they LOVE him and feel like he is old family by now. He loves his new yard and loves his new people. I don't think we will be seeing Joe on the adoption page again! Home run for Joe--third time's a charm!

They are taking him to a very special surgery-only vet office that is around here. The place is called Vetcision and puts most human hospitals to shame. They just want to see if anything can be done for his esophagus and breathing problems so he can get excited and stay excited without having to take a break.

I'll keep everyone posted on Shoeless' vet visits. "

Oh, Shoeless Joe, how we have loved you from the first time we saw you! 
The boy has a hankering for the open road, and that's all there is to it.  We trust his new family can keep his feet from traveling now that Joe has entered his elder years. 

He's the cream in our coffee, the beef in our stew, the nubbin on the bulldog, oh Shoeless, we love you! from the poetaster of the day,

The Frog Princess

Wednesday, August 4

Gulf Coast 10: Here's Marshall

FBRN received ten little travelers this week in Texas.  Marshall was one of them.  He's a perfectly delicious redheaded lump of love.  Here's what his foster mom said about him:

"Marshall is a wonderful little boy. Very sweet and well behaved. Shy at first and pancakes to the ground when approached. Very cute because he is so excited he wiggles, but he is flat on the ground. At first I thought he might be feisty, but he just didn't like the other boys he came into rescue with. He is good with all my dogs (male and female) and with my cats.

He is crate trained and knows how to use a doggie door. We are working on marking in the house and he is wearing a bellyband for now. He had a neuter and dental with 2 teeth removed. He is on antibiotic and ear meds. He had some sort of skin condition and has some hair loss that is growning back. The anitbiotics he is on should help with that and we are monitoring it. He is learning to play with toys and is really so well mannered. I just cannot believe it. He will make someone a wonderful companion."

These dogs came to us when their breeder was hurt in a car wreck and couldn't care for the dogs as well as she'd like. 

By the way, have you gotten an eyeful of the new homepage this week?  Our webmaster really did herself proud.  We just love it! crows

The Frog Princess

Tuesday, August 3

Low Lifes Take Advantage of Frantic Owners

This weekend one of our recently adopted dogs was abducted in Florida and later returned for the reward money.  These kinds of abductions are increasing across the country.  However, for those owners who believe their dogs have simply gotten loose from a backyard thanks to a careless child, workman or gardener who didn't close the gate, there are options to help find lost pets.
These options include companies that claim they'll call all the neighbors and vets within a certain area.

Joi was abducted over the weekend and returned.

While some of these companies may be legit, here's an article on one guy who appears to be taking advantage of people's fear and grief.
Even in the midst of your anxiety over a lost pet, don't compound your problems by trusting just anyone.  Check with the Better Business Bureau if you can.  If it's not open when your pet goes missing, follow the directions on our website, and check out options advertising in your area when the BBB is available.
And think about putting a spring device like this one on your gates so they close quickly and securely, when careless children or workmen are going in and out.

The Frog Princess